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Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Hot Topic People

Hi there all. Another blog friend mentioned another good Hot Topic here. The death penalty. I believe that it shouldnt exist. I think rapist, murders or what ever they did should have to live in a cell by themselves and have to relive each and every day what they did to a person.

I mean after the trial is over and they are convicted why kill the poor bastards?? I mean come on people they either murdered some one and they end up dead themselves what does that solve for the people left behind for the murders. I mean at least the murders can sit back and think well I did this to this person and how could I have changed what I did. But some dont think that way and most murders dont and neither do rapists for that matter.

But views on killing them is just horrendous. I mean its like killing a fetus in so many ways. I mean its a living being and they sure killed or raped some one but they shouldnt be put to death because of it. I dont believe a person like that should be on the parole commity anytime after they are sentenced either. I think life in prison is well justice enough on that subject.

Prison is pretty nasty from what I have been told. I have two friends that have experienced prison first hand. First of all our neighbor lady that watches our girls, her husband is there again. He didnt start the fight this time around but his brother did and got a slap on the hand but he has a rap record so they punished him for the crime committed. Oh well.. And Jon has a record. I wont say what he did because you just never know when or who is going to read this. I leave my blog under favorites and Jeff can read this anytime he wants to.

So I try not to say to much in those area's. But prison is a bitch from what I have been told. They have to be picky and most are over crowded now anyway so they are releasing some of the inmates early here but still. I mean the misdeanor crimes are more than welcome to go free. I mean like your theives and such but rapists and murders I dont see the point in killing them.

I see it as let them suffer in a cell just big enough to have a toilet and a bed. Sometimes they dont even have toilets from what I am understanding but I could be dead wrong. Sorry no pun intended..

BTW I will have photo's up Monday or Tuesday with this weekend. We are going to Milwaukee this weekend for a one day tournament and then to the Zoo when its done. We bought a NEW Zoo pass here in Green Bay about 2 weeks ago and we get into the Milwuakee Zoo Free with the pass from here. Pretty neat huh?? Anyway I need to go put dinner away and then off to bed for me. We have to leave early tomorrow morning and get breakfast.. Talk to you all soon. Be back late Sunday night.. Might have time to visit then. N..


Jeannie said...

I'm not sure I agree with you on this one. We don't have the death penalty so we are paying for Paul Bernardo to sit in a private cell (for his protection which is totally wrong in my view) with TV and whatever. It may not be fun for him but I'd rather he was dead. There is no doubt whatsoever he is guilty of kidnapping, torturing, raping and sodomizing young girls. Why should he live? We could never ever trust him to be free. If there were any doubt then I don't think the death penalty should apply but there are some cases where the crime is so heinous and guilt known absolutely where death should be given just to give the rest of us peace of mind.

Squirl said...

I, also, don't think that killing someone is the right punishment. Let the person live the rest of his (her) natural life in prison. That will keep them from hurting anyone else.

What about all the people they're finding were actually innocent? Memories are terribly inaccurate. Sometimes prosecutors are just looking for a win. You can't take back the death penalty.

I'm with you on this one.

The Griper said...

"What about all the people they're finding were actually innocent?"

your question is not an indictment against the death penalty. it shows how good our justice is.

The Zombieslayer said...

Ah, politics. I couldn't pass this post up.

I'm surprisingly against the Death Penalty. Not for your reasons, but to be consistent with my belief in small government. I do believe murderers deserve to die, and don't shed a tear when they do die. I however have a problem with the government having the power to execute its citizens. That's just too much power.

Now first degree murderers should never get parole. They should rot in prison forever, but of course they should have their cases investigated because as you said, prison is a terrible place and condemning someone there forever if we find out they're innocent later would be horrible as well.