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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Lincoln Zoo in Manitowoc WI

Monday we went to Manitowoc for Jeff's appointment and we went early enough to go to the Zoo there. Here is what we saw. It was tiny but good enough since it was FREEE.. Free is always good.

A Bison.. There were two of them.. They are cool because I didnt get the cage in this one. I got right up to the cage and put the zoom in the whole and took the photo.

Jeff and I. I was wearing my swimsuit. I was hot and it was hot outside.

Doesnt this look like a beautiful spot to take a book or something and sit back and relax for a few hours..

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Photo number two of Jeff and I.. Kora is a great photographer.

Big guy here was only like 5 feet from us in the cage and the outside where we were standing. It was pretty cool. Hope yo can see him ok.

I have a photo of an Eagle and something else from inside the Zoo but cant find them right now but here is what we saw as we were leaving. They have hiking trails also and Kora spotted this on our way out.

Jeff got up close to get this one for me. He is agile for being as heavy as he is and quiet... LOL.. I would break to many twigs getting that close.

I love wild life and I love seeing it its own back yard like this precious deer. Then we went to Jeff's appointment and came home. I made some friendship bread and made dinner and then we watched a movie. We also landed on Netflix finally to check it out. There are some movies we cant find at a regular movie store so we decided to give Netflix a try.

I hope you enjoy the photo's and our little journey for the afternoon and I will be back in a few. I am having a light snack and then back to bed for me. I have to drive Jeff to work this morning to have the car today where I can take the girls to there Lessons at the YMCA.. They both love what they are doing. Its good for them..


Hammer said...

That's about as close to a bear as I'd ever want to get.

Great pics!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Nice pix and nice zoo. We have a free zoo in our town. I haven't been in there in awhile, maybe I'll go some weekend and take pix to share. I know we don't have any bears. I do believe we have water buffalo, some cats and birds.

The Zombieslayer said...

Very cool pics.
I love bison. I wish we can put some back in the wild on the Great Plains where they belong.

SME said...

I love prairie dogs!! I could watch them all day, popping in and out of their little houses.

Courtney said...

Come to MT, ZS, you'll see some wild bison. Brucellosis infected mother fu... Never mind.

We saw a huge prairie dog town in Great Falls, they're fun to watch. Oh, and I'm convinced that Netflix is the greatest invention ever. :D

tshsmom said...

Free zoos are great! We used to spend a lot of time at the Como Zoo when we lived in the Cities.