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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How Would You Feel...........And other Things

Hi there. I just got some disturbing news from the Detective that was at my house that time looking for Jon.. I know Jon has been in trouble before but didnt know it went this far.. He moved from Green Bay to Texas and back again but when he came back he was suppose to register with the department of sex offenders.. Yes I had a sex offender living with me and I had no idea.

I am not against being friends with him but knowing I have to be a lot more careful on what is said and how its said is another thing now. I see it as how do you react in front of some one like him when you know the truth after he wouldnt say a word to you. He lived in my house hold for four months and didnt say a word to me or Jeff about it.

I am just disturbed with the thoughts on it. There were other issues but this is what the Detective finally told me when he called to tell me he got a hold of Jon. Yikes huh???

I put my two week notice in last night. Jeff and I are having scheduling conflicts and its just getting to hard on us. So I am going to go look for work tomorrow when I have the car. I am planning on getting up early and going and looking for work since I will have the car anyway. I have to bring the girls to there Y prgrams at

I am just hoping that some of the places I am planning on going are hiring. There is this one place that is always hiring because they cant keep there help. The owner is a real ass. But it cant be any worse than working at McD's.

I called in on Monday and I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders because of it. I have called in three times and asked for time off since I have been there. You know the one over night manager asked why i was leaving.I told her why. I am sick of working people down and never having a full crew. If something happens where I have to go back to the place I refuse to work over nights. I will work closing or during hte day. We have found a babysitter so I am not worried about the girls.

Anyway I have to go find something to eat. I will talk to you all later. N..


Hammer said...

That is really messed up. did you find out what kind of offender?

There are the ones that get one for peeing in the park or the 18 year old senior dating a sophmore..or the other kind..

tweetey30 said...

Hammer no idea but its still freaky to know that he was living in my home as a friend and didnt say a word. I would have turned him in earlier to have him do his thing when he came back if I would have known..

I think its because of something he did to a friends younger sister or his step mom. Meaning friends step mom.. Not 100% sure there.

Jeannie said...

Now you know to be careful anyway - what does your husband think of it? Will he say anything to him? Because I know mine would rip his face off for exposing his wife and girls to a predator. Of course, if it was something minor as Hammer has suggested it might be then no biggie but if it's more - that's really not right.

Good luck with the job search!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I think he seriously betrayed your trust when he didn't tell you he was a sex offender. I would not have anything further to do with him.

Grizzly Mama said...

I'm horrified that he stayed with you and knowing that he had this conviction but not saying anything.

I hope that you find a way to talk to the girls about it - let them know that they can come to you at anytime to tell you if he did anything to them. I would have a hard time with that. We have had talks with the girls about good touch bad touch, who to go to if someone violates them - - but I just feel as if I didn't do it very well. I'm not sure how to approach it properly, so we just lumbered in and made the attempt at talking to them. I'm worried because kids often feel that they can't go to someone about it - so I just keep telling them that they can tell me, or an Aunt, or their daddy, or a teacher of a class, or the doctor or nurse at the doctors office.

Sorry I'm going on about this. I'm so upset about it.

Ryan said...

I would hate to downplay the severity of a sexual offense... however, I have to lean towards Hammer on this one. The entire definition of "sexual offense" is very broad. At any rate, he should have been more upfront.

If he comes back and starts acting shifty, just run his ass over in your drive way with the car. It's a quick way to end a problem.

Cynnie said...

I've taken heat before for my ideas on sexual predator..
I got pregnant at 15 by my 19 year old boyfriend..
Ive had people say he was a predator , and thats bullshit
I was full aware of what i was doing ..I was just stupid, and he was stupid too..
we were both just kids..
if i had been childlike it would have been totally different..

But in saying all this..he betrayed your trust by not telling you ..
I hope to god he wasnt messing with a child

Gardenia said...

For the safety of your girls, I would sever all ties immediately with Jon. Unless perhaps he was 18 dating a 16 year old and it was that type of deal but I doubt it was.

Squirl said...

I agree with Grizzly Mama about making sure your daughters know to go to an adult if anything like that happens. There are probably books or online advice about the best and age-appropriate way to approach this. I wish there was a way they could have "levels" of sex offender. You know, the kids dating as a 1 up to whatever number for an adult abusing children. It would make things easier on everyone.

On the job front, I'm glad you gave notice. You gave them your best and they took it. I hope your next job is during the day and pays you well.

Kitem said...

Hi there! long time no see, You all look good, so you have give up mc do, i hope you find a new job for you, convenient with the girls and family life. This Jon was a big trouble for you, good you know now about it.