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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here is some stuff. I have our turkey for thanksgiving already.. We got it for 1.38 a pound and decided to pick it up. Not a bad price for a ten pound bird.. I have been working really hard. I was told by two managers they want to teach me breakfast.. Plus the new woman they hired for over nights. They are trying to get this Mexican lady to quit. She has been really mean lately. She cleans and if its not good enough she goes over it anyway when I clean. She was telling me what to do last night again and such.. I just did it to my best and it wasnt good enough for her so I caught her going over my work.. OH WELLLLL.....

A few weeks ago I got to leave early and I was told to ask M if she wanted me to do anything and she said to sweep but what pissed me off the most was she came right behind me with another broom sweeping. Its like why ask me to sweep if you are going to sweep behind me.. Then the following week I was on the grill. Not literally but I was cooking the food and she wanted me to clean my area and the manager Robin was there and asked me to do something for her and this M got really pisssed off. She called me a Fucking Lazy Cleaner. She also told Robin that I finish cleaning before helping the manager with what she asked me to do.. What right does she have telling the manager what to do or what i am going to do for that matter.. I try really hard to do what I am asked but I dont please this one lady.. She was suppose to show me how to close the grill last night but she never did. Oh well I will just have to ask Joe this weekend when I work with him or Rick..

Other wise the job is going well yet. I have told a few managers I want to get better on the headsets. If I can get better on the headsets and learn breakfast there is more than likely a better positions for me. Even though with management if someone calls in sick I have to stay until they find a replacement but that doesnt happen that often..

We are planning on a bon fire in the back yard tonight if its not to wet. I am so looking forward to it.. Its been raining/snowing all night long so it might be just to wet and cold to do one tonight..

You know tomorrow is my payday and I get to pay the phone/internet bill and then put the rest in the bank. Yayyy. Starting to put money in the bank... That is always a good thing.. My house looks like crap. I havent cleaned in four days because I havent had the energy from this cold.. I feel better today but tired becaue I didnt get to sleep till six this morning.. I didnt get home till almost five this morning. I went in at 8 and got home at 4:40 or something like that. I was suppose to be home at 3.

I came home and offered to make Jeff breakfast and he took me up on it. I just got him some left over pizza that we got from Papa Murphy's last night. Its one of the take and bake places we have here. They make it and we bake it at home. Those are better than the Jacks pizza's you buy from the store.

Miss S is growing like a weed. She is a fat catt to me at least compared to when I brought her home. My mom lost her dog the other day. Scooby had been sick for a couple of weeks and my mom brought her to the vet a week or so ago and he gave her some meds for her and dad went to help her from under there bed since she couldnt jump up on the bed any longer and she was stiff as a board. She died under there bed in the night I guess. But my mom got two new kitties nine weeks old.. One is pure orange and other is black with orange sparkles in his back. I think if I remember correctly mom named them Selina and Felix..

The girls are doing good. I have said enough of them lately.. They are adjusting to my working after four months on the job.. I think on Nov. 14th it will have been four months already..Anyway I am going to go. I will make rounds later this afternoon if I have time. I have a few things I want to get done before visiting so if not today tomorrow I will see you all.. Have a wonderful couple of days if I dont see you around.. N...


Kitem said...

Wah, that's a lot of news, I see you have an interesting life, you're still happy with your job, even though the mexican mean lady and your girls are doing well.
However, in my opinion your mum shouldn't have taken TWO puppies, they will be growing big, take space, eat a lot and spend money on vet.
So I see you're preparing Thanksgiving with the turkey, sounds wonderful.

Jeannie said...

I would seriously ask your manager if you are supposed to do what the mean mexican lady says - it doesn't sound to me like she has the authority - if she doesn't, then tell her to stick it. She's trying to make you look bad and it sounds like the managers are quite pleased with your work.

Bridget Jones said...

That IS a lot, Tweety. Very sorry about your mom's dog but yay that she has kitties now.

Am glad that they're trying to get rid of the meannie. Jeannie's right, ask your boss what you're supposed to do under those circumstances. He might not know what she's doing to you. There are people called 'straw bosses' who decide that they are in charge and start bossing others around. They are murder on morale and need to be put in their place(s) as quickly as possible by the real managers. Jeannie's right, it does sound like she's trying to make you look bad, maybe BECAUSE she knows that the managers like your work and maybe she's sensed that they want her out.

Just a guess.

Enjoy thanksgiving, you have a lot to be happy about.

Kat said...

Wow. That is a lot going on! Crazy work situation. Good luck! :)

Cynnie said...

life sounds very good :)

CA said...

Hang in there, Kid, you're doing fine! Don't let someone elses' problem become yours. The Mex lady probably does the same thing at home behind her kids when they clean. Makes her feel needed. It takes all kinds.

tshsmom said...

I definitely think you should privately talk with your manager about whose orders you should be following.

I'm hoping that turkey prices will drop by next week.

Candy Minx said...

Sounds frustrating Tweety! Yep and I agree with Jeanie and Bridget...ask what you should do!