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Friday, October 24, 2008

I am So Excited....

Hi there. I am excited for January to come around. Not just because my b-day is there.. But that lady I have been working with for the Pen Pals in Uganda Africa is coming to visit with us for a month... She is going to stay with us for a month and then go to other places and come back here for a few days before she goes back to Africa.

The only thing I dont know how my neighbors are going to deal with a real African person though.. They are really different. I am not prejudice. I dont care what color you are for me to be friends and invite you into my home. I opened our home up to her where she can fundraise for the kids and such..

Most of the kids in her Orphanage cant attend school this year because she didnt make the money for there supplies or there fee's they need for the kids to go to school. I wish I could help more. I still have the T-shirt and hats she sent me four months ago. I should really sell them. I keep forgetting. I was going to have a rummage sale this last summer and sell them that way and forgot about it. But now she needs the money.

I am horrible sometimes. I wasnt thinking about going back to work when I took on the job of selling these for her. I will take photo's here in a few minutes and if any of you would be interested in helping the kids would be great to get them sold wehre I can finally send her the money. Or as much as I can. Those poor kids need to go to school.

Also does anyone know anything about Power Point and if its expensive to get??? I have a CD with information about the kids for Pen Pals and the CD's in Power Point and I have no way of opening the CD.. Or is there a way of opening it with another program???

Front of T-shirt and I have Green, Blue and Red colored ones The Sizes come in Small and Medium.. I am looking at like 15-20 Dollars for the T-shirts for them...

Back of T-shirt..

Like a hot pad...Hot pad 1.00 and all other crafts a 1.00 dollar each also.

Necklaces.. Sorry if you cant see them that well. They blended in with my coffee table..

Hats. Baseball Caps more or less. Looking at 5-10 dollars for them..

If interested in helping me help the kids let me know via e-mail and I will send you my address where you can send me the money order or check with the name of the place its going ok.. She has entrusted me to do this for her and I have failed up to now. I have forgotten about them and I feel horrible. Also next week I am planning on putting up the bin full of afghans I have made already for sale for early x-mas presents. I am willing to make blankets yet but want to sell what I have made also. Talk to you all soon. I will make rounds later. Jeff should be home soon and I need to go get dressed where we can cash his check and pay some bills. N...


Gayle said...

Those necklaces for $10.00? That's too cheap, Tweety. I think you could sell them for five dollars each, but I'll send you an e-mail and order five of them to give away for Christmas presents. I'll send you $10.00. But only send 5 necklaces. Like I said, $1.00 is too cheap.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I like the little purse things. How big are they? I couldn't tell from the picture. I could buy a couple of them. Just let me know where to send the money. I think I have your address from when I sent you a Harry Potter book. That was you I sent it to, wasn't it? I have a horrible memory.

Gardenia said...

That is so wonderful of you to be helping.....hopefully your area is more open than the one my daughter lived in when she rented a room to a black college student - she was told she would wake up to a burning cross on her lawn - never happened thank God.

Hope she gets all her funds raised!

Helene said...

You are such a sweetheart Tweetey, so generous helping others in need. I also made a five-year commitment to a community in South Africa but my support is only financial, it takes another much bigger hearted kind to devote time too. Bless you.

tweetey30 said...

Gayle Thanks for the distibution you are making to these children.

VV you also when you get a minute..

Gardenia that is the only thing we are afraid of with her coming to stay.. I am looking forward to fund raising with her. I hope she gets lots but you just never know esp with the economy falling slowly.

Helene I try is all I can say.... I have been meaning to put these items on my blog for a long time and just havent gotten that far until a few days ago..

The Griper said...

here is a site you might check out for power point. but be sure to check out the company first before buying if you do. power point is a microsoft product and would cost you over $200.