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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween...

Hi there my friends. I have a sort of ghost story for you there since its Hallween..

Lets start here. We lived in a big old two story house with four bedrooms. Three were upstairs and one down stairs we used as my playroom where I didnt have all my toys in my room.. LOL.. Kids right.. Anyway one night I was about Kora's age and I was just put to bed and almost asleep. I had heard this rolling around up in the attic. Well only being about 7 or so I thought nothing of it. But it sounded like a wheel chair rolling around up there.

The next night was the same way for some reason. Until I mentioned something to my mom. She said my imagination was running away with me again.. Yaaa right... I heard something and she didnt believe me.. Well it went on most nights esp after my parents had went back down stairs to play card with friends or watch tv until they were ready for bed. But creepy being only 7 years old and hearing these noises...

I should have started with this one first but I thougth I had enough facts on the one to skip this one but I dont so here is another short ghost story..

I was about 2 years old and we were living in this house that my grandmother had. I guess my mom owned it first and sold it to my grandmother but anyway I was about 2 years old. My mom, me, my grandmother and great great grandmother and her german shepard were in the livingroom. All of a sudden I looked at my mom and asked her if she saw that man walk down the stairs..

She thought I was nuts she said nope honey.Just a figment of your imagination again for being little... Yaaa right... Ok what ever. I am not the only one that saw it. The dog saw him too... Because the dog was sniffing everywhere this strange man had walked... What was funny about it was that he walked down the stairs along the wall away from us into the kitchen. Looked like he had poured himself some coffee and walked back up stairs. He didnt bother any of us.

I have never seen him again since that day. Almost like he was checking out to see who was in his house.. Making sure we werent bothering it more less. I mean I discribed what he was wearing to my mom and she thought I had went nuts on her even back then..

I mean this dude had on jeans and a red flannel shirt and a baseball cap. I know this sounds like a good story and all to some of you but he was so transparent to me I am suprised no one else saw him but I have been told children and animals are more into the spiratual energy than adults.

Then in one of the apts before we bought our house. We had just moved in and Kora was about 2 years old also and she was running around the dinning room and I asked her what she was doing and she told me that a lady was chasing her and playing tag.. I had seen that one there. She came to our bedroom doorway one night and it was awsome.

She was lit up in blue form. You couldnt see see her but you could see her energy. It was really neat. She wasnt there to hurt us but to make sure things were ok. I have heard so many things on both ends of those.

Anyway I dont know if I will get a post up tomorrow or not since its Friday already and I didnt make rounds today. I had bills to pay and to cash my check.. But tomorrow I have been blogging for two years already... Where has time went.. I mean sometime ago I wondered what to blog about and I think we all run out of things to say.

I am so proud of my little one friends. Bri asked me to take her trainging wheels off her bike a few weeks ago and she has been pushing herself on her bike for the last two weeks. Well yesterday she asked me if I would go outside with them. I said give me a minute and I went with them.. Well I was holding on to her and letting her peddle and slowly letting go of her and she got aways ahead of me and stopped and looked at me. She asked what she was doing so far ahead of me and I said you are riding your bike and she looks at me and Said Yes I am Arent I.... Sweet.. Then she didnt want to stop riding.

She looks at me and said can we call daddy. So we called Jeff and then grandma Carol.. LOL.. That is all she cared about was calling people with her accomplishments yesterday. Then we had to stop by the neighbors house also where she could show the neighbors that watch them lately.. Anyway I need to get going. I have no idea whats for dinner and I need to find something. I go to work at nine tonight till three.. Talk to you all soon. Happy Halloween...N..


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Yeah, ghost stories, so appropriate for the season. You know sometimes you can have paranormal activity but it's not a haunting. It's like a time loop. Something people did on a regular basis leaves an energy trail behind. Then under the right circumstances, you see or hear that pattern that was left behind, like a guy walking down to the kitchen to get coffee. Maybe he did that every night around the same time and wore a path in the atmosphere.

Bridget Jones said...

Loved those stories, Tweety. You're so lucky that you got to see them!

Kat said...

Wow. Those are kinda spooky. But I completely believe you!

Happy Blogoversary and Happy Halloween!

Kat said...

Oh, and to answer your question, OF COURSE you can add me to your blogroll!
Thanks! :)

CA said...

I certainly don't have to be convinced! I still get visits every now and then from Chico the Wonder Dog. And after my talks with God when my angel, Rebecca, went to Heaven, I seldom doubt anything. It's here if you want to read about it.
Good story!

tweetey30 said...

VV yes its amazing how these turned out.. I rather think its interesting..

BJ Yes I am.. thanks for enjoying..

Kat thanks... I was only a kid and my mom thought it was my imagination running wild..

CA Thanks for sharing your story. I rather enjoyed reading it.. Its sad but a good read..

Squirl said...

Thanks for sharing those. Have you seen anything since you got older? Kids are usually more open to seeing these types of things.

tweetey30 said...

Squirl just the one lady in one of the last appts before we bought the house.. She was awsome to see though.. I feel loads though if a house is haunted or has spirits..

Kitem said...

You must have some kind of "vision" thing that enable you to see some of the other world.

Gayle said...

I have stories like that too, Tweety, so I totally believe you.

Happy belated Halloween!