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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update in the R household

Hi there. I have maybe some good news.. LOL.. I called back one of the jobs I am really interested in yesterday and they are doing there back ground check and calling and talking to my references. I have a really good feeling about it. I dont want to get to excited about the job but you just never know.. Yayy me if they do hire me.

If the job hires me I will be working for a place called Clarity Care. You go in and help them clean there houses, bring them grocery shopping, cooking there meals. And such. A lot less stress than working for McD's.. LOL.. I have had these horrible headaches lately from working and hoping I can find something second shift where when I come home I can go to bed with my family. Instead of sleeping all day long. Its killing us all.

I have talked to both the main managers that do the hiring and firing and they both regret losing me but understand I have to move on with whats right for me. The one manager who does our schedules for over nights said she would put me on any shift other than over nights if I would stay but she doesnt have any hours for me right now. They just dont want to see me go. Even the main over night manager asked if I could back my hours up to like 7-3 instead of quitting.

I think they are realizing I am in position to be bullied anymore. We are losing our new crew trainer. She is going in for surgery next week and when its time for her to come back to work she is thinking of not coming back.. I have to work from tonight through Thursday to have a three day weekend next weekend. I need the break. Jeff is going to a chess tournament. Us girls are going to be around town and maybe go to the YMCA and practice Bri's swimming lessons. She is getting really good at them.

I just wish I could talk her into trying with to jump without the pack on her. But they all learn at there own pace. I have her where when she comes back up to kick her legs and move her arms where she doesnt sink again. We were practicing that on Wednesday when we went back to play racquetball and then we were going to let Kora tumble for a while but were told that we need to pay extra for her to practice what she knows and also she needs to be on a team to practice. That is not what the teacher told me when I asked her. I am sort of getting sick of them too.

I am trying to talk my parents into moving closer where I can go back to working first shift instead of this second shift or third shift crap. My mom says yes because there is nothing holding them back anymore. I dont know really. I miss them but I also miss the ride once a year or so when we go that way. I have to admit if they move here I wont have any reasons to go back home for anything really.. I mean sure I have friends there but its not the same if my parents are here.

Those of you that home school I have a question. I need to know if I have to fill out a separate Public of Instruction form for each child or can I use the same one since technically they would be in the same school this year??? Or is it different for each state?? Kora's form should be here soon.

Anyway here is a still photo of my little duck. Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow.

Here guys and gals let me know what you think of this. Jeff's hours are going back up and I want the black one named Pheonix.

White Paws German Shepard Dog Rescue Inc This is here in town and around the corner from where we live basically. I think the girls and Jeff would love a puppy better than the chow chow I was trying to get for free. I hate spending that much money on an animal but if it includes everything they said its worth it. I am going to go look tomorrow and then talk Jeff into going to look and see if we can maybe get it going. Talk to you all soon. I will keep you posted on puppy..


Grizzly Mama said...

My little one was scared to death of the water at first. We just kept practicing and I didn't push her too hard. All of a sudden there was a turning point and it clicked for her. She is faster than her older sister in freestyle now. She still struggles with diving off the block, though. It comes to them, like you said, in their own time - but it will definitely come if you keep practicing and encouraging her.

Sorry to hear about the practice. There were certain things about the 'Y' that annoyed me, but overall they had decent programs for the kids when they were little.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I hope you get that job. One of the most rewarding jobs I ever had was cleaning house for an elderly lady named, Wanda. She was such a hoot and it really was like us just having a gab fest every time I came over. She was my dear friend for a couple of years before she passed away. I missed her spitfire personality and her no nonsense way of looking at things. I loved bringing her peach cobbler, Dr. Pepper sodas and Pringles potato chips. Little things like that just made her day.

Jeannie said...

Looking good for the new job - guess McD's finally realized that you were a keeper.

Squirl said...

Good luck on getting that job. As Jeannie said, McD's realizes now that you're a good worker. It's sad how a company treats their better workers until they think they're leaving.

Sorry I haven't been around much. Just not writing or reading posts much these days.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope you do get that job, my dear. It sounfs like a perfect and really wonderful change from the grind you are on now at McD's.....

That link to the Dog Rescue didn't work....But I hope you can get the doggie, too.

Candy Minx said...

Hi! There is a lot in this post...I hope you get the job. I'm glad the kids are having fun swimming. I don't know the answer to your home schooling paperwork.

About the dogs. I'm playing catch up here? Have you already got a puppy? I see you are looking into buying a bred dog rather than a mutt?

I don't think either a shepard or a chow would be a good fit for your family. If you are buying an expensive bred dog I would recommend a golden retriever or a poodle. They are great family dogs, well suited to other dogs, easy to socialize and they are very smart and good at "pack" life.

You can email me some questions about dogs if you like...I have a lot of experience...