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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is It Almost May Or November.....

Hi there. It stormed like crazy last night with lightening and thunder and lots of rain and wind. Some places got tornadoes but we were lucky here in Green Bay. But other places werent so lucky. We had a branch break off the tree out in front of the house last night. It wasnt very big but still. A tree almost broke off because of the high winds outside our house also. Scary stuff. We decided it was safer to stay in the livingroom until they blew the sirens where we could keep an eye on the tv last night. They were getting updated reports quite quickly and it was just scary to see them come in so quickly.

But now today its cold and it was snowing a little while ago and its windy like it would be when its just getting to be winter time. You know a good blog friend said last year that it was cold where she lives. Well most of you know La Cremiere AKA Helene... She said it was really cold in London last year. Well guess what I think its going to be chilly here this year. Just the way this year is starting out. It doesnt want to warm up here. I mean sure we had some 70 degree days but now this and snow. Snow next weekend because of the front that is coming through. Yikes. Brrrr... I am glad I havent put all of our winter gear away yet. I mean I have them in the closet but I havent done away with any of them yet. Bri's winter jacket is getting to small so I need to replace that this coming fall.

Update on my job interview and thank you all for wishing me good luck. I have to call them back on Monday. If I get hired I will be working for a place that sets up appts for Kirby. I will be taking things in and setting them up and telling about the product but not doing any sales. If I by chance get a sale after the manager comes in after me I get a bonus on this job. They would like to see us work from 9Am. to 9 PM. But with the girls and home schooling there is no way I can work that many hours in one day. but I am going to try my best to get what needs doing done ok. I will have to find time to keep you all posted on how we are doing here and such. I may not even get the job but I have plans for that also. But that is enough for today. I made rounds. I know its a Saturday and I made rounds. Jeff had to work this morning and then this afternoon I have to take Laura's oldest son to his first baseball practice since she isnt in town. I told her I would help her a little bit.

We brought Snowy home yesterday. she is so adorable. I have photo's but I think you will get tired of seeing her so I wont post any today. Maybe on Monday. She is sleeping right and being a good baby. she hasnt had an accident either yet. Yayy for her... She has a slight eye infection from one of Laura's bigger cats getting into a fight with her. The mommy cat of Snowy's mommy got mean with her and caught her eye. I am giving her meds for her eye but I dont think its doing anything. Poor baby. If its not better on Monday Laura said she would take her in for me since she was still at her house when this happened. She let me take her because she isnt home this weekend and wanted some one to keep an eye on her. Sorry for the PUN... But ok. enough. Talk to you all Monday then. Tweets..


Ortho said...

Wow, Tweetey! You've been busy!

I'm glad the storm did not hurt your house. That would have been horrible. I can't believe it's snowing!

Good luck with the job! You will do great! You have all the characteristics of a successful product demonstration woman: you're intelligent, persuasive, creative, eloquent, and beautiful.

I'm happy you brought Snowy home! How does she like the girls?

CA said...

Cute pun...'chuckle'

SME said...

I'm glad you got to bring Snowy home at'll have to post lots of pics. I'm sure we won't get sick of seeing her!

Wind storms are scary. I can remember branches coming off the elms in our old neighborhood, landing across yards and sidewalks.
We still have lots of snow on the ground's definitely November.

The job sounds like awful hours, but if you're up for it I hope you hear some good news soon!

tweetey30 said...

Ortho she likes them petting her only when I hold her or else she runs away right now. But she is getting better and then teaching them to leave her alone while she's sleeping is the hard part.

CA thanks.

SME Good pay though for the job. I will just have to wait and see. I have to call in 20 minutes to see if I got it or not. But yes she is adorable.

VV said...

Hi. Just getting caught up on all your posts. You've been busy just like me! Glad you're not going to put up with the Kirby crap. Good luck with the next job. Your daughter asleep in that first photo is so precious!