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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hi all. The girls have a play date a park tomorrow with a new set of friends. We have a new family in the home schooling group that is going to meet us at the park tomorrow. I havent met them yet but some of the others have. This new couple has an eight year old girl if I remember right. Will have more info tomorrow on how old she is and what she likes and how the play date went.

Then on Saturday we have our cook out with another home schooling family. I am still looking forward to that one. Even with them being vegetarian. I have thought long and hard on all of your comments about this and you all are right. I guess I was just trying to figure out how the kids were getting there protein. I mean its hard sometimes with us meat eaters to get it all.

Anyway I have to work tonight but have tomorrow off again. Every other day this week except Friday and Saturday. Yikes.. I work every weekend. I dont mind but we dont get to do much with me working every weekend.

We are looking at making a trip some place in Oct. Jeff has four vacation days left and a lot of sick days so we are looking at taking Oct 15-20th off and doing something with those days. He is thinking about taking us to Chicago for a couple of days to see a few things. They have a great big Zoo and some kind of Aquarium. Its like Sea World. But that is still up in the air yet. We will be putting my next few checks in the bank for that trip if we go. We have enough to pay our bills with his checks but mine are for stuff like this.

Since we brought Snowie home she is more cuddly than she was before we got her Spayed. She wants to be held all the time and she loves sleeping with me after Jeff leaves in the morning. I will wake up on my tummy and find her on my butt. The stinker. I cant roll over until she moves or I am afraid of hurting her.. Or she loves sleeping on my side. If I am on my side she curls up on my hip and refuses to move. Again i am afraid of rolling her off my side when I roll over. She is so cute.

The other day after we brought her home I was holding her and Jeff scratched behind her ears and she let out the loudest purrr. You could have heard her half way across the room. She just loves him but she tries to figure out why that big guy in the house doesnt like her. She hasnt attacked the girls either since we brought her home. She needs one more shot for the year and then we are done. Yayyy. She got her booster Rabies shot when she was Spayed..

I know I am rambling but that is what I do when lots on my mind. We have a new girl but I think she is going to have to quit because she lost her babysitter. She called in this week already and twice last week. Not good for her but hey its none of my business. It just makes it rough to run one person down.

Oh my goodness. You know I dont care who the girls play with usually but then there are some kids you just dont want your kids playing with. Well we have those two still in diapers or pull ups or what not behind us. Well we have been keeping the girls away from them. Its just they dont care if they stink or crap themselves or not. Well I was just telling Kora if she see's them to come in. She looks me straight in the face and tells me she is going to tell them i said if I caught her playing with them she is going to get grounded. That is not what I told her.. I told her to come in if she saw them.. Yikes Kids.. Esp MINE!!!!!!

Anyway I suppose I better get going. I have a few things to do. I got most of my stuff done yesterday but still a couple of things to do. Talk to you all soon. N...


Wandering Coyote said...

The aquarium in Chicago is the Shedd and it's excellent - well worth it.

There is a really sad, crappy zoo in Chicago, too, that I've also been to, and would not recommend it. I believe it's the Brookfield. I was not happy with it at all and would no support it again...I'm not sure about the other Chicago zoo, though.

Hammer said...

When I was little my mom told me to stay away from dirty low class kids. I innocently told them that and my mom got a phone call..

Ohh was she pissed.

Jeannie said...

Maybe the girls should just be honest if confronted and say they'd prefer to play with kids who are potty trained. Not in a nasty way - sometimes kids need a little peer pressure to do what's proper in society. What is wrong with those parents?

Grizzly Mama said...

Those kids will rat you out every time - even if it isn't something you actually said or taken out of context.

This is the age you pick and choose for your kids. Pretty soon they will be picking and choosing on their own, so might's well make a good start of it. That's my philosophy.

Gardenia said...

Haha - it sounds like Snowie has decided you are hers and she wants to take precedence over the kids! My two cats used to fight over who slept with me. They never chased off humans though, LOL. Odd, how they like to lay on a person's butt, but they do.

I like Jeannie's idea about the girls' just being up front - kids are into peer pressure more than parent pressure sometimes.

It's just a trend now - parents waiting for kids to train themselves - even the childrearing books say not to hurry them so this is probably a big problem all over.

Courtney said...

There's the Lincoln Park zoo in Chicago, and Brookfield is just outside of Chicago. I always thought it was a nice, large, well-maintained zoo with well cared for animals. And yes, the Shedd Aquarium is awesome! If you go and see a Red-Tailed Peruvian catfish -- I know that fish personally. ;)
I think they also have an Arapaima that came through the store, too.

Bridget Jones said...

I love aquaria!!! Am jealous. Working every weekend is a drag, but it's so much better than before. I got told the same thing by my parents as Hammer was by his. And I ignored it.

Candy Minx said...

Keep me posted about your travel plans!

Ah, your kitten sounds so fun. I think the stress of surgery tends to make some cats more dependant or appreciative of their home and family. I've seen cats get more mellow and affectionate. Maybe because their hormones aren't surging through them too!

Suzy said...

The Field Museum in Chicago is also pretty neat. There is SO MUCH to do there if you end up going.

SME said...

I thought taking care of a cat for a couple days would make Richard realize he doesn't really want a cat, but he still does. Guess I may have to give in eventually and look into adopting. (Sophie will be furious with me!)

We've considered going back to Chicago at some point to see the aquarium, take an architecture tour, etc. We really enjoyed the short time we spent there...a very interesting city.