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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kora's Learing a New Craft..

Hi there. Kora keeps asking to show her how to Crochet but she just doesnt have the patients to sit and learn right now so we have decided I will teach her how to Knit first. I know the basics but have never made anything with it. Well let me rephrase that yes I have. But I have never made sweaters with my ability. I have made a blanket in strips before. I made a black and white afghan and crocheted my strips together when Jeff and I first met.

Then my Godmother taught me how to crochet. LOL. I was Kora's age when I learned how to knit and then I was 19 when my Godmother taught me how to crochet. I learned more on my own after Jeff and I moved to WI. That is when I bought my first book of patterns and sort of took off with learning more on my own. I bought a Crocheting and Knitting book for Dummies. They may sound stupid but hey they work wonders for us that dont know all the stitches. I have learned many things from this book and am not passing on what I know to my daughter.

She just had to tear out what she has done because it wasnt right but she is learning. I am not mad at her. I just had to reshow her how to do the foundation row. LOL.. She had a nice set of stitches but they werent like mine and she was wondering why. So I showed her why. So maybe we will have a new craft on my crafting blog after all. We will be having two of us working on it and making somethings.

Talking about my crafting blog since I put my two week notice in at work I am trying to get rid of everything I have in my bin here at home and working on some more hair ties ok. Those are some what cheap for me to continue for a while. I just ask if you find somthing you like let me know via e-mail please and I will box it up and get it ready to be shipped after I contact you. IF you need refresher photo's I can take some more to be better off. I still have loads of scarves and the dish clothes and the blankets at the moment. Those prices I have on the blankets include shipping.

Well I suppose I need to go finish my roast and get the gravy going. I will talk to you all soon. I have the next four days of work and then three days off again and then my last two are monday and Tuesday.. Talk to you all soon. N..


Jeannie said...

She seems very young to be learning to knit or crochet - but perhaps she has good dexterity and won't get too frustrated. I remember trying to knit when I was little...not easy.

SME said...

Well I can't say I blame Kora for her impatience! I had the same problem. I had to learn to crochet for a play and I only learned a single stitch. Half the time I couldn't even remember that. I was supposed to be knitting a purse or something, but I was so awful the other actress had to change her line from "Oh, you're knitting a purse!" to "Oh, you're knitting a...string."

But I hope Kora sticks with it and learns to make beautiful things like her mom!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I never thought knitting or Chrocheting was easy as a kid...But what I did find very satusfying was Cross-Stiching...Something about all the different colors and also there are really only about two ir three trypes of stitches one has to learn...The basic one of course is the easiest and I LOVED doing it!
Maybe something like that would be a little easier for her at her age...They have some really lovely towels and things like that, that you can make.