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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hi there. Here is something that happened Friday Morning when I came home from work. I worked Thursday night and came home early Friday morning like normal and took my half hour to come down and make Jeff's lunch.

Well I went to bed and I must have been dreaming because I started talking in my sleep. Here is how it went from what Jeff told me.

Tap Tap Tap on his shoulder and he wakes up what N. Do you have the nuggets for the window.

Him: No.

Me You must have the nuggets for the window. They need a six piece...

Him: No N you are at home not at work but I can go check if you want me too..

Me: Giggling and shaking my head.

Him laughing at me because I dont remember a thing.

I dont remember this at all. I was out like a light and dont remember talking to Jeff in my sleep. Its getting bad when I dream about Chicken Nuggets.

I was going to take Kora to play Raquetball today while Jeff went to play chess in Neenah WI but my car wouldnt start and I have to work tonight. I called the guy we bought it from and we think its the starter that is froze up. He thinks it has some condesation and it froze with the below zero temps. It was really warm out on Thursday and then it went below zero again.

Kora wasnt to happy with me but I told her I would take her next week. I will leave Bri at home with daddy and Kora and I will go play Raquetball. I wont powerball the ball. i will hit it lightly for her. I think she will like that. Just us girl time. She needs that from time to time.

I am rambling and I am sorry. We are enjoying our new computer. Oh by the way Tshsmom I can get the stories to run but they dont come in right. They are jerky.. If that makes any sense at all.

Anyway I am gone for now. Need to go shower and do one small load of laundry to have clean sweat shirts for work tonight. Not sure where I will be. I just hope I can get to work. Talk to you all soon. N...

UPDATeLook who Turns 32 today.. Wow....


Grizzly Mama said...

Sorry to hear about the car - it sucks. We have one car that we just cannot depend on. Every other week it's something different.

The girls have had some fun with me while I was sleeping. Apparently I talk in my sleep and we've had some pretty interesting conversations, too. It's this night shift. It messes us up I think.

Squirl said...

Wow, talking in your sleep about work. Must really be on your mind.

Good luck with your car!

SME said...

Hahaha! This sounds a lot like Richard, talking about french fries in his sleep. ;D

You must be really be getting into the rhythm of the job, since you're dreaming about it! They say you've learned a language once you start to dream in it.

tshsmom said...


I'll tell L about the games. I'm sure he can fix it for you.

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday!

I dream about work all the time - they generally aren't happy dreams for me - I wake up feeling like I haven't slept but worked all night.

As much as everyone complains, I think cars are far more dependable than they were 35 years ago. We've only had used cars and for the most part, they've been ok - the odd thing goes wrong but not like the cars when I was young. Doesn't help you much - but starters do go.

Gayle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tweety! Here's hoping you have many, many more "Happy" Birthdays. :)

Yeah, I used to talk in my sleep too. It's a good thing I didn't have anything to hide. LOL!

SME said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A day late. Lookin' pretty good for 32!

maeve said...

It is bad when you start dreaming about work!! One of my first jobs while a nursing student was to work in a nursing home, I use to dream about old folks running into the back of my ankles with wheel chairs!! I knew it was time to leave!

Candy Minx said...


And that really was hilarious story, I can't stop laughing!