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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Sunday Hike...

Hey y'alll... LOL.. Ok. Bad joke.. Anyway Jeff and I and the girls went for a hike in this new park we found. Its beautiful. You can camp out there when the camp ground is open and you can walk the trails. Its just beautiful. There are ponds and places to just sit and listen.

Well we cant camp out there right now but soon. Its to wet yet in area's so they arent opening the camp ground for another month or so. But we did walk the trails. It was awsome. We heard a Woodpecker, and some frogs. We couldnt see the frogs to see what they were. But it was awsome to walk through this wild life and just listen.

I thought I heard some woods breaking under feet but we never saw what it was. Jeff heard a few things also. Life in our house hold seems so busy always doing thing like this. We walked about 4 miles yesterday. Yes I know most people would ask if the girls made it. They did and we also had a picnic at the tables they had put out since we left on the trails. Very quiet out there. I would put up a link if I could just remember what it was called. I havent put the pix into the computer yet from our walk so you all are just going to have to wait for those.

But Kora is becoming quite the little picture taker. She does quite well for her age really.

I was showing Brianna how to do some of her letters for her name and and she does quite well with them. They are legible for her age. Most kids wouldnt even know how to do it. I was telling her or instructing her how to make a N and she was doing it without a copy of it. She was following what I was saying by listening. Then we played pick up sticks with Kora.

Then last night I helped Brianna play the bubble game they got for X-mas with Kora. I would move the piece but make bri count. Kora got fustrated because she didnt want to take turns. Or if she had an extra turn she would just dawdle. I am teaching them slowly but sometimes I wonder why I even try.

I am getting our kitty when we come home May 5th. Snowy is 100% a female cat. That is ok. I have litter for her already and a big bag of kitty food. The girls are so excited about having her. So am I really. Jeff said over the weekend that he cant wait to see what we do with her. He means how much cleaner the house will have to be and teaching her not to climb on things. But I know you can do that already. I have seen it done. Esp with getting her as a kitten. I dont mean abusing her to make her learn either. There are ways to keep them from climbing on things you dont want them on.

Jeff finally remembered to order my bag for my shampooer. The plastic bag inside got ripped that time when I mentioned a while back and we finally remembered to order it. I am not telling Laura I fixed it. No way.... Then when the bag gets here I am going to be busy doing the livingroom and maybe chaning it around again. I love moving the furniture around and getting the whole livingroom clean when I shampoo. The only thing that I dont move myself is the TV. I think this time I may have Jeff help me move the tv to get under it. I havent shampooed under it since we moved in.

Other news but I want to wait on that till I get an answer from Jeff and see what information he got from our mortgage guy. Because I dont want to get to excited and then find out we cant do it. Well anyway that is it for today. Talk soon. Made rounds already so have a wonderful day.

its 67 F and sunny today so after mopping I am out the door to enjoy the weather with the girls.


Kitem said...

You are lucky to enjoy a nice weather, and go out with the girls.
The new park you've been to on Sunday looks nice, must be great to hike there, have long walks and a picnic on the tables. Fresh air is good for the girls anyway. Congratulation to them for doing so well at homeschool.
Don't forget to post pictures of the parc.

Ortho said...

Yo, Tweets! Glad you, the hubby, and the girls have been out-and-about, enjoying the weather.

Good news on the Snowy front. You and the family must be excited about taking her home. I bet she would enjoy an occasional hike too.

So, have you thought up some summer crafting ideas?

Jeannie said...

I have a shampooer somewhere but friends borrowed it and broke a part as well. But I only have a couple of rugs left in the house anyway as most is replaced with hardwood so I can just wash it. So much easier. I like to change things around too. But I do it so often that no one even notices any more.

Hammer said...

Thanks for inspring me to get out and walk with my kids. We have a huge park nearby that i don't utilize near enough.

With a carpet shampooer I found that the soap they recommend leaves residue in the carpet that attracts dirt later on. So instead I use 1/4 ammonia and 3/4 water or
if that's too stinky one scoop of oxy clean and hot water in the resovoir.

scrunch said...

Oh, I SOOOO miss the woods and the walks through the trees...ENVY!!! I want to camp so bad and sit by a fire I can't hardly stand it. Take care of those girls and keep remembering that every little thing you teach them about the trees and the woods and the animals is going to stay with them and their children. Enjoy!

The Zombieslayer said...

Hope the mortgage guy has some good news for you.

You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of the new park, would you? I like your pictures.

Gayle said...

I'll be looking forward to the pictures, Tweety!

You said sometimes you wonder why you bother to homeschool your girls. I'll remind you: You chose to homeschool your girls so they would actually learn something, remember? LOL!

tweetey30 said...

Kitem I will get pics up today.

Ortho I brought her home for a few minutes last night and she went to sleep on me.

Jeannie my shampooer was a gift before we moved into the house.

Hammer I will try that. thanks for the idea.

Scrunch long time no see or hear from.... Glad you stopped by and yes they learn from everything we do. Hope to see you in a couple of weeks when we come home.

Zombie I have a few I just didnt get them in the computer when I posted this.

Gayle I know. i was only joking. I rather enjoy them being at home. Its just sometimes they seem louder than others.

Candy Minx said...

I hope your ideas with morgage work out positively for you too.

These walks are wonderful and I love when i am in the habi of walking. I've probably walked about 40 miles in the last few days! It's such an easy way to get an awesome workout...and keep aware of what is going around a neighbourhood or park isn't it?

Great post!

tweetey30 said...

Thanks Candy. I will have photo's up in a minute. I am going to do that with another post I keep forgetting about.. making two into one today... Enjoy.