Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Thanks BJ....

You See the World Through Blue Colored Glasses

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hi all. The girls have a play date a park tomorrow with a new set of friends. We have a new family in the home schooling group that is going to meet us at the park tomorrow. I havent met them yet but some of the others have. This new couple has an eight year old girl if I remember right. Will have more info tomorrow on how old she is and what she likes and how the play date went.

Then on Saturday we have our cook out with another home schooling family. I am still looking forward to that one. Even with them being vegetarian. I have thought long and hard on all of your comments about this and you all are right. I guess I was just trying to figure out how the kids were getting there protein. I mean its hard sometimes with us meat eaters to get it all.

Anyway I have to work tonight but have tomorrow off again. Every other day this week except Friday and Saturday. Yikes.. I work every weekend. I dont mind but we dont get to do much with me working every weekend.

We are looking at making a trip some place in Oct. Jeff has four vacation days left and a lot of sick days so we are looking at taking Oct 15-20th off and doing something with those days. He is thinking about taking us to Chicago for a couple of days to see a few things. They have a great big Zoo and some kind of Aquarium. Its like Sea World. But that is still up in the air yet. We will be putting my next few checks in the bank for that trip if we go. We have enough to pay our bills with his checks but mine are for stuff like this.

Since we brought Snowie home she is more cuddly than she was before we got her Spayed. She wants to be held all the time and she loves sleeping with me after Jeff leaves in the morning. I will wake up on my tummy and find her on my butt. The stinker. I cant roll over until she moves or I am afraid of hurting her.. Or she loves sleeping on my side. If I am on my side she curls up on my hip and refuses to move. Again i am afraid of rolling her off my side when I roll over. She is so cute.

The other day after we brought her home I was holding her and Jeff scratched behind her ears and she let out the loudest purrr. You could have heard her half way across the room. She just loves him but she tries to figure out why that big guy in the house doesnt like her. She hasnt attacked the girls either since we brought her home. She needs one more shot for the year and then we are done. Yayyy. She got her booster Rabies shot when she was Spayed..

I know I am rambling but that is what I do when lots on my mind. We have a new girl but I think she is going to have to quit because she lost her babysitter. She called in this week already and twice last week. Not good for her but hey its none of my business. It just makes it rough to run one person down.

Oh my goodness. You know I dont care who the girls play with usually but then there are some kids you just dont want your kids playing with. Well we have those two still in diapers or pull ups or what not behind us. Well we have been keeping the girls away from them. Its just they dont care if they stink or crap themselves or not. Well I was just telling Kora if she see's them to come in. She looks me straight in the face and tells me she is going to tell them i said if I caught her playing with them she is going to get grounded. That is not what I told her.. I told her to come in if she saw them.. Yikes Kids.. Esp MINE!!!!!!

Anyway I suppose I better get going. I have a few things to do. I got most of my stuff done yesterday but still a couple of things to do. Talk to you all soon. N...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Car are You???

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tired.. Wore Down..

Hi all.I know I just started working about six weeks ago but I feel wore down and just tired. I am getting plenty of sleep and rest but I just feel wore down. Working at home and work. I am not complaining. Just stating how I feel. I know its part of being a grown up.. But sometimes I hate being grown up... LOL..

Thursday a manager and her boyfriend cook called in sick and then Friday we were two people short and it was busier than fuck.. Then Saturday we were on person short. Thankfully it wasnt as busy. I had yesterday off and then work tonight and then have tomorrow off.

I got most of my cleaning done yesterday but have laundry to do yet. But going down in a bit to do that. Snowie is home from her spaying and doing well. She is still a little sore but recoverying nicely. All I feel like doing today is laying around and watching tv. I dont even feel like doing laundry but the girls and Jeff both need clean clothes.. LOL..

We are looking at starting school next week and Kora cant even tell me what 7+4 is right off the top of her head. We have been working with her and she is so stubborn. She would never make it in a public school setting. I know what the answer is of course but want her to know. Like Jeff said if she cant do simple addition she wont be able to do long addition and subtraction. We are strongly considering repeating first grade with Kora with Math at least. We bought her some cool books for school. I dont know how it is for you Tshsmom and Grizzly Mama but here if you bring in the pink slip for home schooling to Barnes and Noble you get a discount on books.

Anyway that nosy old neighbor of mine has taken it to herself to clean out that hole where our tree was and then fill it today. She came over after she cleaned out the whole and then told me she is paying some one to put dirt back in the hole and then she is planting grass there. I just stood there and told her it was ok. I was to tired to argue with her and it was to late to tell her we wanted to keep the wood chips there since she already had them hauled away.. People.. I give up.

I know I am slightly complainging today. I just dont know what to do with Kora or life sometimes. I am trying though that is the difference. I am working with Kora as much as I can and so is Jeff but I just hate when she is stubborn and you ask her the simplest question and she cant or wont answer us.

Anyway we are doing good. The girls are adjusting to me working and I am adjusting to being away so much compared to being at home. Bri has asked when I work and she has said she misses me more and more lately. Its harder on her than it is Kora. Bri is a mommy's girl and Kora has always been more of a daddy's girl.

Well ok I am going to go catch up on my laundry. I will make rounds later tonigth maybe or if i get done with laundry earlier enough. Talk to you all soon and hope all is well. N...

Thursday, August 21, 2008


HI there World.. I have been busy today. I havent even made rounds yet and more than likely wont till I come home tonight. I might not even then. I am sorry to be lazy on making rounds but hey I am still here and doing quite well. I got my third paycheck today. Yayyy for me. I had just enough for Snowie's spaying and shots and then I bought some soda pop for the next month. They had it on sale for 5.99 a case. I bought three of them.. No I dont drink that much soda pop but enough to make me need the caffeine. LOL...

And then I bought myself a new purse today. I needed it terribly. The old one was tore to pieces basically and I needed this little boost of saying congrats to myself for sticking with the job and glad I can do it. I took one of my first orders with the headsets last night but plans changed so I didnt get to stay on the headsets like they wanted me to do when I got there. I was more than willing to try really.

Well I am in the middle of cleaning off the desk finally after a month. I know I know... I should be making that a daily chore but it doesnt come as easy as it sounds.. I have to wait and see whats important that comes out of his pockets first when he dumps things on the desk when he comes home.. Men..

I had this kid come through the drive thru last night and ask IF I was sleeping with his father.. I told him if he wanted to call me a whore he would be better off going some place else to get his food. He was drunk but only about 19 or so years old. I am not prone to telling customers things like that but hey I have to protect myself some how and some way. I tried to ignore it but he beckoned me to come to the window before he was presented with his food. I just told him what I said above and to shut up. Kids with no responsibilty. Running all hours of the night.

Anyway that is whats going on here. I will make rounds tomorrow I promise. Have great day and night and I will see you all sometime in the next few days. Enjoy.. N...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some photo's...

HI THERE... Here are some photo's I was promising today or soon but decided on today.... Enjoy..

Beautiful Sunset Sunday night...

3,000 piece puzzle he finished about two weeks ago but we just got hung up on the wall..

This one is in Brianna's room. she liked the cat one over the Train. Very pretty.

This a picture of the big boy from the Train Museum we went to last month. We bougth a couple of puzzles from the gift shop. So this is the Big Boy.. Enjoy..

Snowie and I... I took this one last night before going to work.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not sure where to start today

HI all. I am not sure where to start today. I can start with saying Jeff and I have started a vitamin pack today. We went to GNC and got some vitamin packs with vitamin's, fish oil, and triflex in them. I will know more how they work in a few days after they start working.

I have to work tonight. I had the last three nights off and I have enjoyed myself with my little family. I made a ham and potatoes on Sunday and then I made Split Pea Soup. The only one that didnt like it was Brianna. I have to admit it wasnt that thick last night and it was alot better than the first time I made it. I used my slow cooker where I wasnt heating the house up farther than it already was.

Life is good here since I started working. We needed the extra income and we have been able to do more. We wanted to take the girls to the County Fair but we couldnt find out how much it was and what nots. I looked them up but couldnt find out how much it was to get them in this last weekend.

We had a small bonfire in the back yard on Sunday. We have a small fire pit one of the guys Jeff works with left last summer when we had a get together here. We were making Smores with it and the girls had fun with those.

Snowie goes in on Thursday to get her front claws declawed and her to be fixed. Its going to cost us 300 dollars but a one time deal. Then once a year she will have her shots unless she gets sick of course but I think she will be healthier here than with that FAT BITCH that I got her from.

I was talking to our neighbor down the street that is friends with Laura also about a month ago now and she said Laura was wondering why she let me have Snowie. Snowie is far from being abused. She is the most spoiled animal I have ever saw.

Oh talking about Snowie. Here is something funny. You all know that Jeff isnt particularly found of her right. Well I mean he wont abuse her but Saturday morning he got up to go to work for a few hours and he was sitting on the floor by the back door putting his boots on and she kept trying to get his attention so he turned around and rubbed her ears and she let out the loudest purrr he said. Then he went to put on his other boot and she climbed in his lap on foot at a time to see if he was going to push her away. Well he didnt and she wouldnt leave him alone. She wanted his his attention.. He kept telling her he had to go to work and she kept rubbing against his legs and such. Just cute and we laughed so hard when he told me this.

He's not afraid of her but not particularly found of her. I have some photo's for you all but dont feel like down loading them and posting them right this minute. Maybe tomorrow. We got a whole bunch of books for Kora for home schooling. We found some animal books for science this year and now we have to do is her math book I want and this big cirriculum book from Barnes and Noble the next time we go out there.

We had the big old pine tree come down last week already. I have a photo of it but its in the winter. Its a horrid tree but now its gone and the neighbor wants to take some of the dirt and such out of the whole for us. She is an older lady and cant just let it be for a while. She is nice but nosy sometimes. We want to leave it to see if it sinks in anymore really. I dont want to have a dip in the yard for anyone to get hurt in if it does dip in. but hey if she wants to fall its not ok. She mows the corner of our front yard that is attached to her yard when she does the yard.

Well off to get the girls some thing to eat. Talk soon. Hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be back when I come home from work tonight.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Weekend.

Hi all. We took a mini vacation here in town. We went to one of the motels to stay for the night and let the girls swim and go down the slides. Its not the new motel we wanted to to go to. But hey it worked for the night. Hopefully you can see the girls and the slide ok.. LOL.. Being lazy today. These are not in order.. LOL.. Enjoy though.

Sunday August 17th,2008..

We are starting with the bedtime ones because I dont feel like pasting and copying right now. LOL...Saturday Agust 16th, 2008..

Hi all. We took a mini vacation here in town. We went to one of the motels to stay for the night and let the girls swim and go down the slides. Its not the new motel we wanted to to go to. But hey it worked for the night. Hopefully you can see the girls and the slide ok.. LOL..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy Busy People.

Hi there all. I have been busy busy busy working and taking care of my little family but find a few minutes to let my friends know how I am doing before I crash usually like now.. LOL.. Miss you all terribly and wish I could post more often but I like it every couple of days because now this gives me something to yack about..

I was actually talking on the headsets tonight... Yayyy me.. I was terrified of them when I first started and wouldnt put them on. Now I was listening and getting things like ice cream and iced coffee's and such tonight with listening and then talking to the person at the other end of the building with them on..

Well I do want to be in bed in twenty minutes. Just coming down from a slower night but steady. I actually did things tonight without being told to do them. Its a step in the right direction. I had to ask about the mopping tonight because I wasnt sure if he wanted me to do that or have some one else do it.But I actually took the fry hopper apart myself. Its the place where the fries are stored after they are fried and then the other thing that stores the fries before we cook them.

Its been amazingly cool here the last few days. Nice to be honest with you. The girls havent asked to go in the pool lately but we are hosting a pool party here on Saturday August 30 th for the end of the summer. We thought get some of the home schooled families together in our back yard and let the kids swim and let Jeff meet some of the people I talk to in the group and let me meet some of the dad's since I know most of the mother's.

We are having hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, a fruit salad, and soda and kool aide for the kids. The only thing that I dont understand is the one family coming is vegetarian. I dont see how the kids are getting all the nutrients they need. I mean being an adult and being vegetarian is one thing but a child. Yikes... I know Hammer you gave me a great recipe and I plan on trying it. Even with my own family. but every night I dont see a child getting enough from being a vegetarian.

I am not docking them dont get me wrong. It just makes me wonder how the kids are getting enough iron and such. Right I know none of my business. Just let it ride.. LOL.. Ok I am going to go make Jeff's lunch and hit the hay for a few hours. Talk to you all soon. N.....


Hi all its been a few days again. I know I know. But hey you know what I was late for work last night because I read the wrong schedule. OOOPSSS.. She was ok with it this time. It happens she said and it wasnt that busy.

But anyway I have been hit with three awards. Two from Dear sweet Kitem


Now one from Ortho. Ortho

OH goodie I am suppose to tag so many people with each but not sure who. Lets see here.

I am not going to link because I am lazy right now but check out these blogs when you get a minute if you arent familiar with them.

That Girl
Zombie Slayer
Wondering Coyote

Basically everyone on my list deserves this award so if you visit often you are more than welcome to take and reap in the awards.... Enjoy and I will be back to post about life and work in a few days again.

Here is a snip from Sunday night during bar rush. I turned around and saw these two people making out. No biggy so I told the manager they needed to go get a room. They couldnt hear me because the window was shut. But when I turned around to hand them there food there was two women sitting in the car. I had sworn there was a man and woman in the car. YIKES!!! What a suprise I had.. I dont care what your sexual preferences are but it was freaky.

Ok I am off for now. Take care..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I dont know what to say today..

Hi all. I dont know what to say today but I just realized its been a few days. I got my second check today. It feels really nice to have money in my purse and not have to worry about it. I dont spend on things I dont need. But its nice to know its there when I have to run to the store or something.

The girls got a treat for being good today. They each got a Happy Meal from McDonalds and then free Ice Cream Sunday's with Fudge on top. Then we went and cashed my check and got a money order for our mortgage. I just mailed that out. We have till the 15th of each month to mail it out.

Jeff and I are looking at getting together with some of the home school parents in a couple of weeks before we get back to the grind. We are planning on home schooling both girls even with me working. We are going to go to the used book sale on August 14th and see what we can get. One of the ladies has some free books for me if I want them. Or some of them.

We have been working with Kora on her math and Bri on her alphabet. She loves to learn how to make new letters and numbers. She can sing her whole ABC song and count to 20 for her age. But by time she is five they like to have them counting to 100 for some dang reason. I will have to work on it with her.

But they both have there strengths and they are both amazing really. Our YMCA is offering a gym class for homeschooled children and Jeff and I are thinking about getting Kora involved in it. We have to find out how much first. But that is our thoughts.

Lots of stuff going on but nothing important really. Been having fun at work but you have heard enough of that. I have been hit on by people coming through the drive thru at night but have told them no thanks I am married. The manager stood there one night listening to me to make sure I could stand on my own against this drunk that grabbed my hand but I told him no thanks and to go to the next window and get his food and leave. The manager said he couldnt have done better.

I got two new shirts for work today. Now all I have to work on is getting two more pairs of pants. I hate wearing the same ones every day. And washing them every other.. But otherwise things are going good.

Jeff is so proud of his family. I mean we are actually putting money in the bank. Yayyyy. Then my MIL keeps sending us fifty dollar checks for the computer we bought them when we were out there last. We told her not to worry about it. But she insists on paying us back. Jeff found it at a thrift shop for a couple hundred dollars and he decided to pick it up for them.

I suppose. I have one more load of laundry to dry and then I am taking a nap. I have been up since 10:30 and couldnt sleep so I am off to go do that and then nap with the girls for a bit. I am back at work at 8 PM tonight till 2 AM and then tomorrow and Saturday from 8 PM to 4 AM... Busy life but hey.

Gardenia an answer to your question where do I find time to crochet?? Sitting outside with the girls under a tree or while watching tv in the evenings, on my days off but I can do almost a whole blanket on a day off if I have enough quiet time. LOL.. I still do things on days I have to work.. I know always busy. I am one of those people that have a hard time sitting around doing nothing.

Anyway I suppose. Talk to you all later. I will make rounds later or when I come home at about 2 AM when I am using my computer time to wear down a bit. I know it sounds funny to visit you all then but sometimes its the best. I dont have anyone asking me for something at that time and I have time to read..

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Here are some PHOTO'S

Here are some photo's of the girls and some yarn for a very special blog friend... LOL...

UPDATE ON CAR.. I took the car in yesterday as you all know and it was just a loose spark plug.. They replaced all four of them under the warranty and then replaced something else that was on recall for me while they were under the hood of the car.. Nice people. They brought me home and then picked up back up when it was done. Well anyway I just thought I would let you all know since I cant put an Update on my blog the last few days. I dont know whats wrong so its either another post or wait a day and give the news.. LOL.. Talk soon though. check out the photo's below..

I took some of my first paycheck and got the yarn and I am hoping she likes the white and green I chose. I know I do. Its a shade lighter in real life than in the photo for some reason it got darker when I took the photo. but this special Friend knows who she is and I am hoping she likes it. Well that is all for now Folks... LOL.. Take care until the next installment of the R family fun...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

No Photo's This Time..

Hey all. Sorry no photo's this time around... We left and went to Oshkosh and then got to be next to the EAA Air Museum and our car stalled. No reason either. We had filled her up ten minutes prior to that and then she stalled. Well thankfully Jeff had his phone from work with him. Well we called the dealer and he said to bring her home and see what happens. So we took the back roads home and didnt get to see the show this year. Oh well there is always next year.

I have to take the car in tomorrow. Thankfully its only around the corner from the house. If they need to keep the car us girls can walk home easily. So anyway no show this year no photo's of the awsome Jets and other things I take while there. It happens.

I was so tired today I slept until 2:30. Jeff came in and asked if I was planning on joining them. LOL.. Never meant to sleep that long. I went to bed about 4:30 AM or so. I think I over slept.

Work is going good and I am really enjoying myself. Hours are good and I still have family time before I leave. Well I need to get going for now. Talk to you all soon and make rounds tomorrow. N...

Friday, August 01, 2008

What we are up to this WEEKEND!!!!!!

Well Jeff got us free 2008 EAA tickets again this year. Yayyy.. I love watching the reinactments of the war. I know its loud but that is my favorite part. I love watching the Airforce Jets fly above us. They are so loud esp when the come down a bit. We watched one hover a few years ago and that was pretty cool. I will bring my camera and extra batteries this year.. LOL...

I have to work tonight and Jeff has to work tomorrow morning but we are going after he comes home. I have to work tomorrow night too so we cant stay long at the EAA. But we are going to get out anyway. Cant give up free tickets... I am packing us a lunch and we are eating when we get there and maybe on our way home we will stop and pick something up. That part is still up in the air.

That wasnt meant to be a pun.. EAA and up in the air.. LOL.. Oh brother. I am full of it today arent I?? LOL.. I had the last two days off and I spent most of my day yesterday outside with Bri and Kora. Us girls were in the pool and I am sorry for lack of pool photo's of the girls this year. Maybe here in a little bit. I will get some of them in the pool.

You know people. I was being silly the other night when I couldnt sleep and got up for an hour or so. I realized my great grandmother's b-day is August 10 was I should say. She passed away Oct. 9, 2002. Kora wasnt quite two yet so that has to be it. Anyway I realized she would have been 92 years old and still alive more than likely if they wouldnt have put her in a nursing home. Or put her away at all and if my grandmother wouldnt have killed herself. I blame alot on those two things but hey what the heck. I miss her dearly. She was my best friend as I am not real close to my own mother. I try but I just cant tell her everything.

Ok enough sad and sappy shit from me..

Miss Snowie is getting big and spoiled. She sleeps in Jeff's spot when he leaves in the morning. She is so precious. I have posted pix of her recently and I was looking at her last night while she let me hold her for a few minutes and just realized how big she is getting. She purrs everytime one of us goes near her. Even Jeff when she knows he doesnt care for her like I do but she likes his attention even if it is to keep her in the house when I leave at night.

The girls have been mean to her lately and I have put my foot down with that one. I have told them that if they cant be nice to her leave her alone. That is how I see it. If you cant be nice to her leave her alone and she isnt there cat. She is MINE as I tell them.

But that is what is going on here for now. I will have photo's for Monday of the EAA and the girls of course. I still have to enlarge some photo's on my camera. Talk to you all soon. N...