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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hi all its been a few days again. I know I know. But hey you know what I was late for work last night because I read the wrong schedule. OOOPSSS.. She was ok with it this time. It happens she said and it wasnt that busy.

But anyway I have been hit with three awards. Two from Dear sweet Kitem


Now one from Ortho. Ortho

OH goodie I am suppose to tag so many people with each but not sure who. Lets see here.

I am not going to link because I am lazy right now but check out these blogs when you get a minute if you arent familiar with them.

That Girl
Zombie Slayer
Wondering Coyote

Basically everyone on my list deserves this award so if you visit often you are more than welcome to take and reap in the awards.... Enjoy and I will be back to post about life and work in a few days again.

Here is a snip from Sunday night during bar rush. I turned around and saw these two people making out. No biggy so I told the manager they needed to go get a room. They couldnt hear me because the window was shut. But when I turned around to hand them there food there was two women sitting in the car. I had sworn there was a man and woman in the car. YIKES!!! What a suprise I had.. I dont care what your sexual preferences are but it was freaky.

Ok I am off for now. Take care..


Bridget Jones said...

LOL it sure sounds freaky, Tweety!! Those were good choices for the awards!

Gayle said...

EWWWW! At least that would have been my reaction. :)

tweetey30 said...

Bj Thanks. It was freaky. But nothing I am not used to because of my MIL... Just never saw another set of women before.

Gayle it is EWWWW but what can you do..

Hammer said...

grats on the award and maybe those two needed a cold shower...yuck.

tweetey30 said...

Hammer tell me about it but I couldnt say anything because of the work I do. but it was gross to turn around and see.