Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Four Things I Wanted in my Life...

Hi there. Yes there are four things I wanted in my life and I had a great post about them about half an hour ago and I am not going to try and repeat everything I said.

But I will give you the four things in my life I have always wanted and we will go from there:

1. a house.
2. being married.
3. children. boys or girls as long as they were healty.

That last one is nagging me lately. I have found work now and I seem not as interested in IT as I was when I was 16 years old. Now 31 and I am emotionally drained in doing anything in that sense. Lots of things have built up to me not being interested though. Pains after having Kora and then being swollen in that area while being pregnant with both girls and now just finding work. I am not depressed my friends just emotionally drained.

I think it will get better again but I just need to adapt to my new schedule.

On another note did I tell you that I finally run over the cord to our electric lawn mower we had and Jeffrey the nicest husband out there that I know right now bought me a brand new gas mower with our stimulus check???? I think I forgot to mention that part. I have used it twice now. I did the back yard today because our front yard is still growing in from me not thinking about adjusting the wheels when we first bought it.. DUHHHHH!!!!!!! Yes a blonde all the way there... Not thinking. We only paid about 120 dollars for it. Nothing fancy just to get the job done and what not.

We have decided on a guy to take down the big Pine tree that is growing into the neighbors yard but the guy hasnt called me back yet. There have been a slight change of plans since he gave me the quote so I hope he gets back to me before Monday August 4th.. Or else he isnt going to get paid his full amount. He will have to take payments if he doesnt call first and just comes to do the job... Then again I wont be happy with someone just coming to do the job without letting me know first.

I just finished a book called Coffin Underground by Gwendoline Butler. I thought it was pretty dry at first and then through out the book I had to set it down and take naps. Not sure if its because of my new sleep schedule or because the book was that dry. I got it from my MIL.. She lent me several books last time we were out there.

Here is what is put at the bottom of the book on the front cover: ....appealing hero..a gripping tale of sinister fantasy role-playing and bloody murder, sure to be relished..

Sorry but nothing to be really relished to me. I thought the plot was dry compared to other books I have read.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just odds and ends..

Here is Snowie at four months old already..

The girls at the park on Saturday even though I had to work that evening. Mom didnt do much. They ran around and love those horse swings they were playing on.

I have to work from 8 PM to 2 Am tonight. I like my job so far and the manager has noticed I am more comfortable in the kitchen than I am with customers. I get impatient with the customers with drive thru because they have this thing with not pulling up to the next window. Its pitiful but hey its me. They havent pushed the headsets on me yet. I have had to wear them and listen to orders being taken but havent had to do much myself yet. But I am willing to learn but my hearing is shitty as it is and I am afraid of them. I would rather present food and be in the kitchen.

But anyway I am off to eat lunch and then to the store to get some bread we forgot last night. Have a wonderful day my friends. N...

TWEETY'S CRAFTING GALLERY Check this out if you have forgotten its there.. LOL.. I have just reposted some stuff I have made. Those two bags I made and a crib blanket and a twin size blanket..

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hey all I have been busy here. Taking care of my family and working. Its a rough situation to get used to like Grizzly Mama has told me.. LOL.. I am tired but wanted to get a quick post in and I promise to visit on Monday on my day off. I work tomorrow night from 8-2 and then Monday off and then Tuesday and have Wednesday and Thursday off and then Friday and Saturday again. I am getting about 25 hours a week. Well its better than nothing right now so I am not complaining. I took my first order with the head set on last night. Yayy for me. Thankfully it was an easy order. Still having some troubles with the menu but getting better.

We took the girls to the park today and I was sitting there relaxing and swinging on this swing they have for adults and I almost fell asleep swinging. Then I come home from work and the cat acts like I have been gone for 3 years on her. She just gets clinging. Tonight Bri told me she prefers daddy to me and that hurt really. She kept asking when I was leaving and she told me she wanted to work on the puzzles and she wanted daddy time. But I know its a 4 year old thing.

Life is better here. I got my first paycheck yesterday. The boss said the 31st but she made a mistake. OOPS... LOL.. Ok so I got paid for one week instead of two but it felt nice to have about a 150 dollars. for one week.

Anyway enough of that. I need to get to bed. I will catch you all Monday sometime. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Its suppose to be beautiful here but I wont feel like doing much tomorrow. Maybe watching the girls swim in our pool. So to all a good night and good nights rest... LOL.. N....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey All.

Hey all. I have been Busy. I worked Monday through tonight and just came in and thought I would drop this here post and then go to bed. I didnt get much sleep last yesterday morning when I came home. I just couldnt get to sleep for some reason. I was suppose to have worked till four but it was dead so the manager sent me home. I am not complaining. I got 5 hours in today.

But on Monday I learned how to put the burgers together and what to call when they are running low and such. It was fun. Tuesday was the same way. Except for on Tuesday I did more of just the beef instead of actually putting the burgers together. It was a blast Esp with the people. They were really understanding on that I was just learning. Yayyyyy... LOL..

Then tonight was I was on Fries and presenting the food with that little smile of mine.. LOL.. I also took orders at the counter before the lobby closed from 8-10 PM.. I did quite well on my own. Just a few question. They havent said anything about me wearing the headset yet. I dont know if I will have to for a while.

Anyway Jeff was home with stomach troubles yesterday so that is why I didnt do this post earlier and make my visiting rounds. I have some guy coming to give me another quote on how much it will be to take those tree's down at 10 AM today. I need to get to sleep soon. I will catch you all sometime later today. Have a wonderful time and nighty night my friends. N.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Enjoy and have fun...

Didnt have time to visit today before Jeff came home and going to the Park for Park Day with the home school group we are in because the girls needed the kid time. Will be by tomorrow. But enjoy these while waiting..

What the Beach Test Says About You

You like people, but you're careful about who you get close to. Friendship is important to you... so important that you aren't just friends with anyone.

You don't fall in love easily. It takes you a long time to get used to someone. Intimacy doesn't come easily for you.

You are deeply passionate about several things in your life. You're not passionate about much... and the few passions you have are truly obsessions.

What the House Test Says About You

You are happy with who you are, and you don't have an inflated sense of self importance. You do your own thing quietly. You don't take up a lot of space.

You can't stand community oriented people and annoying "buy local" campaigns. You prefer to live the best life possible, and that doesn't really involve many other people.

You are a calm, contemplative, and smart person. You take ideas very seriously.

You take good care of your physical appearance. You dress well, stay in shape, and do your best to look great.

You are moved by romance and love. You are optimistic about people, and you love hearing about happy endings.

Monday, July 21, 2008

National RailRoad Museum. Green Bay WI

Hi all. Jeff and I took the girls to the National RailRoad Museum yesterday as it is 2:28 AM.. LOL.. I cant sleep. I just finished all my mopping and I will go back to bed when the floors are dry. I am on an opposite shift as Jeff and he expects me to be where I am not tired when he is. Its rough but we are managing just fine for now. But anyway that is not what this post is about. It was amazing. We got there and paid our fee to get into the museum.

Then we walked through this place that had a real train set and it was just awsome to see. It had flashing lights for cars and such. The cars were like Hotwheels. Not real of course.. LOL.. Anyway of course I forgot my second set of batteries so we got half way through the museum and my batteries die.. Yikes But this is what I do have enjoy.

Then we went for a real train ride around the park. It was really neat. I didnt get any photo's of the girls on the train this time around. Maybe if we go back sometime. But jeff took these shots because he was next to the window. Old freight trains in the yard.

Then we went over a train bridge Jeff said all you could see was water. You couldnt see the bridge under the train at all. We were quite a ways up too from what he said. Pretty cool. We werent allowed to stand up and look so I have no idea really.

Then we went back in for a short video on how the trains were started and it was pretty cool to see the very first engines made on DVD.. I dont have any photo's of that but I do have a few photo's I took indoors before going back outside.

Some of or all of the major trains or places they went. You might have to enlarge this photo for it to come up.

Enlarge photo to read whats on the sign please. I hope I got close enough to them for you to read them. Very interesting. Then some photo's of inside some of the trains they had on display. Very cool how they had them set up.

One of the kitchens in the first train we looked at outside. Again I forgot my batteries so of course the ones I had died before we finished our tour.

Again enlarge photo to read sign

Gadgets and gizmo's to make the trains run. Yikes HUH??? Amazing though. I mean so many little levers and such to make such a big engine run.

The last part of the tour was great too. We got to see a plow for the tracks and go in it and see what it was like to see out the front window as the train behind you pushed the snow off the tracks. We saw a train called the Big Boy. Dont remember what year it was made in. But it was cool. Got to tour it and see how people slept in the trains.

Kora got a great history lesson today with this adventure. Bri got tired and cranky half way through. But we had fun none the less. Anyway I suppose. I need to try and get some rest. I am not sure I am tired enough to sleep yet. My sleeping is all wacked out. I am up till four most mornings working now so I am trying to stay on schedule or close to it where I get enough sleep for work. Well catch you later and hope you enjoyed our Train experience as much as we did.

Friday, July 18, 2008

For Those Football Fans...

Hey all I dont know how many of you are football fans but those of you that are Favre fans will like this if you havent heard yet. He wants to come back. But one thing is his replacement said he will not let him come back as a starter. If Favre comes back he has to come back as a backup and Favre is saying no way.

Then he is trying to get the Packers to let him go where he can play for some one else and now the Packers are going after the Vikings for something. I dont remeber exactly what I heard it on the news yesterday. But the Vikings are saying why not talk to Favre when the Packers dont want him and have been trying to get him to retire for the last few years.

What a scandal huh?? Yikes. I am glad I am not in that situation.

On to another topic here. I have a hard time waking up... But I am enjoying working. I only have one complaint so far and I know I will learn it but still. The manager wanted to me to listen on the headsets last night but they didnt have an extra set and she also wanted me to learn how to take the fryer apart and it got dead about 12 o'clock so she asked me I wanted to go home. How I am suppose to learn all this when they are sending me home 3 hours earlier than planned?? LOL... She claims I will be there until 4 am tonight when I go in because tonight is Friday. But I dont want to be doing the head set on a Friday night. I would rather do it on a week day when its less busy until I get to know the register a little better. I am getting to know the meals and have taken orders in the lobby area.

We took the girls our for dinner last night.Just Mcdonalds because I get a discount on the food. But anyway I still cant remember my post I was going to do the other day. I left a comment somewhere and now dont remember what or where I left it.. LOL.. Well ok I need to go find some breakfast and get the girls some lunch. And then I will make rounds. Talk soon. N...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Work News....

Hey all. The job is going well. I worked last night, tonight and tomorrow and then have the weekend off. I switched with someone to have Sunday off. Well anyway last night I took orders on my own and even made some ice cream treats. I made like 3 McFlurry's and several hot fudge sunday's. Pretty cool huh?? LOL...

Then ten o'clock hit and the front area closed down and then I went to be with the people in the back area. I was going to Present food but this lady that had a couple of days off wanted to so I wasnt going to fight with her so I ended up dropping Fries last night.

It was tricky getting the timing down for the first half an hour. You just never know how many fries you will need with drive thru at that time of night. But the manager was proud of me. I even helped back some orders and off the people went. I have to say I am rather enjoying myself. I had another post yesterday and now I dont remember where I left the comment or on what subject.

My big tree out in the front yard was pruned today. The city came by and pruned it because everytime the garbage trucks would come through they couldnt get close enough to the curb. Not our fault but still. Anyway the girls are outside with the neighbor girls and I really dont want them out with them.

These two little girls have problems and the one is a year younger than Kora and wears pull ups because of weak kidney's but Kora hates playing with her because she never goes home to go potty. She just uses the pull up and doesnt care. then her younger sister that is a year older than Bri wears one to be like her older sister and uses her pull up and its just plain assed gross.

Well anyway that is whats up here I will catch you all tomorrow then. I made rounds already today. Talk soon and have a good day my friends. Its suppose to storm here again this afternoon. Yuckie...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunday's Zoo Visit.

Last but least the girls posing on a lion... I have to admit these photo's are backwards. This should have been at the bottom but didnt feel like copying and pasting today. But enjoy anyway. N..

Not sure what this one is either and I am hoping you can see it. There are two blue birds in this cage. Beautiful animals..

Not sure if you will be able to see this one clearly or not but there are two parrots in this cage. A red one and a green one. Beautiful animals.

Bear. He seemed to have sat up right as I was taking this photo. So I was lucky to get this one where he wasnt laying down. Sweet HUH????

Finally the moose I was telling you all about.. The baby moose. I saw him standing for just a split second and couldnt get a photo of him standing. But he is so adorable. His mommy was near him at all times except for this one second I got the photo of him alone.

These are not ducks. They will turn white as they grow bigger. I cant think of the name right now. they arent swans but something else that is white like a swan.

Not sure what the bird is but I would love to enlarge this one for Jeff and I. I think sometimes we get the best photo's when out on hikes or the Zoo.

I think this is called an Alpaca. I was actually feeding this animal with my hands.

Some very beautiful fish. I love the colors of them. People were taking food from the feeders and feeding them. It was funny to see them go after the food when it was thrown in the water.

Big assed Turtle. He seemed to be posting for everyone taking photo's of him.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Night at Work

Hey all I made it through my first night at work. I learned something new at McDonalds compared to Burger King. McDonalds has people called runners where the person at the Till isnt turning there backs on the people coming in or at the counter.

Well I learned how to close the front down and then I went to see about the overnights. Well from what I am understanding I am learning the till and the order line from 8-10 and then from 10-1:30 tonight I will be doing what I was doing last night and then I have no idea what they are doing tomorrow. I was given my schedule but lost it. It wasnt very big. Oh well it happens. I will just have to have her give it to me again. She should be able to or at least show me where to get it from.

I made a mistake last night. A customer came through the drive thru and gave me some money and I made a mistake in his change. He came back and I didnt remember how much he had given me. So the night manager took his name and number down and when they did the till this morning they will be over hopefully. Because then they can call this guy and he can come back and retrieve his correct change.

It was my first night I hope I dont get into to much trouble for making the mistake. Just be more careful tonight. I am not as nervous today as I was yesterday. I couldnt sit stilll yesterday. I ended up doing laundry and hanging it outside and then sweeping and doing dishes. I didnt get to mopping yesterday. Oh well. My floors could use it.

Onto another topic real quick. Jeff promised me a Kirby. My vacuum is not picking up but scattering dust lately. The motor is getting really hot and not doing much. So he said I could get a Kirby. They are really nice to have. I am not planning on buying a new vacuum for a very long time if I buy a Kirby. They are suppose to last a really long time.

I still dont have my camera in the house for those photo's I took on Sunday. I forgot to get it last night when Jeff came home. I will have to go do that when he comes home tonight. You all will just love that baby moose. He or she is adorable. I was asking Jeff the other night what they do with the baby mooses when they get big enough leave there mother's. They have had other babies there but dont see them. I guess they either move them from the Zoo out to the wild some where or they move them to another Zoo. I have no idea.

Tshsmom I have a couple of photo's for you when I get them enlarged off my camera. One is a updated family photo of us and then one of Bri. I dont have as many professional photo's of Bri as I do Kora.But anyway I will catch you all in a bit when I make rounds. I thought I would do today's post first because I know everyone is wondering how my first night back at work went.. LOL.. Take care my friends and I will be around today sometime.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Friday ALL!!!!!!

Hey there people.Its Friday again already.. Yikes.. Where has the week gone?? Well I got the job as you all know and my orientation was only about two hours on Wednesday. I went in and finished my paper work and got my uniform and got the tour. I start on Monday at 8 PM to 4 AM. What hours HUH??? LOL... But from what I am understanding I will be mainly from 10 PM to 6 AM after I get trained in though. I will let you all know on Tuesday how the first night went.

The girls are getting an incentive to being good while I sleep. I told them that mom would give them a quarter a day to be good while I sleep and then dad said they can have a quarter from him too if they are good for me. They each have a piggy bank now and they can have there quarters put in there piggy banks. Will take them to the bank when they are full and either get cash or maybe open up an account for them that way.

Now on to Friday. Its raining and storming here today. Scattered thunderstorms but its nice right now so the girls are getting ready to go outside and play while its not raining. They dont like being in the house at all. They would rather be outside playing or something. One week from the 4th of July. Where has time went?? It seems like this last week just flew by.

I am looking forward to Monday but a little nervous. Like I told Jeff the only thing I like about working this 3rd shift is that I dont have to put up with alot of high school kids. I get tired of there mouths fast. They think they know everything and to be honest they know nothing.. I had an interview yesterday morning at a local grocery store here in town about four blocks from us and the funny thing is that they start all of there front people parttime and then they only start them at 6.80 an hour. Come on I mean with them being such a big coporation you would think they would offer there cashier/baggers more than 6.80 an hour. I mean McDonalds is starting me at 7.50 an hour and full time.

People.. And work places yeah right... Well hope you all have a great weekend. I promise to have photo's from what ever we do this weekend. I dont know exactly what we are doing yet. We have talked about going for a really long hike and fixing the tent since it ripped with the last storm we had but I found this stuff to fix it with and then we will camp out in the back yard. Cant afford to go camping right now but we can make good memories in the back yard with the girls and have a fire in this Buddha fire pit like thing a co worker of Jeff's left with us last summer.

Well I am off to do something not sure what but something anyway. Talk to you all Monday or tomorrow if Jeff has to work for a while. Enjoy your weekend and Let me know what you all are doing if you are doing anything at all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thanks Wondering Coyote...

You Are Barbeque Sauce

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You are both skillful and competitive. You enjoy mastering hard tasks.

You appreciate complexity more than simplicity.

Your taste in food tends to lean toward interesting flavors.

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You get along with all personalities from a distance. Except salsa personalities, who always seem to annoy you.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My visit with my dad was cut short because when they got here into town they were told that they didnt have a reservation at the motel and he said that he's not staying in town tonight. So they left a little while ago. I was looking forward to them staying over night and just spending sometime with them but that isnt going to happen. Oh well it happens to the best of us but here are some photo's that I took of the girls and there grandpa together before they left.

I wish they could have stayed but they didnt and I will not be able to see them until Jeff and i get a sometime off together again. I dont know when that will be. Talk soon the girls want to go swimming so we are on our way outside for a little while.. N.

Your Slanguage Profile

Aussie Slang: 25%

Canadian Slang: 25%

New England Slang: 25%

Prison Slang: 25%

British Slang: 0%

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Our 4th of July...

Our day started out with two very crabby little girls. We had considered leaving them home with the neighbor lady but at the end did take them with us. They were good for the most part. We didnt get to see the Water Warriors or any of that stuff this year. It was boring to be honest with you. It felt like Jeff and I were the only two people not drinking downtown. Scary huh?? Well here are some photo's you all might like. Enjoy. I had a video of fireworks on my camera that I took and I am hoping it works. Bear wtih me if it doesnt. I have never done this before. I hope this works my friends.. N..

Sunset downtown before the fireworks. Its not as pretty as the ones in our backyard but close.

UPDATE.... I got my job at McDonalds.. I start on Wednesday at 5PM. Its an over night position when I get going.I will be working either from 8 PM to 4 Am or from 10 PM to 6 AM. Cool HUH!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th of July My Friends..

Happy 4th of July my American Friends and a belated Canadian day for my Candian friends and what ever day for the rest of you.

Jeff and I are leaving the house about ten or so tomorrow to be downtown all day long and listen to some music and watch the Water Warriors and then sit down about 7 pm to watch the fireworks.

I will be back on Monday and then my dad and his wife Joy are coming to visit on Wednesday so not to many posts will be up next week. But I will have loads of photo's and stories to share with you when they leave. I am so excited about my dad actually coming to visit here.

I have been reading that people are drying up here on the blog world. I think its not that we are drying up with things to say but just very busy people and dont have time to post everyday. I know during the winter I post more than I do during the summer because its so nice out. I am planning on mopping the kitchen today again today then going out to clean out the pool to fill it this weekend.

We have the pool set up but not filled. It has rained several time and just havent gotten around to having Jeff pull the pallot apart to put under the feet to stablize it. But we are doing that either tonight or Saturday. Not sure which yet. Depends on how Jeff feels when he comes home.

The girls are outside enjoying the cooler weather after our storms yesterday.

Like Squirl we had a beautiful sunset last night. I love the pink clouds Jeff caught the first time. the second one I took through the tree's. I love the green look with the pink it in really. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Remember next week will be sporadic for me. I feel sorry for Jeff though. He has to work and cant get either of the days my dad is here off. Because someone has vacation time. Oh well it happens. He has two vacation days left and he wanted to use them but he cant right now. Oh well. But the girls are excited to be with grandma and grandpa Hansen at least.