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Monday, January 12, 2009

GoodBye My Friend Ruth...

Hi my friends. Ruth has left Jeff and I to stay with this other couple for the next two weeks. There will be no benefit for her because I cant get a hold of our mortgage guy to have him meet us at our house for these people to talk to him. I feel like I have just failed her in many ways. She has made several very good friends and I am happy for her. I hope she keeps in contact with them. She told me today that she will let me know when she leaves but I dont think she will.

I am slightly sad because if it wasnt for Jeff and I and the girls she wouldnt be here but she isnt happy today when she left. She wouldnt even take the coat I borrowed for her with her today. She had to get one from the lady she went to stay with. She wouldnt even talk to me when she was packing today. I just dont get it. She was all pissy bascially. I am glad she is gone.

Jeff and I went and played Raquetball tonight and had so much fun. I am happy to have our time back as family. She has an American bank account for her Website for her Pay Pal account. I couldnt get her one but someone else had helped her get one. I am glad they found the time for..

Kora and Bri are having a hard time with this. They got used to having someone extra in the house by now. It takes them less time to adjust than us adults. But I am glad she is gone. I hope she realizes that I was not kicking her out and neither was Jeff. We just thought it would benefit her to have someone without kids and less noise for her to work and such and get things done.

Life is busy here and I am glad to be back on schedule with my normal life. I have things to do tomorrow. Kora turns eight tomorrow. Where has time went. She opens her present from Grandma K tomorrow and I will be getting her something small next payday. We are broke this payday but I did manage to get her cake. Its going to be here tomorrow.

Also those of you who dont know Helene had a baby girl. She is over at Kitems blog and she is healthy and just beautiful. I would give you her name but not sure if they want that posted all over the world wide web.... LOL.. I am a proud adopted auntie that will more than likely never seee the bundle of joy in person.. But at least she knows she has a loving aunt across the big blue sea..

Ok I am gone for now. Take care my friends. N..


SME said...

I don't know what Ruth's problem is. She was lucky to have people like you generous enough to let her stay in the first place, and I would think she'd be thankful. I don't know this woman so I shouldn't be too judgemental, but she just doesn't seem very appreciative after all you've done to help!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

It strikes me that Ruth's anger is because she wanted more from you and now she won't be able to get it. You gave all you had to give. If she can't appreciate that, then it's better she moves on now.

Squirl said...

If Ruth is mad, then that's her way of handling what's happening. It's not yours. You should know that you did everything that you were able to for her. She wouldn't even be over here if not for you.

It's easy to say this, but you need to let her anger go with her. No guilt necessary on your part. She didn't have any clue what was going to happen and put that responsibility on you. I think you did very well. Put it behind you and enjoy your family and your life.

CA said...

I think Ruth probably understands you did all you could for her. The move is probably awkward for her as well as for you. Now it's time for everyone to move on.

Happy Birthday to Kora!

Kitem said...

All the previous comments are so right, i think the same.
Happy 8th birthday Kora, 8 already, such a big girl, time flies with children growing.
Gabrielle is very happy to have a nice adopted aunty far away in big America, she is a beautiful baby who is growing by the day, we are all extatic at looking at her.

Jeannie said...

I'm sure it must hurt you that Ruth left in such a manner. But as the others said - you did all you could and an awful lot more than most people would be prepared to do. Perhaps she doesn't realize that our culture does not generally open their homes to total strangers free of charge. Don't feel bad for her at all but rather feel good that you were able to help out and that your own life can get back to normal. If she does not contact you somehow to thank you for all you've done, I would definitely not burden myself with supporting that particular cause any more. There are others that would be more gracious.

tshsmom said...

I've been bragging to everybody about what a good reader you are.

Tweets, I'm glad that you're able to get back to normal again. You did a LOT for Ruth. If it wasn't for you guys, she wouldn't have ANY connections and wouldn't have any money to bring back to Africa with her. If she can't understand that all Americans aren't wallowing in money, that's her problem, not yours.

Candy Minx said...

OH dear, well it's very difficult for everyone. I think just letting it go is best. Maybe Ruth will feel differently in the future but you are not responsible to to make her feelone thingor anoother. It's hard to make and keep friends...and being under fincial stress and ehlping someone all on your own in your family is too much.

It sunds lie this situation is the kind of thing that needs a community set up. Maybe this situation is somthing you have learned from and in the future when you have time, you could help set up a community organization...maybe something calle "Newcomers" or such. EVeryone at the church pitch in for groceries...a lap top...and taking a new comer to museums or around the city. Not just on one family.

I hope Ruth settles in...but part of moving to a new place is finding the self motivation to help onesself me...this I know first hand!

Gayle said...

Your friends here are exactly right, Tweety. The woman has absolutely no reason to be anything other than grateful to you and Jeff! One of my pet peeves is ingrates. People who are willing to keep taking and never bother to say thank you, or let you know they appreciate you. You did a good thing and you have the knowledge that you did your best, which is a lot more than many people would do.

I do think she's got it into her head that all Americans are rich. Most of the world believes that.

Wandering Coyote said...

Tweets: you did so well, with this woman! You did everything within your power for her - so don't feel badly about it at all! You got her on TV, for crying out loud! That's no small feat. If she isn't grateful and can't appreciate what you did for her, then that is HER problem, not yours. Feel good that you were as generous as you were!