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Monday, July 06, 2009

After 13 Years these are how I feel about my SWEET HUBBY..

These first two songs no one thought we were going to make it and now look what I have after 13 years of my life with a wonderful man. We may have our problems like any couple but these songs hit the right notes for me. Enjoy. Walk down the path of memory lane with me and see how much I mean to him and vise versa.

Last but not least. One more. Here is Nine Inch Nails playing a song we used to go to bed every night listening to. Just curled up next to eachother before children and before anything else big in our lives....

Nine Inch Nails A Warm Place.

I still love this song and how it makes me just go back in memory. There are loads of others out there but these are the ones that hit home the most. Esp with all the problems we had to get to this point in our lives.

To My Hubby if he see's this post anytime in the next few days.. I suppose some of you are wondering why Two Sparrows in a Hurricane..Well we were only 19 when we got together and no kids at the time but it was rough and rocky. Like any relationship.

I am off for a few days doing nothing. I will catch up with you all in the next few days hopefully. Sorry I havent been visiting as often. With work and school its hard. Hopefully things will settle down soon.


Hammer said...

Congrats on 13 years! You are doing great. I remember that song well I used to play it all the time before someone made off with my CD.

Jeannie said...

Congrats! - did you notice the cat in the last one? hilarious

tshsmom said...

You guys did have a rocky start, but you both matured and calmed down over the years. We're proud of you!

tweetey30 said...

Thanks guys. Its been over month since we celebrated but I was just looking up music last night that means loads to us. In our own ways..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I love the Trisha Yearwood song and have it on a CD in my car. I'd never heard the Nine Inch Nails song. Cool. Thanks for sharing and a happy belated anniversary.