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Friday, December 26, 2008


Hi all. Merry X-mas to those I didnt get to earlier.. I am very confused right now. I have Ruth here now and she is in bed of course or I wouldnt be writing this. But now that she is here I have no idea's on what to do with her.. She wants to go to Florida and I am hoping she isnt expecting me to pay her way because I have no money in that area. I have things to do tomorrow. I have to go get my check and cash it and pay a couple of bills. She isnt used to this cold tempature.

She is a very sweet person but I just am regretting inviting her now. Esp with the cold tempatures and not knowing exactly what she wants here in the US of A.. I mean like Zombieslayer mentioned in a past post on his blog about AIDS.. There are 47 children in the Orphanage over there that she is helping run. It takes ten dollars American money to send one child to school. That is something like 1000 dollars in there money or something like that. I will have to ask Jeff again tomorrow what the currency rate is exactly.

I was sicker than a dog yesterday going to Minneapolis. I woke up and ate breakfast and it hit me.. Yikes. I made the trip but barely. I slept most of it. Going and coming home. Jeff was up for almost 24 hours by time we came home. He had to work yesterday morning and then we got lost going into Minneapolis and then getting lost at the Airport.. LOL... That was funny. Then of course it took us an hour to find Ruth because neither one of us have ever seen her. I will take a photo of the calendars she wants to sell. I know the holiday season is just ending and this is a hard time for most people to be asking for donations. I will be posting either early in the morning or later at night until she leaves.. My visits may be sparodic with you all. More than usual with having an outsider here.

I miss my pals and I am glad to know you all have survived with me with me working and my sparodic visiting of late. I promise to have photos of the girls and there x-mas presents up soon too. I am going to take a photo of each of them with all there gifts since I didnt get individual photo's this year.. They had to much.. Esp from us. Life is a box of chocolates my friends..

Well hope everything is good with you all. I mailed out Helene's box finally. She had two sweaters, two bonnets and an afghan for the little sweet pea of my adopted niece across the ocean.. I hope to see her one day. And I dont mean just photo's either. Well I am gone for now. Talk to you all soon. Lots of Love and Happy Cheer until next time.N...


Jeannie said...

Hope everything works out for you and your guest. It sounds a little awkward at the moment. I don't know how the visit came about in the first place, but offering a place to stay while someone is in the area does not mean that you are on the hook to fund the remainder of their journey or organize her itinerary while she is with you. Surely she has a plan for being there and has some idea of how to get it done. Why not simply ask her over coffee what her plans are now that she's here. Offer the use of your phone. If you can, perhaps offer to drive her to meetings if one of you is available. If she is expecting a lot more from you, simply explain that there have been some misunderstanding as to the amount of support you are able to offer and you are not prepared to do more than you can.
If she doesn't have any clue or plan or money then you are in somewhat of a bind. Your best bet would be to phone churches in the area and ask if she would be allowed to speak at their services to explain the situation and if she could sell calendars to raise funds for the orphanage.

I find it quite strange - an orphanage with only 47 students requiring only $10 (a month?, a week?) yet they had the funds to send this woman across the globe to raise more money? Is she part of a larger organization? How did the trip come about?

I also hope you are feeling better soon.

Suzy said...

Hi, Tweetey. I hope that you and your family (+ guest) had a wonderful Christmas. It sounds as if the last couple of weeks have been hairy! I have to echo what Jeannie said in her comment. Good advice. You can be open and giving, without being taken advantage of, if it comes to that.

The quilts are beautiful. I had wanted to make my daughter a quilt, but it didn't happen. Maybe for her February birthday (#13! Yikes).

Wandering Coyote said...

Merry Christmas, Tweety!

Sorry things are awkward with Ruth, but Jeannie's advice was good, and I second it.

Looking forward to seeing the pics!

Take care!

Kitem said...

You are doing great charity towards her already, you just can't and don't do more. You have your own family, she knows how to take care of herself. Listen to Jeannie, she is of good advice.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

She wants to go to Florida? Who wouldn't in the middle of a Wisconsin winter. You need to explain how far away Florida is, how much it costs and that you don't have the money. Are there other parishoners who could help her out? Exactly how do you know her and how did she end up at your house?

tshsmom said...

Ack, I was afraid of that!
The problem with people from 3rd world countries is that they think all Americans are rich.

As Jeannie said, does Ruth have a plan for her fund-raising? If she's on the up and up she will have a list of contacts and/or an itinerary of speaking engagements to raise money. If she needs to be in Florida, why didn't she fly there instead of going to Wisconsin?

I'm hoping that Ruth isn't here to get a green card, using you guys as references. Has she mentioned when she is going home and does she have a return ticket?

You guys spent time and money that you can ill-afford to get her from Mpls. Letting her stay with you is an additional expense. Tell her, in no uncertain terms, that you've already spent more than you can afford on her mission! It's now up to HER to figure out how she will do her fund-raising work.

Keep us posted on what happens after you talk to her. We're all a bit worried here.

SME said...

It seems like kind of a strange situation. Like Jeannie pointed out, it costs an awful lot to send someone to the U.S. from Africa, so it might be hard for her to get back her expenses. I don't know how much the calendars cost, but you'd have to sell a LOT of calendars to make the trip worthwhile. Going to Florida would cost far more than she'd be able to make, I imagine. Why Florida, anyway? She's hasn't been in Wisconsin long enough to know if it's going to pan out or not, so it seems a little odd that she wants to head off for another, faraway state so soon.

Anyway, you guys aren't responsible for her travel expenses or anything else she might need. You were incredibly nice to give her a place to stay free of charge when you both work and have two little ones to take care of, so she and the group she's working for will just have to be happy with that!

Gledwood said...

Yes that does sound slightly surreal re home situation

i'm just cruising across people's blogs I don't know ... i'm in London ... it is 1/4 to 1 in the morning and I know I'm not going to sleep as I got up at 4pm...

hey nice blog though

take care and have a great 2009


Squirl said...

Yeah, good luck with the Ruth situation. You already have plenty of good advice so I'll refrain from adding any more.

Hope you're feeling better and I'm glad that it was a nice Christmas for your family.

Gardenia said...

Yes, I too hope everything turns out ok - I don't think she must realize how far Florida is from you - - -! And yep, i agree with Jeannie on funding the trip - - there are so many needs it is hard not to feel pulled to try to fulfill them all, its true!!! We have a burden on us as Americans, with people from 3rd world counties often feeling like we could and should rescue them - anyway I know because after a trip to Albania, it broke our hearts looking at all the outstretched hands and expectant hearts that looked to us when we didn't have endlessly full pockets and resources. It's a delimna I don't know the answer to.

Cynnie said...

Tweets , A guy here in PR got a visit from some guy from nigeria , and it turned out to be a scam of sorts..
the nigerian was expecting him to invest in something totally sight unseen..
I hope it's all innocent..
just be careful

Gayle said...

You've got some good advice here, Tweety, especially from Jeannie. You aren't responsible for this person's welfare, and if she wants to go to Florida then she needs to have her own money to do it with.