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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Conversations at Home and Going Ons...

Hi there all. Well we have a slight change of plans for going home. We arent going camping after all. Its suppose to rain on Friday May 2nd and then Snow on Saturday May 3rd so I have my mom looking for an empty motel room for us and then if nothing else we will stay with them but only if they cant find a room. Jeff and I like our privacy and we dont get much of that staying with my parents in there one bedroom home. I know and understand they dont need much more room than that. But its still very uncomfortable staying with them There isnt alot of room to move around and esp with us coming and going all day long. When we do stay with them she tends to think she can hog us and doesnt want us to go places and then when we come back she gets mad at me and part of its her damned dog.

She says she will put Scooby in her cage but then half way through the night she will figure Scooby needs to run a bit and Jeff gets mad and then we have a fight. Its not the best arrangements but I suppose.

I lost my first post for today. It was long and good. Jeff and I were talking about this the other night and then I got and e-mail from Courtney with some funny things on it. Well this is about Ridolin. I hope its spelled right. Well most of you should get the idea of what I mean. LOL..

Jeff and I were talking about kids being all hyper and such. I am not going in the direction I was going with the first post ok.. I mean sure Kora is hyper but she is a kid. She needs to run the energy off from being in the house all day long and the cold winter such. Not in a house with being given pills and being a Zombie and such. She doesnt care for TV or video games to be honest with you. She would rather be outside with her bike and running around the house. When they are in the house they prefer to play in there bedrooms which dont have TV's and video games.

I heard on TV the other day. Our local news for that matter that kids that are taking Meds for being ADHD or something in that form need to have an EKG to make sure that they need those meds or else they could die or have heart problems later on in life.

I had used Jonathon as a case I know that isnt sure he really needs meds but he has been on them since he as small. I have heard that they cant do a good testing for a child needing meds for ADHD until they are seven or older anyway. I watch way to much tv sometimes.

But what I do know and Jeff agree's with me totally is the girls may be hyper but I will never put them on pills or meds. They are happy when I go out and give them half an hour of attention or so. All they want is my attention. Sure why not. I can give them half an hour at a time while cleaning. Sweep and mop the kitchen. While waiting for the kitchen and hallway to dry go outside and watch them ride there bikes or just goof around in the front yard.

That is all they ask of me right now. Then they are happy. Kids now adays are being put on so many different meds because parents cant give them the attention they need. I am not saying its not a legitimate cause but some kids do have an electro magnetic disorder where they need the meds but have them tested when its time not before and have a child put on meds before you know for sure. It just gets me royally there are some many children out there that dont need it but just as many that do that arent on it.

Anyway I have some good news for you all but I am not suppose to say anything until we find out for sure but maybe I can give you a glimpse of what we are looking at doing. We found out that we can get a quarter of an acre piece of land with a new house on it for 150,000 dollars. We are going to talk to the mortgage guy tomorrow. He is coming to our house to talk to us. He said that is fine. We are going to go through numbers and see what goes down. But we have a few things we want to do to this house before selling it but we want to know what we need to do before going ahead with the new one. Pretty cool huh??? LOL.. I dont want to get to excited about it but its hard not to really. Life is looking up for us and I hope this goes through. We have a fence to put up, we have a small area in the basement to fix. Some of the flooring near the wall needs to be recaulked. I think that is spelled right also. We have to fix some of the driveway going into the garage. its not even. But then I think we are ready to sell. Well we maybe ready now. But I still have my interview tomorrow for a job. I will have more information tomorrow afternoon to tell you all about. Well enough for now. I made rounds earlier. Talk soon.

UPDATE We have decided not to go home right now. We have the money but we dont want to stay with my folks or family and we wanted to try camping so we are going to wait till august or early September to go home. We have decided to go to my dads house instead and stay at a motel out there for the night and spend next Saturday with him.


Hammer said...

Girls very RARELY have the hyper part.

Our doctor won't even test until they are six. If your child has problems paying attention to reading and simple tasks it might be a good idea to check it out but there are lots of options out there besides scary medicines.

tshsmom said...

I just emailed you.

We can talk about this next weekend, but we agree with you guys about meds. When you're homeschooling, there are lots of different ways to work around kid's problems other than meds. It just requires a lot of trial and error and TONS of patience.

BB-Idaho said...

A new house with a quarter acre?
You wouldn't need to go far to
go tent camping..:) Hope the deal goes through!

Bridget Jones said...

WOW that is great news, Tweety! Best of luck on that!

Glad that you and tshsmom can swap knowledge about ADHD and stuff. One of my nephews has that, was on something like Ritalin, and boy you could tell when his meds wore off. Neither of his parents are what I'd call patient, and he was so bad that one of his teachers sent a thank-you note to his mom when he went on the Ritalin (or whatever it was).

Also agree about not staying with parents/in laws. The ex and I learned that one a long long time ago. It's a big pain....

CA said...

It would be nice for you to own a big garden plot. You could send me a carrot!
Don't forget to ask the lender how much difference there is in a 30 year loan and a 15 year loan. I got one in 1990 which would have been 550 bucks for 30 years but only 668 for 15 years. I went for the 15 and saved about 30 or 40 (+-)thousand bucks in interest. good luck!

tweetey30 said...

Hammer I know what you mean. I am so glad Kora isnt in school right now. I dont know why these drs here in WI are idiots if they have Jonathon on sleeping pills and meds for ADHD.

Mom thanks for the e-mail and I also e-mailed you back. Sorry but things changed so quickly after I e-mailed you. We put the weather in the factor and really dont want ot stay with my parents. Its just uncomfortable.

BB-Idaho nice to see you again. Thanks for stopping in. it will be nice to be away from my neighbors we have now.

BJ Thanks. I am so excited about this. I want it so bad I can taste it. We may not be able to do it right away but we are getting the info on it at least.

CA thanks. I will send you a whole truck load of carrots if we get the new house deal going!!!! LOL...

Squirl said...

Good luck on getting the new place. That's always exciting. And good for you, not jumping on the meds wagon. We can see that not every child needs them. Sorry about the crappy weather so you can't camp next weekend. Have fun anyway.

tweetey30 said...

Hey Squirl. Thanks. We need all the good luck we can get right now.

Gayle said...

You're smart not to put your children on Rittelin, Tweety. Children are supposed to be a little hyper. They are just naturally full of energy. Puppies can drive people nuts too but you don't see vets telling people to put their pups on drugs. :)

Good luck with the house. I hope this goes through for you!

Gardenia said...

Oh Tweety! First, I'm so excited about the house - oh my gosh - can't wait for more news. More room with a growing family is ALWAYS good - and a place for running around, wow!!!

I also agree with you about meds. Remember, my grandson was started on them. He was tested when I came back here at the insistance of Montessori by a neurological specialist - 4 days of testing - not looking at his brain, but just going by other kinds of tests. Then Sylvan tested him as well. The first drug was pitiful - I cried. Then they went to another - he's so thin - then he lost weight and his stomach hurt all the time. He is ADD, not ADHD - so I bought four books and started reading.

I found some vitamins which I can send the name if you want which are supposed to help (I think they do) and cut him or greatly reduced or saved only for special times, white sugar, gradually we are moving to whole wheat, we are making sure his routine and bedtime are regular. You have read me bragging that he has come up from them wanting to hold him back a year for the second time to being on the honor role, so he essentially skipped third grade and went from second grade level to 4th, and is now at 5th at reading level. These kids are bright, very bright, most of them.

If you did the above changes, it couldn't hurt anything, and might help. In Kora's case, I'm wondering if she's just very bright, curious, and it takes a lot to keep her mind stimulated. Schools just want them, as a rule, to fit into the slot with the rest of the kids. We've been lucky having the teacher take special effort and having a fabulous school in our area. So that's my 50 cents worth! :)

Staying at your mom's - well, I would go nuts living with Chuck in a one bedroom place, let alone squeezing others in - and my mother used to do the same thing - she wanted me THERE - focused on everything she was focused on - like the neighbors - when I visited, it was very emotionally wearing. Sounds like you made a great decision to wait!

Well, I have a ton of things to do as usual.....let me know if you want the name of the vitamins. Also there is a milk company called Horizons that makes an organic milk free of hormones, antibiotics, etc., and with added Omega 3's - which really help brain function - I know when our boy gets tired - he gets the opposite of most kids - he gets wired, bounces off the walls, cries, whatever - so he has to have his 10 hours sleep per night. They help keep him calm.

There are some theories out about movement helping these kids learn better - so making them sit in one spot to learn is our inclination, but sometimes they need to rock, sift from foot to foot, walk, flap their arms, whatever - to optimally learn. Anyway there are some great books out there.

Take care - you guys ARE going up and up - YAY!!

DirtCrashr said...

Good final choice. Stay in a motel instead of on top of each other, and go camping when the weather is nice and not a struggle to survive! Good luck with the house-stuff!

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia I just got the final call from Jeff from the mortgage guy.He said wait on buying the new house for a while yet. i will do a post on this later. Yes it would be nice to have the name of those vitamins. We are giving the girls a multi vitamin with 20 nutrients but you may have something different. These come from Wal Mart. They are the generic form but they are like the Flinstone vitamins.

Dirtcrashr thanks. It would be so nice to have the house but I know where the mortgage guy is coming from.

Courtney said...

Gayle, I've heard of a few vets who will prescribe Ritalin, Prozac and anti-anxiety meds to dogs. I really hope it's not prevalent, but the insanity does happen. :(

Kitem said...

Update: you're right, try camping later it will be more fun.
I don't think your girls are hyper active; They are just NORMAL, and you are being the perfect mother to let them having fun outside, get a lot of exercice, and not giving them medecine.

Jeannie said...

The new house sounds wonderful - I'd LOVE an acre of land. Camping will definitely be better in the summer and I think you are wise not to stay in a small one bedroom house with your Mom. I also agree that your kids are probably not hyper - active yes - which is good and healthy. My kids were very active too and a bit of a handful. My oldest probably is mildly hyper (like my brother) but he was always able to behave because he was expected to. Kids need to run around and burn off energy. Some need it more than others.