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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey World..

Hi there. I just noticed this is my 500th post in two years. Wow where has time went. I started blogging November of 2006. SME and Tshsmom got me started. I saw there blogs and thought what fun it would be and I have made many great friends.

But tonight I have more important information. I just hope Jeff doesnt read this particular post. A friend of ours called this afternoon looking for Jeff and I told him that Jeff was still at work. Well he called back right after Jeff got home and said that he might need a ride. Well J called back and said he needed a ride to our place.

In the mean time his car has been impounded for nonpayment and his drivers liscense has been suspended for some reason. I think its the nonpayment on the car. I dont know for sure if they can do that but anything is possible. Well we offered him our home until he gets back on his feet again. He was living in his car for the last six months since he came back to WI.

He has been staying with us on and off but doesnt like to impose himself. He has been in trouble and I dont trust alot of men when Jeff's not at home because of my past.. I am nervous about today techinally. I am planning on taking the girls swimming to give J sometime alone and to get us girls out of the house for a while.

Well we took J to play Raquetball with us tonight and for some damn reason i kept hitting the back of his head with the ball. He shaves his head bald because other wise he has this big bald spot already at the prime age of 32.. LOL.. So he keeps his head shaved to the skin and I told him that his head was distracting me and I kept thinking I had to hit the ball there.. LOL.. I didnt have as much fun with Jeff tonight having the third person there. But I got some alone time in the Raquetball room. Jeff and J went to lift weights for a few minutes before we left and I wanted to hit the ball around by myself. I have learned that is great excercise by my self to keep the ball going.

I rather enjoy it. I was going to take Kora to play Saturday but I couldnt get there. My car wouldnt start.. Damned car.. We think there was a piece of ice in the starter or the gas line. Yikes HUH???? But I promised her one of these days I would take her during the week. We will know more about our refinance tomorrow sometime and I will have either good news on Thursday or bad news on Thursday when I plan to post again..

I know I have so little time to myself. I had a good b-day by myself. Jeff got 2.5 points at the chess tournament. That means he got 2 loses, 2 wins and a draw. Not bad but he feels he could have done better like usual. But hey its a game. You win some you lose some but he has strong feelings about that saying.. I got a free cake from work for my b-day. I forgot to take a photo of it. Oh well it happens. There is always next year right?? LOL. Well anyway I think I need to see if my floor is dry enough for me to walk across to go to bed finally.

Its 3:15 AM and I am finally wearing down. Its bed time. I stayed up an extra hour and a half after hubby went to bed to clean the house. I like cleaning when everyone is asleep then I dont have to listen to the girls tell me how thirsty they are or worry about mopping Jeff into the basement. He has his own little room down there that he spends alot of time in. I spend time down there too but not like he does.

Anyway I am starting to babble. Talk to you all soon. N..

UPDATEMy brother and his wife had there daughter yesterday by scheduled C-section and she was healthy as could be for now. She was born Jan 27th, 2009 7 lbs 11 ozs. I dont have her inches right this minute in front of me. this is the couple that lost there son a year ago in October. I think it was a bit too soon to be trying for another baby but hey I am proud of them. Her name is Brittanica Jane. I know I know you think of the damned Encyclopedia everytime you hear the name. but she is adorable. Here is her photo I got today.. Enjoy.


Jeannie said...

So you just got your house back to yourselves and you get a new guest. I hope Jeff has a maximum timeframe he's willing to extend this favour for. I'd be worried about the girls I'm afraid. Not that it's likely he's a pedophile but how the heck can you tell?
Not to mention that it's an extra (adult) mouth to feed. You didn't mention whether the guy was working or not. He'd better not be picky about the kind of work he accepts when he's living off the kindness of friends. I think I might be a bit grumpy this morning.

Squirl said...

Happy Birthday! Good luck with another person under your roof.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A Belated Happy Birthday to you....!
I am unfamiliar with 'the players' here, so I'll have to catch so I know who you are talking about.
I hope your House Guest doesn't stay too long...that can certainly change the whole feelling and routine in the house.

Chico said...

Sounds as if J has an ongoing problem; I just hope it doesn't become yours.
Seems like Ruth should have taught you a lesson. Remember,- "He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it."
Bad move.. I hope you understand, if you invite someone into your home then decide you don't want him there, you can't legally order him to leave. The law says he had permission to live there and you might need to legally evict him through a court action to get him out.
Good luck.

Gayle said...

Ye gads, Tweety... not again, hon! Well, I'm glad to hear that you're keeping an eye on the girls. That's smart, but I'm afraid I'm with Jeannie.

I'm going to tell you why I feel that way. When Walt and I were a lot younger an old high-school friend of ours showed up on our doorstep. He had been Walt's best friend but neither of us had seem him for several years. We had an extra bedroom so we let him stay with us until he got on his feet. Walt got him a job with a retired Staff Sergeant who ran a television repair shop. The "friend" worked for the Sergeant and repaid his kindness by having an affair with the Sergeant's wife, stealing several hundred dollars of his equipment and putting it into one of our cars and stealing it too. Then he took off. We found the car along side of the road in northern Texas. He had poured gasoline over it and burned it up. Neither we or the law ever found him!

Years later one of my sons told me he had been molested by this guy. When I asked my son why he didn't tell me he said it was because he was so young he was ashamed. He only told me when he was old enough to understand that it wasn't his fault!

We haven't let anyone live with us ever since that dreadful experience. You can see why I'm concerned. Be very careful.

Cynnie said...

I hate to sound like a doom and gloomer..
but my biggest fear in the world when my children were little was them being molested.
just be careful tweets..
even if you feel like you know him and can trust him..
you cant

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Well Happy Birthday to you. When was it? Sorry I missed it. I used to make it a practice to spend my birthday alone for self-reflection.

Wandering Coyote said...

You guys are so generous...

SME said...

It was nice of you to give the guy a place to stay for a while, but I don't blame you for being nervous. He doesn't sound like the most responsible guy. You and J should discuss a time limit on his stay. Mark let a guy he barely knew stay with him once, and found out later he was on the run from police for robbery or something.

Bridget Jones said...

First, happy belated birthday, Tweety but I'm sorry you were by yourself.

Second, trust your instincts and make sure that you're not alone with that man. He sounds like pure trouble. You've had enough to deal with and this guy sounds even worse than the sponging lady.

Can you or Jeff get rid of him? He has no other friends/family? Something's fishy here.

Vest said...

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