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Friday, August 01, 2008

What we are up to this WEEKEND!!!!!!

Well Jeff got us free 2008 EAA tickets again this year. Yayyy.. I love watching the reinactments of the war. I know its loud but that is my favorite part. I love watching the Airforce Jets fly above us. They are so loud esp when the come down a bit. We watched one hover a few years ago and that was pretty cool. I will bring my camera and extra batteries this year.. LOL...

I have to work tonight and Jeff has to work tomorrow morning but we are going after he comes home. I have to work tomorrow night too so we cant stay long at the EAA. But we are going to get out anyway. Cant give up free tickets... I am packing us a lunch and we are eating when we get there and maybe on our way home we will stop and pick something up. That part is still up in the air.

That wasnt meant to be a pun.. EAA and up in the air.. LOL.. Oh brother. I am full of it today arent I?? LOL.. I had the last two days off and I spent most of my day yesterday outside with Bri and Kora. Us girls were in the pool and I am sorry for lack of pool photo's of the girls this year. Maybe here in a little bit. I will get some of them in the pool.

You know people. I was being silly the other night when I couldnt sleep and got up for an hour or so. I realized my great grandmother's b-day is August 10 was I should say. She passed away Oct. 9, 2002. Kora wasnt quite two yet so that has to be it. Anyway I realized she would have been 92 years old and still alive more than likely if they wouldnt have put her in a nursing home. Or put her away at all and if my grandmother wouldnt have killed herself. I blame alot on those two things but hey what the heck. I miss her dearly. She was my best friend as I am not real close to my own mother. I try but I just cant tell her everything.

Ok enough sad and sappy shit from me..

Miss Snowie is getting big and spoiled. She sleeps in Jeff's spot when he leaves in the morning. She is so precious. I have posted pix of her recently and I was looking at her last night while she let me hold her for a few minutes and just realized how big she is getting. She purrs everytime one of us goes near her. Even Jeff when she knows he doesnt care for her like I do but she likes his attention even if it is to keep her in the house when I leave at night.

The girls have been mean to her lately and I have put my foot down with that one. I have told them that if they cant be nice to her leave her alone. That is how I see it. If you cant be nice to her leave her alone and she isnt there cat. She is MINE as I tell them.

But that is what is going on here for now. I will have photo's for Monday of the EAA and the girls of course. I still have to enlarge some photo's on my camera. Talk to you all soon. N...


SME said...

The airshow sounds fun (loud, but fun!).
Maybe you can come here and tell Richard to be nice to the bunny...he loves teasing her and making her mad. ;D

tweetey30 said...

It is fun and loud. I would love to come give Richard a bunny lesson but I just cant do it this year. LOL... You should see the girls with the cat. They get her playful and then stop playing with her and then they wonder why she bites them in the ankles.. She wants them to play some more.

Gayle said...

It's summer so I'm wearing sandals and when my cat wants to play he bites my toes. Ouch! LOL!

Have a great time, Tweety. :)

Bridget Jones said...

Have a great weekend, Tweety! Am worried for your cat. Why are the girls acting that way?

Jeannie said...

I haven't seen an airshow in decades - I'd love it!

I'm glad you're getting after the girls about being good to Snowy.

Much as it's sad to lose someone you love, isn't it great to have loved someone so much that they are still missed years later? That says so much about the kind of person they were. And you will always have your memories.

Gardenia said...

Well, come on down - we'll sit in the front yard and watch the jets fly overhead. Tuesday is the best day - you'll get the Blue Angels too.

That girl said...

How cool. We have an airshow too, but I've never taken the kids yet, as I thought they'd find it too loud.

Tell me what your girls think of it, I'm curious...were they scared at first?

Kitem said...

I miss your usual photos, Tweets!
I don't know what is EAA, I guess it's an airshow, I think I have never seen an air show, I wonder why, never had the chance, I guess.
I understand you miss your grand mother, me too.
You're right with the girls about Snowy, they have to behave with animals, it's important.