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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not sure where to start today

HI all. I am not sure where to start today. I can start with saying Jeff and I have started a vitamin pack today. We went to GNC and got some vitamin packs with vitamin's, fish oil, and triflex in them. I will know more how they work in a few days after they start working.

I have to work tonight. I had the last three nights off and I have enjoyed myself with my little family. I made a ham and potatoes on Sunday and then I made Split Pea Soup. The only one that didnt like it was Brianna. I have to admit it wasnt that thick last night and it was alot better than the first time I made it. I used my slow cooker where I wasnt heating the house up farther than it already was.

Life is good here since I started working. We needed the extra income and we have been able to do more. We wanted to take the girls to the County Fair but we couldnt find out how much it was and what nots. I looked them up but couldnt find out how much it was to get them in this last weekend.

We had a small bonfire in the back yard on Sunday. We have a small fire pit one of the guys Jeff works with left last summer when we had a get together here. We were making Smores with it and the girls had fun with those.

Snowie goes in on Thursday to get her front claws declawed and her to be fixed. Its going to cost us 300 dollars but a one time deal. Then once a year she will have her shots unless she gets sick of course but I think she will be healthier here than with that FAT BITCH that I got her from.

I was talking to our neighbor down the street that is friends with Laura also about a month ago now and she said Laura was wondering why she let me have Snowie. Snowie is far from being abused. She is the most spoiled animal I have ever saw.

Oh talking about Snowie. Here is something funny. You all know that Jeff isnt particularly found of her right. Well I mean he wont abuse her but Saturday morning he got up to go to work for a few hours and he was sitting on the floor by the back door putting his boots on and she kept trying to get his attention so he turned around and rubbed her ears and she let out the loudest purrr he said. Then he went to put on his other boot and she climbed in his lap on foot at a time to see if he was going to push her away. Well he didnt and she wouldnt leave him alone. She wanted his his attention.. He kept telling her he had to go to work and she kept rubbing against his legs and such. Just cute and we laughed so hard when he told me this.

He's not afraid of her but not particularly found of her. I have some photo's for you all but dont feel like down loading them and posting them right this minute. Maybe tomorrow. We got a whole bunch of books for Kora for home schooling. We found some animal books for science this year and now we have to do is her math book I want and this big cirriculum book from Barnes and Noble the next time we go out there.

We had the big old pine tree come down last week already. I have a photo of it but its in the winter. Its a horrid tree but now its gone and the neighbor wants to take some of the dirt and such out of the whole for us. She is an older lady and cant just let it be for a while. She is nice but nosy sometimes. We want to leave it to see if it sinks in anymore really. I dont want to have a dip in the yard for anyone to get hurt in if it does dip in. but hey if she wants to fall its not ok. She mows the corner of our front yard that is attached to her yard when she does the yard.

Well off to get the girls some thing to eat. Talk soon. Hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be back when I come home from work tonight.


Hammer said...

the vitamin packs are a good idea but GNC is the worst place to buy them. They charge 4 times as much as the regular grocery store for similar items.

For example GNC wants 28 dollars for what I buy at my local store for 9.

I love cooking in the slow cooker it doesn't take all my attention and it gets done whether watch it or not.

Wandering Coyote said...

You know I love you Tweets, and I realize you are doing this with good intentions, but I cannot abide people declawing their cats. It's cruel. Really. Please do some research before you commit to this procedure. Remember Sammy the foster kitty I had? He was declawed and I saw how it affects cats as they age. They can't scratch, they can't protect themselves when they're outdoors. Snowy will not be able to climb trees. She will not be able to jump as well, up or down. Please, Tweets - reconsider this. It isn't necessary and it's not good for your cat. Trust me.

Courtney said...

I have to second what wandering coyote said, declawing is inhumane. Look at your fingers and imagine what it would be like if the tips were cut off down to the first joint; keep in mind cats walk on their fingers/toes, not their whole foot. Declawing may lead to biting and litter box avoidance, joint stiffness and arthritis. Plus, if snowie goes outside, or ever gets lost, she's lost a large part of her defense.

We have five cats, it's easy to trim their claws and they all use a scratching post. Some people have also had success with claw caps (I can't say from personal experience though). Sure, every now and then one of the cats slips and tries to scratch in unapproved areas, but we tell them no and move them to the post.

Grizzly Mama said...

My husband is not the biggest fan of cats, either. Our newest little orphan kitty that we found after our 19 y/old cat died now sleeps with him. She curls up right by his rearend. lol.

We have declawed our indoor cats with no problems. The one time our kitty escaped she went straight up the tree with no front claws. They leave the rear claws in for climbing and defense. If you are unsure what to do maybe it would be a good idea to discuss it with your vet.

Jeannie said...

I don't know if declawing is cruel or not as I've only had the cat we have now and she isn't. I was going to go ahead and do it when we had her fixed because for a while it looked like she was going to destroy my curtains and furniture. I gave it to her a couple times and now she only goes at her scratching post (which she has nearly destroyed) My son didn't want her declawed for the reasons the others gave but I figured if she was going to wreck my house, the claws were going. However, she still has them and has learned to be very gentle. And she does love to be outside.

Squirl said...

So nice that you've had a few nights with your family. Can't you keep your neighbor from messing with your yard??? That would annoy me.

zydeco fish said...

You know, Ive never had a Smore. I wonder why.

VV said...

When I was a young girl and my mother would make split pea soup, I would puke within seconds of smelling it. I have a strong allergy to beans and such, but something about the scent of pea soup initiates the gag reflex in me and I can't keep from puking. This happened consistently enough that my mom just stopped making it until I moved away from home. I've never even tasted it. I can't get past the smell. I got some at a deli for M one time but was careful not to get a good whiff of it and I went to a different room while she ate it. She said that was a good sign that I loved her enough to get her something she loved, that made me sick. Haha

Bridget Jones said...

WC and the others are right about declawing, Tweety. I had mine declawed before I knew what it really was, and the vets here no longer do that. It's an amputation and really not good. I'm very sorry that I did that.

The bonfire and smores sounds like a very good time!

I know what it's like to have nosy little old lady neighbors. Grrrrrr.

Bridget Jones said...

p.s. The only thing that kept my nosy neighbor out of my yard was a gate. I even called her and asked her to stop it, and nothing worked.

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.