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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On a Lighter Note...

Hi there. Here are three photo's of Snowie. She is becoming a Fat Cat... LOL.. I love her all the same though. Like I told her when I took the photo's I dont have the girls to take photo's of so she is going to have to do.. LOL..

But we talked to the girls last night so here went the conversation with Daddy and Bri.

Daddy how are you.
Bri fine
Bri Daddy I want to say hi to Snowie.
DAddy what you want to talk to the cat????
Bri Yes I want to say hi.

In between I am walking around the house looking for the dang cat OK....

Well I got the cat and put her to the phone.

Bri goes hi Snowie.

Snowie licks the phone and purrs and starts meowing into the phone. Trying to figure out where her girls are. She did the same thing for Kora. She misses them terribly.

I have to admit its easier today than it was on Monday without them. Its still to quiet but I am adjusting. We were joking at work last night about what happened the other night. Thankfully the snag manager wasnt there. I wasnt really looking forward to her shit last night. But again on a lighter note photo's to look at below of course.. Have a wonderful night and I will catch you all later.

I have tomorrow off and Jeff wants to take me to a haunted house. I have never been to one. Now the girls arent here we figure it would be fun to do it.

Bri the night before they left for Grandma's house. She fell asleep on the chair and I just couldnt resist..

UPDATE.....My girls are on there way home. Bri wasnt eating for grandma so they are bringing them home. I am just the happiest mommy in Green Bay... I cant wait to see them...


Jeannie said...

She's a cute kittie! Ours is very fond of the printer in the office - when a fax comes in she races to see the page print off.

Bridget Jones said...

Yay the girls are coming back! Snowie is TINY!!! My Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe outweighs her by 10 pounds at least.

So go ahead and feed her!!!

Gardenia said...

What an absolutely marvelous pussycat you have, beautiful, and smart - especially since she's a phone talker - cats are really extraordinary aren't they!

Its feast or famine here - I am the only person here the last few days - its, like, torture - so clad your babies are coming home - cuz I can imagine how you are feeling

Candy Minx said...


What wondefully cute photos and her name sure suits here.

I am catching up on your last few posts (I have a good excuse for being AWOL though huh?) and it sounds like after the trama of missing the girls you got to have a fun evening. I love bowling! I am terrible at it but it is's also a surprising work out isn't it?

I can't believe you can play raquet ball too...I am so bad at sports!

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie she is cute and she loves her girls. She slept with Bri last night.

BJ she seems so fat compared to a month ago. She eats everythign and anything.

I missed them terribly. I got bri to tell me today that she told grandma she wanted to come home yesterday.

Candy yes you have had a reason to AWOL.... Glad you guys are happy though.. We went bowling and then played raquetball. I just learned how to play though. I have been bowling since I was about Kora's age but like you I am not very good at it.

Kitem said...

This Snowy is adorable, so cute, and she knows how to talk on the phone, she's so clever. You must be very happy to have your girls back, so are you still going to the haunted house?

tweetey30 said...

No Kitem we didnt make it to the haunted house. We stayed home with our girls and just vedged out with them..

Grizzly Mama said...

I feel the same way with my girls gone - I miss them terribly being in school. I am glad that yours are home safe and sound with mommy and daddy. Although I know that having that time with your hubby is precious.

The cat is beautiful!

That girl said...

I'm glad for you that your girls are coming back!

What will they be for halloween?

SME said...

I think BJ's right, Snowie is a lightweight! Go ahead and feed her lots. Sophie, on the other hand, needs to diet. Richard's spoiling her.

You must've missed the girls something fierce! The house was probably too quiet, huh?