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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Night at Work

Hey all I made it through my first night at work. I learned something new at McDonalds compared to Burger King. McDonalds has people called runners where the person at the Till isnt turning there backs on the people coming in or at the counter.

Well I learned how to close the front down and then I went to see about the overnights. Well from what I am understanding I am learning the till and the order line from 8-10 and then from 10-1:30 tonight I will be doing what I was doing last night and then I have no idea what they are doing tomorrow. I was given my schedule but lost it. It wasnt very big. Oh well it happens. I will just have to have her give it to me again. She should be able to or at least show me where to get it from.

I made a mistake last night. A customer came through the drive thru and gave me some money and I made a mistake in his change. He came back and I didnt remember how much he had given me. So the night manager took his name and number down and when they did the till this morning they will be over hopefully. Because then they can call this guy and he can come back and retrieve his correct change.

It was my first night I hope I dont get into to much trouble for making the mistake. Just be more careful tonight. I am not as nervous today as I was yesterday. I couldnt sit stilll yesterday. I ended up doing laundry and hanging it outside and then sweeping and doing dishes. I didnt get to mopping yesterday. Oh well. My floors could use it.

Onto another topic real quick. Jeff promised me a Kirby. My vacuum is not picking up but scattering dust lately. The motor is getting really hot and not doing much. So he said I could get a Kirby. They are really nice to have. I am not planning on buying a new vacuum for a very long time if I buy a Kirby. They are suppose to last a really long time.

I still dont have my camera in the house for those photo's I took on Sunday. I forgot to get it last night when Jeff came home. I will have to go do that when he comes home tonight. You all will just love that baby moose. He or she is adorable. I was asking Jeff the other night what they do with the baby mooses when they get big enough leave there mother's. They have had other babies there but dont see them. I guess they either move them from the Zoo out to the wild some where or they move them to another Zoo. I have no idea.

Tshsmom I have a couple of photo's for you when I get them enlarged off my camera. One is a updated family photo of us and then one of Bri. I dont have as many professional photo's of Bri as I do Kora.But anyway I will catch you all in a bit when I make rounds. I thought I would do today's post first because I know everyone is wondering how my first night back at work went.. LOL.. Take care my friends and I will be around today sometime.


Ortho said...

Tweetey, congratulations on your new job. It sounds perfect! The best thing about working at McDonald's is the free food! Don't eat too much of it; it will make you sick.

Jeannie said...

If there's a good time to make a mistake - it's your first day. They should expect you to be nervous. I'm surprised they had you working with people right away and not just shadowing or running.

As far as giving change - I used to forget whether I had been given a ten or twenty so now I keep the bill they gave out on the till or drawer until after I've given the change. Then there's no dispute.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm sure they'll give you a break since you're so new. And it's easy to make those kinds of mistakes, too. I did it all the time in my first job. When I worked at the book store it got better, so it just takes some experience. I hope it goes better tonight!

Gayle said...

Jeannie is right, Tweety - and whoever is training you should have known to tell you that. The bill should not go into the till until the customer receives his/her change and there is no dispute. That way, should there be a dispute, you can say, "I never put the bill away. It's right here." You've covered yourself. Their are a lot of people out there, unfortunately, who will give you a five or a 10 and swear up and down they gave you a twenty, or even more.

Glad you like the job, and I know it will go more smoothly as you grow less nervous. :)

Hammer said...

Glad work is going well.

I bought a featherweight dirt devil for $49 it has the cannister and the 600mph hurricane suction stuff. It's the best vaccum I've ever owned.

Since a Kirby runs anywhere from $600 to $1000 I don't think I'll ever break down and get one.

tshsmom said...

Tonight should go better as you won't be as nervous.

Jeannie and Gayle beat me to it. Always leave the money out until you have counted back the change to the customer. ALWAYS count back the change! If there is a mistake, it's the customer's responsibility to catch it THEN.

Gayle is right. There are a lot of people who will try to scam you by saying they gave you a larger bill. There are also a lot of confused/forgetful people who truly believe they gave you a larger bill. Several times, I've had people swear that they've given me a fifty, or hundred. I've had to take every bill out of the till and show them that there isn't a large bill in the till. Be polite, but firm. If all else fails, take their name and number like your supervisor did last night. Your totals, at the end of the shift, will tell the true story.

You don't need to be spending that kind of money on a Kirby right now! Hammer is right, Dirt Devil makes several excellent vacuums for under $100.
After you've paid off some bills AND have an emergency fund in the bank, then you can consider an overpriced vacuum.
I've gone the expensive vacuum route and it's not worth it. Think of how many other things(clothes for the girls, the fence you want, insulation in your attic, weekend trips, Christmas and birthday presents)you can buy with that kind of money. A vacuum is meant for sucking up dirt, not money.

Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, I gotta agree with Tshs re. the vacuum...I've never even heard of a Kirby.

tshsmom said...

Almost forgot. Don't spend money on enlarging those pics for us. Just email me the pics and I'll enlarge, print, and frame them. Can't wait to see them. ;)

The Zombieslayer said...

I used to close several fast food places. It was actually something I liked doing, because we always blasted the music and it was just us. It's nice once the last customer leaves.

Don't worry about your first mistake. You'll make plenty more. We all do. Fast food is very fast paced and a lot of errors get made.

VV said...

Congrats on surviving your first night. Don't worry, we all make mistakes. Keep a good attitude and show you're willing to work. That should help.

The Griper said...

MISTAKES!!!!!!! what do yo mean, everyone? I've never made any mistakes in my life. That is why i'm called the GRIPER. LOLOL

congrats tweety.

Gardenia said...

Oh, your job! Here's wishes for success! If you like it. I hate doing cash drawers and closeouts. Too many variables - I wish I had known the trick for laying the bill on top of the register...

My daughter purchased a massively expensive Kirby - I love the way it cleans, only I can't move the sucker - its too heavy - however if I turn it on first - then it will pull itself around - I had a good vacum and bought it back with me, but the folks that were using it when my back was so bad didn't empty the bag, it burst, and the dirt went in the motor and burnt it up. Of course, no one will offer to replace it, so when daughter moves I won't have a vacum. Not having a vacum is like not having a washrag for one's face - awful!!!!

When daughter moves I will be left with two broken vacums and one dirty carpet. Sigh. I love those canisters with attachments easy to change out.....I found the one I loved at $ mother has three Kirbys (two from garage sales) sitting in her garage - with a little tuning up, they would be nice - wish you and i had one at our house...

keep an eye out at garage sales, sometimes little old ladies get them and find they can't push them, and sell them for much less than they paid...

g'night...two more days and I go home, hoorah!

tweetey30 said...

Ortho thank you. It is perfect. I am sore but its worth it.

Jeannie Last night went a lot better. I ran the register a little bit and then we just did me handing food and bumping the orders while the person taking the orders took the cash.

WC I asked about my mistake last night when I went in because I was curious if I made it or if the guy was lying.

Gayle I was lucky last night because I didnt handle anything bigger than a ten and most of the time i was giving back coins. I made sure I looked.

Hammer I have a Eureka Altima and it worked ok when I first got it but now its just spewing dirt instead of picking up.

MOM Actually I told Jeff to call and get a quote on a fence. First of all we need to find someone to take a tree down for us. We have a big old pine out front that the roots are going into the neighbor lady's flower bed.

WC I hadnt heard of Kirby until I worked for them.

Zombie I am not closing though. I am working over nights. From either 8 pm to 4 am or 10 pm to 6 am.

VV yes all make mistakes. Last night went a lot smoother.

Griper LOL... Thanks.

Gardenia glad the trip is going well and miss you too. That is sad about not having a vacuum after your daughter moves out.

zydeco fish said...

Your post makes me keep thinking about the documentary Super Size Me, and that's probably a bad thing.

tweetey30 said...

Zf Never heard of that one but its ok to make jokes about my job. Its part of working for McDonalds.

Courtney said...

We got a Eureka Altima after our Dirt Devil Featherlite got um... peed on (in a non usable way). That Eureka was a piece of garbage. I bought another DD Featherlite like I should have done in the first place. It works great and I'd choose it over my MIL's insanely expensive Rainbow vacuum.

tweetey30 said...

Courtney I dont want to get antoher Eureka Altima but we cant afford another vacuum right now so I have to wait until my first paycheck.

Helene said...

you can only learn through mistakes. otherwise you would not know how important it is to be careful about something, now you know, you won't make the mistake again. It will get easier.

tweetey30 said...

Helene I actually did something different last night. It was fun really.

* (asterisk) said...

It's funny that you're getting a Kirby. Didn't you really hate their hard-sell techniques?!