Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Hi all. We had a blast. My MIL came over and her partner.. We talked and crocheted and then we ate and were taking the dog out and suddenly the dog jerked on mom.. Well she was on the front porch and she misstepped and down she went. It would have been worse if we would have had an extra step in there.. She broke her wrist and we thought she had broken a rib also but she got lucky.

Here are some photo's I took of the dog and the girls since I didnt get my photo's of mom and S like I wanted to.. Of them and the girls.. Oh well maybe next time.

Oh here is Snowie thinking she is taking a bath.. Silly cat..

Dang dog got caught up in my thread and i was dethreading her.. LOL.. She wouldnt sit still for me to take the thread off her leg..

Snowie and the dang tree. She just loves laying in it.. MIL says spray bottle to spray at her but she likes water...

This was the closest we got the cat to the dog all night long.. LOL.. She wasnt happy with the photo. she tried to get away so bad but Kora had her nice and good to get the photo at least.. They werent pals when the dog left this time around. Snowie kept slapping at the dog..

Well anyway I am hoping MIL recovers nicely and she can get back to her crocheting soon.. I have 14 hours this week. I was promised 30 hours but I am hoping its due to training they are only giving me so little hours..

We never made it to Milwaukee on Friday to see Candy and Stagg.. We were suppose to meet for Dinner but with Jeff's mother falling and realizing it was black Friday and busy we decided to wait. We are going to tomorrow to be honest with you. Friday they had loads of stuff going on at the museum..

Well I have to run. Talk soon. and Hope you all have a great week if I dont make it back to chat..N....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today is Turkey Day..

Hi all today is turkey day and we are having my MIL over.. Well anyway things to be thankful are::

having both my parents healthy,
my husband
having jobs, me esp that I just found one.. Jeff keeping his as long as he has.
knowing my grandfather is ok for now.. Will post more on that later.
having our house yet.. Havent had to file bankruptacy like some people.
just knowing my blog world friends,
having my talent for crocheting..
being mom.
being a wife.
just being me is enough to be thankful for..

What are you all thankful for today?? I hope lots of things in your lives.. there is more but I cant think right now. I have tears in my eyes remembering a sad Thanksgiving morning.. I have said it before. But i was remember when I was 7 years old and my grandfather was suppose to have been brought home and he didnt because he was sent to another place. A better place for him where he wasnt in pain anymore.. He went to heaven that morning..

Well anyway Happy Thanksgiving and I will be around on Sunday or so to check on everyone..N.. and family..

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Job and Pix of the girls..

Hi all I got a job instead of these temp jobs I was working. i was only working those temp jobs really temporarily.. It was getting annoying. So about a month ago I applied at Burger King by the house here and she called me back on Friday and i was suppose to start today but I didnt have any black pants and the two pairs she gave me didnt fit and she wouldnt let me go with my black jeans I had on.. So I start tomorrow instead. I had to go get two pairs of black pants from Goodwill..

Anyway here are some photo's of the girls from last weekend I forgot about until I went to put some more of my stuff on Etsy..

We saw some deer from far away. They were eating some pumpkins people had dumped over the rail for them. We tried to get close enough to get any photo's like I wanted to.. But oh well.. You dont always get what you want. The girls were stomping in the leaves and we couldnt get them to walk any quieter.. Then we went and fed the ducks.. That is there favorite part..

My new job is Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM to 6 PM.. Between those hours.. I like that much better than working 3rd shift..

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends out there. Anyone heard from Hammer?? I notice his blog isnt there anymore?? I know he was sick for a while but I was just wondering if anyone has heard from him. Or if anyone has heard from That Girl?? I have e-mailed her as well and havent heard from her either.. These two are making nervous out there.. Where are my friends going?????? Pass on the concern if you will if you are worried also about these two bloggers.. Ask away.. Or do we need to alert the Amber Alert that they are missing. Or make up a blogger Hammer/ThatGirl Alert for those bloggers that go missing for months at a time???? Ok Ok I am trying to be funny now..

Enjoy your turkey or what ever you eat Thursday and I will be back later in the week more than likely..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am Wallowing in Self Pity

Hi all. I have been wallowing my self pity over a stupid 15 year old I was.. My grandfather, Ken's dad is in the hospital and I have been wondering why I said what I said when I was 15. I feel bad for saying those things.Here is the story and you tell me if I am wrong for feeling the way I feel.

When I was 15 my parents and a family friend and her late husband decided to go out to Las Vegas and live. Well I didnt want to go and we went anyway. I was leaving my friends behind again for the umteenth time in several years. Well anyway we go out there and my grandfather is an acoholic on top of this. Well I did ok at first but as time went on I got sick of watching things in life going on.

My dad started drinking with his dad every day and getting drunk. So I started rebelling. I started dumping beer cans when I could get my hands on them and then running because I knew they were both to drunk to catch me.. I hated it out there. I just hated it. I had no friends to talk to and when school did start I met this one boy and then he disappeared on me.

Well we left my grandfathers place to try and get some money to get me and mom home but that didnt work to well. Our car broke down in this one city I dont remember what it was. So we ended up back at my grandfathers house. Family friends ended up leaving months before we left. But her husband passed away a few months after going home.. They said if he would have stayed in Vegas he would have lived a while longer..

Anyway we were getting ready to leave my grandfathers place and I was so sick of the beer and watching him and my dad drink every day I told him I wouldnt be back out there until his Funeral..

Well guess what?? He isnt gone yet but very close to it. I wish I could make things better. Ken tried and called him before leaving this morning and his own father didnt even know who he was.. My grandfather has two weeks to live and I have no way of saying goodbye to him. I have told Ken's other two kids and his daughter sent flowers with all three of our names on the card. I feel part of a family with two older sibblings.

I feel so bad. I was crying so hard the other day when my mom told me that I couldnt see the keyboard any longer when I was e-mailing Kendal and Kimberly. So I have been alone with my thoughts and my what if's and such if things could have been different with the man..

I wish I could go but I cant. I would have to have to take the girls with me or have my mom come and stay here. Neither are comforting right now. But I will let everyone know what is going on as I learn more information. I am a horrible person sometimes because this isnt the first person I tried hurting before they passed on.. I was a horrible spoiled child and wish I could take every bad word I said back.

Ok Ok I am gone again and I will keep you all posted and I will try to make rounds later on in the next few days.. I am sorry I have been away..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Scarf and Head Band

Here is my latest invention.. Its for a child but an adult could stretch out the headband I assume. That is the nice thing with Yarn..

The bad thing with this is they arent making the colored yarn any longer. Its a grape ivy.. It sucks. I have one more test to take before I am officially done with school also. I took one test last night before going to bed and I got another 95% on it. Yayy me.. I will get my diploma with honours.. Or what they call Honours for long distance learning..

We went out to feed the ducks this afternoon and the football game is on.Here is a blanket and sweater I made for a friend of mine. She is due March 15 or so.

Will post the pix of feeding the ducks here tomorrow or later in the week. I cant believe the Holidays are upon us again so soon. I am lost in thought on what to do this year. I just hope I have some hours. We are planning on going to Princeton MN for the day December 19. My grandmother on my real dad's side is turning 86 and has invited us to her party. I would love to get photo's of the girls and there great grandmother. This may be the first and last time they get to meet her. My uncle passed away from Cancer on Veterans Day. He was my real dad's older brother. I knew him sort of but its sad to know that I am losing family members I have not gotten to know very well.

Anyway enjoy the photo's and I will be around tomorrow sometime unless I have to work somewhere. I had a job but I couldnt stand working in the cold cooler. We werent working in the freezer but in the cooler part of the job. We were putting lids on cheese trays. So I am off. Talk soon. Going to go watch some Packers Vs Cowboys and then crochet some of the new blanket I am working on. Its two different colored greens..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Girls..

Some days they are best friends and some days they are the worst of friends but isnt that how sisterly love goes.. Or sibbling love for those of you who dont have sisters but brothers or vice versa..

I asked the girls to take the trash out to the curb for tomorrow and instead of just one of them taking something they both took a side of the garbage can and dragged it out to the curb. They stopped and talked about how to get it over the lump on the grass and then they continued to do there work. Taking out the recycling bins they each took a side and walked with it to the curb..

I love them dearly guys and gals. They are amazing children when they are getting along and even when they arent. I have something to share with you all. I know you know I got there coats from Goodwill for $7.00 a piece but look what I made them to go with there coats this year. Yes I made these.. One skein of each color with colors left over.. I am impressed with my self. Bri's hat I wish I could have done like Kora's but I am not pulling it out and redoing it. Anyway here you go. I need to go take photo's really quick.

The darker set is Kora's and the lighter set is Bri's.

Here are just the hats.. I made Kora's like a bonnet and Bris a pull on hat. I had to crochet Bri's hat together in the back because I made it to big by accident..

A closer look at the stitches I used for the scarves.. I didnt put fringes on them because I dont like fringes to be honest with you. I will put them on the scarves I sell but I dont care for them.. I made these with out a pattern.. These came from me...

Pretty good huh?? LOL.. I am so proud of myself on these. I have to get cleaning the garage out tomorrow. I am going to suprise Jeff when he comes home with me saying you can pull the car into the garage instead of parking outside. We havent been able to use the garage in a long while now.

We went and played Raquetball on Friday and we let Kora play with us and she did quite well in fact. She was hitting the balls and starting to run after it and hitting it after Jeff had slammed it against the wall. There were some balls I had a hard time hitting and Kora got them.. I was really impressed with her. She still struggles with some of it but that is the point of learning. I wish I could have gotten some video of them playing together.

I am looking at making another hat set like that red and black set I made. I am going to do blue and white though.. I could actually make several of them with the skein of yarn I have.. LOL.. I have idea's but finding sometime to do them. I am trying to find work also. I had work but I couldnt do the job. I am still looking. The job stank and it was hard physically. I cried before going in yesterday and I ended up coming home at 5 PM when we had our first break. I called Jeff and asked him if he was coming home yet and he was just leaving. I told the supervisor I couldnt handle the job and asked to go home.

Ok any one have a car with keys that unlock your doors and open your trunks, and a thing when you lose your car??? Well some where one of us has lost one of our keys. I went over to Gandrud where we bought the car and they told me that it was going to cost about 100 dollars or more to have another key made. They cant just make a key to open the doors and start the engine because of something to do with how the key is made. Stupid really. We think they are just trying to rip us off. Jeff is suppose to be finding out if its true from another dealer he drops tires off with.

If any one is interested I have some items at my crafting blog. Take a look. Let me know if you want anything. I know holidays are coming up and everyone is strapped this year. But again these arent big items. I have these items at Etsy also under Bri2004. So if you prefer to buy them from there that is even better because I have my pay pal account set up with them also. Or my ebay is niks_mix and that has pay pal set up also.

My ebay has my pressure cooker/canner. I have it set as 20 dollars for starting and 20 dollars for shipping because its heavy. Its a 4 quart pressure cooke/canner. I ahve looked these up and they start at about 40 dollars. Anyway I am gone. I will catch you later. Have a wonderful day and I will be around for a bit tomorrow.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

A New Marathon In Green Bay Wi And Christmas Thoughts..

Hi all I have been talking to Richard Brodsky again about his marathon in New York. Well he runs the World's Aid's Marathon in New York and in Kenya Africa. Well he would like to spread the word that people that are HIV Postive can still have healthy lives.

Anyway he would like me to have one here in Green Bay Wi. I am not sure where to go with this. I would love to stand by the finish line and go with it. I would love to be the one handing out the first prize for the first person hitting the finish line. But where to start. We have another Marathon here in Green Bay called the Bellin Run.

Where to start and how to go about it?? Any suggestions would be great really. Or if any one thinks this a good idea. The only thing I can do is try right but I am at a loss of where to start. I have talked to one person and that is the dr that Ruth was staying with while she was here and he thinks its a great idea.

I was hoping to be able to maybe contact the Hospital here or the Brown County Health Department and find out how many AIDs cases come through in a year. I dont want names or addresses but I just want people to know that they can still have a healthy life with doing what they enjoy.

Like I have said before Richard has been HIV Postive for like 8 years or so now. I dont remember exactly. But he takes his meds and runs and does marathon's with his wife Jodi.

I might be taking on more than I can chew but I am hoping I can think of something up here. I know the Bellin Run is like 26 miles and I dont know if any one would be willing to run more than that for a run like this one. How and who do I talk to about Sponsors with a run like this?? How do I promote this run?? I am at a loss really.

I have been told to have it in Chicago IL but the only problem is that I dont live in Chicago.. I live here in Green Bay.

Ok enough on the run for now. I will keep my thoughts open though to it. I am not sure if we can do it. I have run this past Jeff and he thinks its a great idea but he's like me where to start and how to start..

But now onto X-mas I have found a great gift for Brianna. I e-mailed the site to my mom because she has an ebay account also. Its one of those Leap Frog reading books. I am not sure if that will help her or not but I am going to try. Grizzly Mama has give me a link to but of course I just cant right now. Just looking for idea's to make Bri want to enjoy reading and to want to learn. I think I am going about it the wrong way.

Kora on the other hand is struggling with math. I mean simple adding and subtracting and I am at a loss with her. I am really at a loss with what to get them this year. Any ideas for a couple on a budget. I have a couple of idea's but not sure yet. I am looking at these coloring pads. They are like 7.99 a piece at Wal Mart.. They are something under the tree. I want to get more Garland anyway this year. I know it was hard to keep up with Snowie last year. I am hoping she is more relaxed this year since she is a year older..

Anyway these are my thoughts for today. I am struggling to finish a book. I have about like 200 pages left and I want to find out what happens but I also think it could have been told in another way. I am currently reading Once An Eagle by Anton Myers. I have my review up because I didnt want to give the end away. Its a 1200 page book.

I have some stuff at Tweety's Crafting Gallery. Some repeat stuff but most are new. I listed them at ebay but no one bought them. My cat in the hat set has went though. I was hoping to make another set but with blue and white. I think that would be awsome. What does everyone think of that?? Anyway I have to run for now. Thanks for your opinions in this post and others that are to come and those that you have helped me in the past..

Talk to you all soon.. I made rounds today and I will be back around in the next day or so..

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My Third Year Blogging..

Hey all I have been blogging for 3 years November 1st. I started back in November 1,2006 already.. Wow where has time went. I am past my terrible two's.. But into my third year and have met some great people that have come and gone in my life but then again there are still some really great people looking out after me yet to this day..

I look back and wonder why I wanted to quit for a while. Jeff didnt and doesnt like me blogging yet to this day but he has come to a point where I need my friends even if they arent in person. I have come over the years where I have a hard time being with people in real life except those of you I know really well.

I am grateful to Tshsmom and SME for getting me started. I would never have done this if it hadnt been for them. Sme e-mailed me and said to check out this site and I joined almost instantly. But had to have it tweaked by SME where my real name wasnt in the name bar.. I struggled at first and took friends from Sme and Tshs. But you know who you are that are dear to me.

Life has taken me in different directions and I am proud to say I know everyone of you all to this day. thank you for being my friends and keeping me going here. I am glad to hear I could make you laugh and cry right along with me with things I have said. Make you as mad I was when something happened.. Getting advice when needed. Keeping my mouth shut until I know when something is about to happen then suprise you all with something special..

Sharing my family with you all has been my most prized possession of my blog. Esp my girls. They are my pride and joy and those of you with out kids can share my babies with me. I have wrote about my struggles at McD's and what is life without it and what else is going on..

I write how I feel and how much my babies are growing. I talk about what Jeff is doing sometimes and not doing. He is working a project yet and I still cant tell you about it. He is still working on it.

Well I suppose. Happy blogaversary to me. Happy blogaversary to me.. LOL... How old are you..... LOL.... HOw old are are you?????...... I am three!!! I am three already... OK Ok I have lost it completely.. Very much so completely..

I need to go check some home work and see if my oldest has to redo it and then send them outside for a while. Its suppose to snow tomorrow. A 40% chance but doesnt say how much is going to accumalate... Yikes... Hopefully it'll snow and melt right away. I am not ready for it to stick yet. The girls need boots before it sticks..

Monday, November 02, 2009

Best Friends...

You know as much as Jeff doesnt like Snowie he just puts up with her. Here is something funny. He refuses to let her sleep in the bedroom with us at night.. Well anyway last week sometime. Late last week I forgot to shut the bedroom door before getting ready for bed so she jumps on the bed expecting me to be up there to play with her.. Well Jeff is there instead.. He is reading a book and she walks up to him and nudges his arm like pet me you fool.. He gently pushes her away. She comes back full force and stands on his book where he cant read it.. LOL.. I walk into the bedroom at that point and it looks like she is trying to read the book. He cant get her to budge.. I was laughing so hard I almost pissed myself all over again... LOL..

Then the girls have this red string they run around the house with and Snowie chases it. Its the funniest thing ever to see. They run and run. She plays tag with them. I mean literally plays tag with them.. She tags them and then lets them tag her back.. Its like she understands the rules of the game but cheats anyway where they can tag her..

I had a cat when I was small that used to play Leap Frog with me. Literally. He woudl jump over me and then he would let me jump over him. It started when I was small and learning to climb the stairs. He would bound over my head and let me crawl over him. and then he would repeat it until the end.. LOL.. Miss him dearly.. Wish I had a photo to share of him with you.. His name was Goldie.

I know we dont have a dog here now but when I was a kid we always had a dog. My ggrandmother had a german shepard, my parents had dogs. They had muts, they had a Dalmation that looked like one of those fire house dogs. His spots were where the ones on the fire house dogs are.. I cant remember what they are called right now.. My mind is blank..

Anyway that is what I have been thinking about lately.. Best friends.. I have many human best friends here that have been helping me with keeping my sanity. I have mentioned on here a few times about things and Jeff finally read some of it last night and wasnt happy with me. I tried telling him that I didnt mention anything specific and he wouldnt listen to reason.. Men and there ways..

Here are some ornaments I made and if you are interested let me know through my e-mail address.. If you want better photo's I can see what I can do also. I am letting six of them go for 12 dollars plus 3.00 for shipping if you think that is reasonalbe.. Let me know what you think...

There are six total. I took one pix of all six and then with three each. I know I used white paper and you really cant see them to well. but I have more that I can divy up and put on too if you are interested.. I have one more thing if any one is interested but I have to wait for it to finish on Ebay before putting it here. Its a card that Ruth left behind by accident. The kids made it. Its made from paper with the birds on the card made of Banana Fibers from the Banana Tree's. Interesting little card. i cant open it to take photo's of the inside because its in a plastic bag they seal up. Not a baggie like our zip lock baggies but one of those keep sake bags that keep them fresh.. Interesting concept. I will divy more of my crafts up and see about getting some more of them on here later or tomorrow for you guys and gals...