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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Hi there. I havent given an update in a while..Lets start with work. That is going great. I have gotten more hours again. Just a few. I have been working like 35-38 hours a week. It started out as a parttime job but now its full time. I am not complaining. Just weird how it ended up.... Last night we were suppose to have like seven people and four of them called in.. That left three people.. We had to keep thte closing manager and her boyfriend because we had no one else.. No one else would answer there phones..

The next item on my list of information is that Jeff and I are going home this month. Two weeks from today... Yayyyy... We get to see Tshsmom and L and Z. Then we get to see my parents. My godmother and her family.. I should really talk Jeff into buying some more material for the girls quilts I am having my godmother make for them.. She has been working on them for the past three years now..

Jeff and I went to play Raquetball last week and I took a fall. Nothing is broken but boy did that fall hurt.. I dont know what happened exactly. I know I went to hit the ball and the next thing I know I am on my face basically.. I slid on my knee's because those have hurt like I burned them..And then slightly twisted my ankle but doing better.

Kora and Bri are doing well. Kora is in the area of fighting me on her work and getting fustrated and throwing things and just making grunting noises when she doesnt get something. Instead of asking she just sits there making noises..Bri has her name down pat... She can write her first name and she can write most of her alphabet now too. We are on "H" today..

Then onto Jeff. He needs a break. He has been working like more than 12 hours a day this last week plus going out with me when we can.. I feel so sorry for him.. I have tonight off and we are suppose to be going out. I am not going to be tired when he is and it sucks. I miss going ot bed with my hubby and girls but you know what its worth the money to be on opposite sleeping schedules..

Well I suppose. I need some food. I have only been up for half an hour or so... I was suppose to be home at 3 last night but didnt get home until 4:30.. I had to do dishes plus cook last night and we winged breakfast because the closing manager knew breakfast but wasnt sure how to start it.. LOL... Ok. I am gone. Talk to you all later. Have a good week if I dont post again in the next few days...N..


Jeannie said...

Wow - the two of you are working a lot and it can't be easy with the 2 girls to take care of too. They must love you at work if you are getting lots of hours. Obviously, you try hard, and you show up! I'm amazed that you say you aren't too tired to go out. Maybe if it's too hard on Jeff, you can skip a couple nights or something when he works extra hours.

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie our schedules get really messed up some days.. I love working though now that they are older and I get my time with Jeff when we get it. I always ask him before we leave if he wants to take a day off but its always him wanting to go.. So its not me pushing him.. We lead busy lives and you have to realize also with my African friend coming for a month its not going to be any easier..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Tweets, glad things are going well for you. I know being on different schedules is tough, but right now it's what you need to do to relieve the financial stress. It won't always be this way.

The Zombieslayer said...

That's cool you're going home. :)

One thing about racquetball, don't let that deter you. I had a pair of glasses snap in half (glad I was wearing them or else I would have had a black eye for weeks). It's a tough game, but if any game gets you in shape fast, it's racquetball.

zydeco fish said...

I recently picked up the tennis racquet again. Haven't played racquetball in ages. Have a great trip.

Squirl said...

Hope you're feeling better after your fall. That sounded painful.

It also sounds hard working a different shift from your hubby. Maybe that won't be forever.

Gayle said...

I have worked the graveyard shift and I have also hated it, Tweety, but we do what we have to do, don't we? I admire the fact that you have stuck with it, and it seems that you've become quite a valuable employee. Maybe someday you will manage the place.

I truly don't see how you can keep the schedule you are keeping and manage to post at all. I am quite impressed!

My granddaughter went through that sitting down and making weird noises when she was frustrated. So I decided I'd get frustrated when it was time for her to eat. I sat down and made wierd noises, and acted just like she did. She got the message after having to wait for her food for several minutes, although the first time didn't do it. We ended up sitting on the floor making wierd noises together and ended up laughing hysterically! But it didn't take long for her to get the message. Of course, Walt thought I'd gone out of my mind. :)

Candy Minx said...

You and Jeff have a lot going on...I hope he gets a decent break soon. I hope you are eating some salad and vegies you need vitamins when working and living with so many things going on.

Oh, it's so tough when the kids try to rebel to work. Grunting huh? Oh dear! I expect she is probay mirroring some of the stress you and Jeff are feeling...she might not be able to say it and acting out because she is feeling less time with you and Jeff.

Take care