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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To much to do..

Hi all. There is plenty to a do here in our household after Ruth has finally departed our home. I know I know. I did my best and if it wasnt enough oh well.. I give up.. But enough of that. I have a few things to say really quick and then off to clean before Jeff gets home. My home has been disorganized since two weeks ago. I have cleaned but not a thorough cleaning.. LOL..

Anyway went for my drivers liscense yesterday and failed because of my Y turn.. Yikes huh?? Well a few other things also but that was the killer so I have it set for Feb 10th again. We can do it every seven days but there were no tests available y7 days from yesterday so I set it up for Feb 10th. That will give me some time to practice..

Kora's b-day went well. We had a neighbor lady make her cake. I forgot to take a photo of it.. I cut it before I remembered to take one.. We bought a brownie mix and tha was the bottom and then a chocolate cake mix and then frosted it in Chocolate Fudge frosting and then hershey kisses on top like rain drops. it was great but sweet.. Yikes.. I am still losing weight and I didnt eat a lot of it.

Jeff and I are going to learn how to use the weight equipment at the YMCA tomorrow night and then go play Raquetball. I am so happy to have my time back with my family. My girls are so much happier to be honest. They are arguing as often since Ruth left. It was driving me insane.. I have one more thing to say about Ruth but not sure yet how to say it.

Well I got an automated phone call from our phone company saying we have went over our alloted minutes for the month. So I call the phone company and they tell me that I owe $1,350 dolllars.. What the Fuck right????? Well I say I didnt make all those phone calls. Well my friend has an international phone card and she is suppose to be using it. Well I dont think she used it for the first few calls. So they were charging her 5 or six dollars a minute..

Well with a few more phone calls and back to the phone company we get it resolved by adding an international calling plan to our phone for 5 dollars extra to our phone until she left. Well now she is gone and I am going to cancel this after we get the phone bill at the end of the month where they dont recharge us the 1,350 dollars.. I was more pissed off at the idea of having to pay that much than I was at her.

Well I have learned my lesson. No more foreigners in my home like that. I have trusted a stranger and I feel used. We were going to get a benefit for her done but you know what the people wanting to do this benefit dont want to do it if I cant talk to our mortgage guy because he has done these things before. I am done with all of it..

Anyway I am off to finish cleaning. Take care and hugs to those that want one and handshakes to those not comfortable with hugs.. N..

UPDATE I called ATT and they fixed it for international calling on our phone bill and adjusted the phone bill so we only have to pay $125 dollars instead of the 1,350 dollars... But still its a lot of money. Jeff and I played Raquetball last night and planning on it tonight also. Talk to you all soon.


Jeannie said...

Wow! $1350? I guess she probably knew she had to get out while the getting was good.

Is she still your friend?

At least you aren't on the hook forever right?

Bridget Jones said...

Holy flipping cows, that is a huge phone bill!? Hope you don't have to pay that??

Congrats on the weight loss, Tweety. That's especially hard to do at this time of year (winter/Christmas).

tshsmom said...

How much will the calls be on the international calling plan?

Thank heaven you got her out of there when you did!

tshsmom said...

What is a Y turn?

Cynnie said...

OMG !!..I hope you dont get hit up with that bill.
let her be pissy..
damn, you did what you could for her.
look around the house and make sure nothing is missing.
you just never know

Kitem said...

Are you really going to pay that huge telephone bill? it's so unfair, go, and ask her to pay for her telephone expenses. This lady has taken too much advantages from you.
That's good the family is back and happy together.

Candy Minx said...

Driving for a test must be very difficult in this season , no? I hope you get time to practice your turns!

Well, too bad about the visitor..again...I think when emotions settle down you might want to get a group of people together to write a handbook on how to prepare for newcomers, immigrants, billets (this includes kids sports can be every bit as unmannered as a n adult guest heh heh).

And try to's not because someone is a foreigner....that we have such gaps in our cutoms. Maybe Ruth didn't have as a good manner sgrowing up as your girls would. It's a risk and it's too bad things wer e so stressful .Lesson I get from this? It's hard to communicate even with a neighbour...a newcomer with different customs and unpredictable manner or etiquette...might be trickier!

Candy Minx said...

p.s. I meant "customs" not cutoms...eek!

Squirl said...

Yes, it's good that Ruth's gone. You know you did what you could for her. Good luck on the phone bill.

Congrats on the weight loss. As BJ said, Christmas is a hard time to do that. Very good self control with the birthday cake, too. Sugar is my worst (food) enemy.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Holy crap on the phone bill! I hope they were telling you the truth about not charging you for all that. Make sure before she leaves town, if you get stuck with that bill, I'd say any funds she raises need to go toward paying the bill first. Also, who charges $5 per minute on international calls?! That sounds like highway robbery.

tshsmom said...

$125 is more than you guys can afford!! Call Ruth and tell her that she has to pay this before she leaves.

Ortho said...

Wow, that's an expensive phone bill. Have fun playing racquetball. Don't get hurt. I gave you an inspiration award.

Gayle said...

Like TSHMOM, I was wondering what a "y" turn was too. I think you meant to type a "U" turn?
TSHMOM's also right in saying Ruth should pay at least her part of the $125 phone bill!

Like I said before, foreigners seem to think all Americans are just rolling in big bucks. This is really a shame, Tweety. I hate the fact you were used like this!

Grizzly Mama said...

I'm picturing a Y turn as a 3 point turn. I had trouble with parallel parking when I took my test. Keep practicing and good luck on your next test.

I am so glad that Ruth is gone, and I'm a bit pissed about her attitude. I'm wondering if what a couple of comments said - that some people think we are just rolling in money. The truth is that although we enjoy a much higher standard of living than most countries - it costs money and most of us are getting paycheck to paycheck.

I would also push on the phone bill - atleast bring it up and explain to her what she did and that she is responsible for that with the funds that she raises. Unreal. It just blows my mind that someone could be so damn selfish and ungrateful. Shame on her.

Miz Micks said...
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CA said...

I have an idea that neither of you, Tweety or Ruth, fully understood the consequences of her visit and what the outcome of her visit would be. I'm sure both of you had only good intentions when you started your association. I believe both of you did the best you could and neither can be blamed for whatever bad thing happened.

I can tell you from experience that, a bunch of years from now, you will look at this as a very interesting experience and you'll be glad it happened. If nothing else, it will be an adventure to tell your grand kids!

You two should have good feelings about each other. You both tried your best to make things work out and are to be commended.