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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks Squirl

You Are Checkers

You are very logical and rational. You are able to understand what is and isn't a factor.

You're able to compartmentalize and focus on the essentials.

You appreciate simplicity. You can see the layers of complexity and beauty in anything.

You are also playful and good natured. You don't take life too seriously!


Squirl said...

The person I got this from was also checkers. I think I like being Scrabble. :-)

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I think this quiz is wrong. It said I was "chess." I HATE chess! I also don't think my memory allows me to have multiple trains of thought going on simultaneously anymore. Oh well.

Candy Minx said...

I am Boggle...which I am not familiar with this game...

"You are an incredibly creative and resourceful person.
You're able to dig deep and think outside the box to get things done.
You are a non linear thinker. You don't like following directions
You draw your inspiration from the strangest places sometimes. You're constantly inspired."

That girl said...

By the way, I missed saying "Happy Birthday" to you... hope it was a good one.