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Sunday, February 08, 2009

I have some new items at my crating Gallery.. Here is the link Check them out. I am making wash clothes with 100% cotton thread. they are really neat. i am looking at $1.50 a piece for them. Tweetey's Crafting Gallery.../

Things here are just crazy. I got called in last night at 6:00 for seven but I got there at 6:45 and clocked in and worked till five this morning. I think I should have gotten an extra break in there..LOL... I am just exhausted and tired and sore today.

I am going to go take a bath and have some me time here in a few minutes. I showered the girls and they are in bed sleeping by now hopefully. They are bunking together tonight. There is so much drama going on at work and then the neighbor lady is always down here complainging. Her husband went to prison for something that wasnt his fault and she is always down here. Finally Jeff told her to stay away for a while.

I dont have time for everyone else's problems right now. I have enough on my own plate. I am housing a friend yet and I am dealing with everything else. Like working on cleaning my house tomorrow if I have enough energy. I have it half way done. Just need to finish. Well I am going to go take my bath now and I will catch you all later. Hope you have a wonderful week and I will try to make rounds tomorrow. I have been really slow at making my rounds but been doing alot of reading and no commenting lately. Kind of lurking around your places.

Hope all is well and Happy Valentines Day Saturday if I forget to post something romantic.. LOL.. I am not the romantic Neither is Jeff but he tries sometimes.. I dont remember if I told you about our refinance but I will get to that later in the week ok.. Some good news.. Talk to you all soon.N....


Jeannie said...

Who needs drama when you have enough to worry about? I take it the friend is behaving himself. Is he contributing at all to food or rent? Looking for work? I hope so.

Bridget Jones said...

Oh sweetie please take care of you. Haven't you taken care of enough folk? You-time now.

Am very cynical about people who say that so and so in prison is innocent.

Jay said...

Take care of yourself, hun. You sound tired and you need to worry about you and your family first.

Gardenia said...

Glad Jeff gave the visitor the "scat" for you. You are spread pretty thin.....remind me of myself when I was younger!