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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Four Things I Wanted in my Life...

Hi there. Yes there are four things I wanted in my life and I had a great post about them about half an hour ago and I am not going to try and repeat everything I said.

But I will give you the four things in my life I have always wanted and we will go from there:

1. a house.
2. being married.
3. children. boys or girls as long as they were healty.

That last one is nagging me lately. I have found work now and I seem not as interested in IT as I was when I was 16 years old. Now 31 and I am emotionally drained in doing anything in that sense. Lots of things have built up to me not being interested though. Pains after having Kora and then being swollen in that area while being pregnant with both girls and now just finding work. I am not depressed my friends just emotionally drained.

I think it will get better again but I just need to adapt to my new schedule.

On another note did I tell you that I finally run over the cord to our electric lawn mower we had and Jeffrey the nicest husband out there that I know right now bought me a brand new gas mower with our stimulus check???? I think I forgot to mention that part. I have used it twice now. I did the back yard today because our front yard is still growing in from me not thinking about adjusting the wheels when we first bought it.. DUHHHHH!!!!!!! Yes a blonde all the way there... Not thinking. We only paid about 120 dollars for it. Nothing fancy just to get the job done and what not.

We have decided on a guy to take down the big Pine tree that is growing into the neighbors yard but the guy hasnt called me back yet. There have been a slight change of plans since he gave me the quote so I hope he gets back to me before Monday August 4th.. Or else he isnt going to get paid his full amount. He will have to take payments if he doesnt call first and just comes to do the job... Then again I wont be happy with someone just coming to do the job without letting me know first.

I just finished a book called Coffin Underground by Gwendoline Butler. I thought it was pretty dry at first and then through out the book I had to set it down and take naps. Not sure if its because of my new sleep schedule or because the book was that dry. I got it from my MIL.. She lent me several books last time we were out there.

Here is what is put at the bottom of the book on the front cover: ....appealing hero..a gripping tale of sinister fantasy role-playing and bloody murder, sure to be relished..

Sorry but nothing to be really relished to me. I thought the plot was dry compared to other books I have read.


Red said...

I must say, a healthy sex life has never been one of my top-four priorities in life! Haha!

Let's see... for me it would be more like:
1. to love and to be loved;
2. serenity;
3. financial security;
4. to be healthy and for my loved ones to be healthy too.

This last one wasn't always in my top 4, because it's the kind of thing that doesn't really cross your mind when you're young, but you know... priorities change as you grow older!

Jeannie said...

I never solidified any top four for my life. I just vaguely wanted to survive and maybe do something good.

It is hard to be very interested in sex when you have little kids. I found that I was pretty much hugged out by the end of the day and simply didn't want any more physical closeness with anyone. Plus there is the exhaustion that comes from watching kids. Many people think that "babysitting" kids means a lot of slacking but when they are your own, you are far more vigilant plus you want to train them to be good people so you are at them all the time. It's not easy. Put physical discomfort from pregnancy and delivery on top and then a new night job - well - I'm surprised you've even considered having sex. Or found the time.
In a couple months when the job is routine and especially if you are going to be sending the girls to school instead of homeschooling or manage to schedule some good solid sleep time somewhere, you will start feeling better. Then in a few years when the girls aren't quite as physically demanding, you will find yourself more interested again. It's just how life is. We only have so much energy.

Bridget Jones said...

I like both yours and Red's lists, Tweety. Don't worry about your #4, it'll recover as soon as your energy does. You are not superwoman, nor should you expect to be. LOL @ the lawnmower cord--good that your hubby took care of it.

Mike S said...

Everyone's list is a little different, but most of the things wished for will come to most folks eventually. Having kids, working, and all the rest is very taxing, but grandkids are great and so is the rest if you want it. Growin' old ain't fer sissies, but at my age women in their 50s look young. Perceptions and desires don't disappear with age, they just change for the better in many ways for both partners if a couple.

By now we've mostly got the sports car out of our systems, drove the family sedan a long time, and now we got a luxury car. Not as fast, but feels great & it's always comfortable.

Gayle said...

I love Mike's comment: "By now we've mostly got the sports car out of our systems, drove the family sedan a long time, and now we got a luxury car. Not as fast, but feels great & it's always comfortable. love Mike's comment: " That's so true! Kudos, Mike! :)

One thing is constant, Tweety, and that thing is "change". Everything changes. You will never feel the same way you felt at 16. Sorry. The good news is that - depending on your attitude - things will be far better than when you were 16. The excitement of sex isn't meant to last. As love deepens the sex gets better, but it's different. I wouldn't be sixteen again for all the gold in the world! :)

Gardenia said...

Welp, that last one was something I hoped for too. Raising kids can interfere - but not as much as working AND raising kids. But that will come to an end - both of those eventually. But - at least we don't have to worry about being pregnant at 16!!!! And, the right doctor can prescribe a few adjustments to the hormones and va va voom!

Your kitty sounds too adorable.

Sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your great grandma. I sometimes miss my grandma terribly - they can be very special in our lives - not just when they are alive, but always.