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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great News

Hi everyone. I have some great news.. I went out and took my drivers liscense test again for the 3rd time today. Not the 3rd time today since you can only take it once a week but since I got my temps.. Anyway I got my liscense today.. Yayyyy..

I e-mailed Ruth last night before going to bed and she e-mailed me back saying that she expected me to call churches and such for her.. Yeahh right..

It is a measly 55 degree's today here in NE Wisconsin.. LOL... No its warm for this time of year. Its usually only in the lower 30's.. Its beautiful. I want to be outside but need to clean a bit first.

Its a weight lifted off my shoulders since I got my drivers liscense. Anyway I need to get going on my cleaning. i am tired and could sleep for hours. I only got like 4 1/2 hours of sleep this morning. I got home about 3:20 or so and then stayed up till 4. then got up at 9:00 or so to be ready for my appointment by 11. So I am exhausted..

Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the weather if its nice out..


Jeannie said...

Good stuff Tweets! Congratulations - that should make life a little easier or at least legal. Stick to your guns re: Ruth

Wandering Coyote said...

Congrats on your driver's license! It's so freeing and empowering to be able to drive yourself around!

Squirl said...

All right! Good going on getting your driver's license. To heck with Ruth. You did your best.

The Griper said...

now you can be like a normal mother, taking the kids everywhere they need to be. lol

and don't be too stingy with the keys. let the ol' man drive once in a while too. lol

anyways, thumbs up to ya.

tweetey30 said...

Thanks guys.

Griper he drives more often than I do.. I only go places when I need to and he is getting me a newer car on sometime this week when our refinance gets done. They are sending us a check in the mail for some money we took out when we refi'ed on Monday..

tshsmom said...

Congratulations! Great news!
Now I don't have to answer your email and chew you out about driving without a license. Thanks for giving me one less thing to worry about. ;)