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Monday, July 21, 2008

National RailRoad Museum. Green Bay WI

Hi all. Jeff and I took the girls to the National RailRoad Museum yesterday as it is 2:28 AM.. LOL.. I cant sleep. I just finished all my mopping and I will go back to bed when the floors are dry. I am on an opposite shift as Jeff and he expects me to be where I am not tired when he is. Its rough but we are managing just fine for now. But anyway that is not what this post is about. It was amazing. We got there and paid our fee to get into the museum.

Then we walked through this place that had a real train set and it was just awsome to see. It had flashing lights for cars and such. The cars were like Hotwheels. Not real of course.. LOL.. Anyway of course I forgot my second set of batteries so we got half way through the museum and my batteries die.. Yikes But this is what I do have enjoy.

Then we went for a real train ride around the park. It was really neat. I didnt get any photo's of the girls on the train this time around. Maybe if we go back sometime. But jeff took these shots because he was next to the window. Old freight trains in the yard.

Then we went over a train bridge Jeff said all you could see was water. You couldnt see the bridge under the train at all. We were quite a ways up too from what he said. Pretty cool. We werent allowed to stand up and look so I have no idea really.

Then we went back in for a short video on how the trains were started and it was pretty cool to see the very first engines made on DVD.. I dont have any photo's of that but I do have a few photo's I took indoors before going back outside.

Some of or all of the major trains or places they went. You might have to enlarge this photo for it to come up.

Enlarge photo to read whats on the sign please. I hope I got close enough to them for you to read them. Very interesting. Then some photo's of inside some of the trains they had on display. Very cool how they had them set up.

One of the kitchens in the first train we looked at outside. Again I forgot my batteries so of course the ones I had died before we finished our tour.

Again enlarge photo to read sign

Gadgets and gizmo's to make the trains run. Yikes HUH??? Amazing though. I mean so many little levers and such to make such a big engine run.

The last part of the tour was great too. We got to see a plow for the tracks and go in it and see what it was like to see out the front window as the train behind you pushed the snow off the tracks. We saw a train called the Big Boy. Dont remember what year it was made in. But it was cool. Got to tour it and see how people slept in the trains.

Kora got a great history lesson today with this adventure. Bri got tired and cranky half way through. But we had fun none the less. Anyway I suppose. I need to try and get some rest. I am not sure I am tired enough to sleep yet. My sleeping is all wacked out. I am up till four most mornings working now so I am trying to stay on schedule or close to it where I get enough sleep for work. Well catch you later and hope you enjoyed our Train experience as much as we did.


Gardenia said...

Great photos! You guys always get out and do things as a family - that is so cool. Giving kids memories of family together activities is the best inheritance that you can give.

Your hours sound rough....are you going to try to homeschool too?

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia yes we are going to try and home school. Kora has stated she really doesnt want to go back to the school systems. We are brushing up on her math skill where she can take a curriculum test here in a month. Where they know which math to send her.

Thanks we try to get out. Its going to get tougher when I work weekends though.

Bridget Jones said...

Wow you're a busy bee, Tweety. Make sure to be good to yourself too. You need sleep just as much as everyone else.

tshsmom said...

That looks a lot like the train museum in Duluth.

It sounds like you're starting to adapt to your new sleep schedule. That's a good thing! ;)

BB-Idaho said...

TRAINS!!? My entire basement is full of them, tunnels, towns, cows, plows, depots. They all light up at night. Did I mention that I love trains? Some of us oldsters just never grow up...

Grizzly Mama said...

That train museum looks awesome. Did you know that one of my ancestors invented the first steam engine? Richard Trevithick - in Cornwall England. He died a pauper - but they have a statue of him in Cornwall, apparently.

The sleep thing is a killer. When I was younger I had no problem adapting on my days off, but that is very difficult now. Hang in there.

Kitem said...

Your photos of the train museum are awesome, you're very good at entertaining your daughters, I hope you will be able to get enough sleep, it is important for you and the rest of your family. You are very courageous to work, night shifts and to home school the girls on the top of that, sincere congratulations.

Gayle said...

Beautiful pics, Tweety. Thanks for sharing!

I hope you don't burn yourself out. What a schedule! Whew! Makes me tired just reading about it. ;)

Candy Minx said...

These trains are fantastic what a great museum. I love minature and real trains!!! I bet the kids loved the trip.

Isn't running out of batteries frustrating? I am surprised the museum didn't have some on a shop!

Cynnie said...

I worked 12 hours night shifts for over 20 years adapt tweets..
you'll do just fine .

Hammer said...

Trains are fascinating. Great pics of the dining car and the mechanics.

That girl said...

All kids love always have great outings!

That's what they'll remember when they grow up.