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Thursday, April 10, 2008

This Innocent Face.....

Hi all. I have a funny to tell you. Not that I brag when its that time of month but Bri was in the bathroom just now with me and she noticed the Pad..... Again... She asked what it was.. I was thinking OH NO NOT THIS AGAIN.....

Well I was washing out some undergarments and she told me flat out that they were still dirty. I told her it was none of her business yet and she asked why? The dreaded question of the day.. I just told her she isnt old enough to know about that stuff yet.. I love them both but if they dont get answers they dont like they keep asking questions until they are satisfied.

Does that face look like she would know what she is asking me when she asks such personal questions?? LOL... Cute face but innocent I dont know sometimes.. Anyway I dont know how much blogging I will get done tomorrow. I have to finish cleaning and then write a grocery list where we can go stock back up on groceries tomorrow.

Three weeks till we go to Minnesota. Yayyyy. I am looking forward to the ride up there and then seeing Z and Tshsmom and a few other people that know we are coming home.. Oh by the way Tshsmom, M and M think we changed our minds. I dont think you talk to them that much anyway but my mom told them that we changed our minds where I didnt have to put up with M's shit. Jeff and him almost got into a fight the last time we saw them.. Well I suppose. I need to go do the last load of laundry. I have been lazy this week. Enjoy and I will be back tomorrow or Monday the latest OK..


VV said...

Awwww, I wanna come too!! Have a great trip and post pix when you return.

Gardenia said...

I have to laugh at kids sometimes - but seriously - it would be alarming for a kid to think mommy is bleeding as they relate blood to hurt - - -

Grandson (10) was wanting "The Talk." So his mom and I went to Barnes and Noble to find an age appropriate book which we bought and started to break the news to him. He looked at the first page and said, "I don't wanna know."

Tonight at ball practice, there were a bunch of 4-5 year olds - Christian kids - our team is mostly church kids - and a little girl came and ratted out a little boy - LOL, the preacher's grandson for pointing down the front of his pants and saying "pee pee." Mom was so embarrassed. I just laughed. Probably because I am a grandma and don't really HAVE to deal with this anymore!

Really, they are for the most part, unless they've been hurt, so very, very innocent and so funny.

There was also a seriously crummy looking guy stalking about staring at the little boys - and some of the bigger boys - creep.

tweetey30 said...

VV Its only Jeff and I tomorrow so I dont think it will be any pix. Its just a one day tourny this time and the girls are staying with Jonathon my worst nightmare but he really wanted them at his party tomorrow. And Jeff and I havent had a date in a long time.... So we decided to let them go tomorrow.

Gardenia that is creepy. Yikes.

Jeannie said...

Gotta love those questions! Funny enough, it was my boys who asked what pads were for because they were showing commercials for them on TV. I said quite simply that every month Mommy's tummies got ready in case there was a baby to take care of. If there isn't a baby then all the nutrients stored up for it bleed out and the pads are like bandaids to keep it from getting all over everything.

tshsmom said...

I've been trying to comment here for 2 days, but blogger keeps going to an error screen when I click on comments. Stupid blogger! :(

No worries Tweets. We haven't talked to M and M for almost 2 years. That's exactly why we don't get together with them anymore. With their attitude, I'm sick of being polite just to prevent a fight. It's not worth it!

The last time they stopped by was when we were building the garage. M stopped to tell us that we should've had Lisa's boyfriend build our garage. Yeah right! Then he proceeded to tell us how we were doing everything wrong. I put up with that shit for 20 yrs, NO MORE!

I explained pads and tampons to our kids the exact same way Jeannie did. Just give the girls age appropriate answers when they ask questions. If you don't answer their questions, they'll quit asking, and get their answers from the wrong places.

VV, you guys know that you're welcome to visit us ANYTIME!

Gayle said...

I like Jeannie's explanation of menstruating, Tweety. Maybe that would help her understand. She's very inquisitive and that's a really good sign of a sharp mind, so it's a good thing! :)

That girl said...

Yikes. My daughter hasn't asked anything like that yet... *crosses fingers*

SME said...

Sounds just like Demi when she was younger! "But why? Why? WHY?" Sometimes we just had to do like you did and say, "Never mind for now."

Hope the trip to MN goes well for you! It's a shame we can't coordinate our trip this time. We won't be visiting there til late July.
I didn't know there was trouble with M & M? Or has there always been trouble between them and Jeff? I haven't seen them in ages. How is L doing with the little guy?

tshsmom said...

SME, you know there's always been trouble with M and M. We just all got sick of putting up with their mouths!
Shadow, and their entire family's treatment of animals, was the final straw for us. :(

Cynnie said...

when the pads with "wings" first came son would put them on his feet ( padded part on soles, wings stuck on the top of his feet) and walk around the house..
he was such a comic..

CA said...

Excuse me if I pass on this one! 'yuk'

Ortho said...

Hi Tweetey! It might be time to talk with your children about their bodies. It's best that they learn about menstruation from their Mommy. Good luck!

zydeco fish said...

Kids are curious. I figure, if they ask, it's the perfect time to tell, but that's up to you really.

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie I will try that if she asks again but for now I just told her this is what mommy does and will give her and Kora a better explaination later on.

Tshsmom I told my mom that if M and M really want to see us they can this trip but M better keep his mouth shut on a lot of things and if he doesnt he doesnt have to visit..

Gayle both my girls are that way. Kora was even worse at three almost 4.

That girl I wouldnt freak out if she did. Its a natural thing for them to ask.

SME we are going camping instead of staying at the Holiday Inn. Its cheaper.. I will explain in a post later today.

Cynnie that is funny. Kids..

CA that is ok. I knew this post wasnt going to be for everybody.

Ortho I think you are right. Bri is only going on four though. That is what gets me.. I guess my mom never really talked to me about it so when school did and I got my first one I was a little unprepared.

ZF Everyone here is right. I appreciate the advice. It was just unexpected.

Laura said...

I popped on by via SME. Personally, I think the earlier kids learn about their bodies, the better. There is so much shame attached to the human body and natural bodily functions in our culture - particularly for women and girls. It manifests itself in very unhealthy ways. I think a lot of people avoid "the talk" out of their own discomfort with the subject matter than from any real need to "protect" kids from the answers. That discomfort and shame is ultimately transferred to the kids, who will pick up on it and the cycle of believing our bodies are "icky" or some source of shame starts anew.

I'd highly suggest finding an age appropriate way to discuss this with the girls.

Squirl said...

I hope your MN trip is loads of fun.

tweetey30 said...

Laura thanks for stopping by. I usually have more to say than this but I havent been home yet today.I just walked in..

Squirl long time no see. Yes its going to be a good trip.