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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks Mike S...

Here is a great photo that Mike S sent me in an e-mail earlier. Its about Breast Cancer and its a great cause really. Enjoy. And realize there needs to be a cure sometime soon before all our kids at a young age get older....

I know its a big deal. I dont have any recent history in my family with Breast Cancer but you just never know when its going to hit someone. A friend a Relative or just a friend. So this photo is just adorable in many ways.

Life can change our way of thinking so fast its not funny. So lets enjoy the cuteness of the photo but also remember those who have had Breast Cancer and hope to God they come up with a cure for those that will get it some day besides taking a Breast away. Or something else.

Anyway things are ok here right now. Our finances are up in the air.. Just some stuff going on there right now that doesnt need mentioning. Good news with the house. We are refinancing one more time for a fixed rate of 5.5% for 30 years.

Both jobs are going well. I am getting faster and better on the headsets and Jeff is doing well with driving. Why is it lately I have had massive headaches. I cant stand the girls yelling like they do. I have been sending them outside for half an hour at a time because they dont have boots yet this winter. So I dont want them getting there shoes to wet but I want them getting outside time..

Just stress on a personal level. I try not to complain to much. I have my blog where Jeff can read it and several others that are about. I hope things are good with you all and I will catch up with you tomorrow. I have been busy today paying what bills I could afford with my check. Its nice having a weekly check between the two of us. Talk to you all soon. N...


Squirl said...

I click on a site that helps get mammograms for women who have no insurance. There are other causes there, too.

Jeannie said...

Headaches are probably due to stress and likely you aren't getting enough sleep.

We have no breast cancer in our family either. I'm supposed to go for a mammogram but I lost my requistition. oops.

The Zombieslayer said...

Yeah, it's hit a few people I know but the good news is if it's detected early enough, it can be cured. That's the beauty of living today. I know someone who lost a leg to cancer and is running with a fake leg. It just amazes me how far we've come.

There never will be a cure for cancer, because cells will always mutate. Cancer is simply your own cells doing things they're not supposed to be doing. However, detection will get better and with better detection, you can get rid of it more easily.

I really hope there's something better than chemotherapy though. I wouldn't wish chemotherapy on my worst enemy. Now, that sucks big time.

Oh, thanks for the Christmas card. I got it at my old address. I haven't seen the owner in a few weeks so finally got my mail from there.

Hope all works out for you. Try to minimize your stress. Do whatever works for you. Also try drinking more water. I've heard that half the headaches out there are caused my not enough water. I don't know if there's truth to it but from experience, I've had headaches when I've been too busy to remember to drink water.

Cynnie said...

I get stress headaches and migraines..

do drink plenty of water ..
and excedrin is the best shit ..ever

Vancouver Voyeur said...

My maternal grandmother had breast cancer in one breast. This was back when they just removed the whole breast, even though they caught it early. Fourteen years later she developed cervical cancer and died from that. *sigh*

Candy Minx said...

A different way to spread the word in pic.

Hey, I hope you can work on de-stressing. It's really not good for you. Even a few minutes, with a candle to meditate or pray....I hope things settle down.

I think a lot of people are feeling stress these days with worries about money...and the economy in general. Hang in there!

That girl said...

Super cute photo. I am so scared of cancer - all types, but breast cancer is one of the more common ones. JP's mom just found out they found a lump in her breast and now have to do a're right, you never know when or whom it'll affect.

Bridget Jones said...

Love that pic. Have known an amazing bunch of women who got that disease, most in NEwfoundland. Isn't it odd?

Don't you have a birthday coming up?

Am very glad that you refinanced and that the jobs are going well.

Gayle said...

I forwarded this one out too, Tweetie. Somehow I didn't include you in the list. I don't see how I missed you, but I'm glad you got it anyway.

My mother died of cancer. So did my step-mother and mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law is in a hospital with it as I write this, so this is a very important issue to me and I thank you for posting it!

Sorry to hear about the headaches. It probably is stress and I hope you get a chance to relax a bit more.

Gardenia said...

Life does have its surprises - some good, some bad. Breast cancer is a horrible thing. I'm studying a LOT on how to prevent it by changing lifestyle which I'm working hard on doing. I'm so sick of the medical establishment. Sometimes its needed, but sometimes it doesn't turn out so good.

Winter is always hard - we used to call it "cabin fever" - hurry spring, so the kids can play outdoors, so we can have some more sunlight - hurry spring!

I agree with Jeannie - you have a pretty heavy schedule and probably not much time for just you - to truly relax or get proper rest.

Long have I had a theory - that women with childen under five should be paid to stay home if they wish - I did that working mom thing for more years than I can count - back before hubby's helped....

anyway I'm rambling -