Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Go Figure

Hi there. I have been busy so not much posting or visiting for that matter lately. I am sorry for that. But here is some news for you all. I was beginning to think no one was going to call back so I decided to revoke my two week notice at McD's with the agreement of everyother weekend off.

Well guess what happened before I went to work last night. I got a call from one of the jobs I was looking at. Not the one I wanted but its better than McD's. I will be working at a Truck Stop called Country Express if she decides I am there kind of material I guess you might put it.

So lets hope no more dress pants for me and no more red ugly shirts. Did anyone know waitresses only get 2.33 an hour plus tips here. I am not sure if its more anywhere else. What am I going to do?? LOL... Yikes am I in a spot no one wants to be in. I was getting nervous about no one calling back and now some one has. I just wonder if by chance some one else will call back also.

I am so tired today. I worked from 10-5 last night and was up at 6:45 to take Jeff to work and then back up at 12:45 to get up and get dressed and get the girls somethign to eat before my interview at 2.

I also got another A in my school work last night. I took another test before going to work last night. I hadnt touched my books in two weeks or so and reread what I needed to in the last two nights and then took the test. I am hoping that I can find something soon in my field. I just dont know where to look there really. I am getting one of my last books here in seven to ten days. My last module as they call them.

I am thinking about continuing my education through the Stratford Career Institute though with something with my Medical Office Assistant. Either a business management or something else that would work nicely there. Anyway I need to go find something to eat and then I am off to the Y with the girls for there weekly events. Talk to you all soon. N..

Update... I have some news for you all.I know how much I have been bitching about McD's but you know what I got a perfect review last night and a 35 cent raise.. I am happy I guess and the waitressing job never called back. I am glad to have a job I guess. So I am going to stick it out for a while longer at McD's but I have a plan there. I have talked to my head boss and we have it every other weekend off and a flat 9 PM to 5 AM instead of this bouncing crap. Because if R doesnt have a dish washer I dont want to be stuck having to stay like last night two hours past when I was suppose to leave. I was so tired last night I barely knew my name when I left.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kora's Learing a New Craft..

Hi there. Kora keeps asking to show her how to Crochet but she just doesnt have the patients to sit and learn right now so we have decided I will teach her how to Knit first. I know the basics but have never made anything with it. Well let me rephrase that yes I have. But I have never made sweaters with my ability. I have made a blanket in strips before. I made a black and white afghan and crocheted my strips together when Jeff and I first met.

Then my Godmother taught me how to crochet. LOL. I was Kora's age when I learned how to knit and then I was 19 when my Godmother taught me how to crochet. I learned more on my own after Jeff and I moved to WI. That is when I bought my first book of patterns and sort of took off with learning more on my own. I bought a Crocheting and Knitting book for Dummies. They may sound stupid but hey they work wonders for us that dont know all the stitches. I have learned many things from this book and am not passing on what I know to my daughter.

She just had to tear out what she has done because it wasnt right but she is learning. I am not mad at her. I just had to reshow her how to do the foundation row. LOL.. She had a nice set of stitches but they werent like mine and she was wondering why. So I showed her why. So maybe we will have a new craft on my crafting blog after all. We will be having two of us working on it and making somethings.

Talking about my crafting blog since I put my two week notice in at work I am trying to get rid of everything I have in my bin here at home and working on some more hair ties ok. Those are some what cheap for me to continue for a while. I just ask if you find somthing you like let me know via e-mail please and I will box it up and get it ready to be shipped after I contact you. IF you need refresher photo's I can take some more to be better off. I still have loads of scarves and the dish clothes and the blankets at the moment. Those prices I have on the blankets include shipping.

Well I suppose I need to go finish my roast and get the gravy going. I will talk to you all soon. I have the next four days of work and then three days off again and then my last two are monday and Tuesday.. Talk to you all soon. N..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How Would You Feel...........And other Things

Hi there. I just got some disturbing news from the Detective that was at my house that time looking for Jon.. I know Jon has been in trouble before but didnt know it went this far.. He moved from Green Bay to Texas and back again but when he came back he was suppose to register with the department of sex offenders.. Yes I had a sex offender living with me and I had no idea.

I am not against being friends with him but knowing I have to be a lot more careful on what is said and how its said is another thing now. I see it as how do you react in front of some one like him when you know the truth after he wouldnt say a word to you. He lived in my house hold for four months and didnt say a word to me or Jeff about it.

I am just disturbed with the thoughts on it. There were other issues but this is what the Detective finally told me when he called to tell me he got a hold of Jon. Yikes huh???

I put my two week notice in last night. Jeff and I are having scheduling conflicts and its just getting to hard on us. So I am going to go look for work tomorrow when I have the car. I am planning on getting up early and going and looking for work since I will have the car anyway. I have to bring the girls to there Y prgrams at

I am just hoping that some of the places I am planning on going are hiring. There is this one place that is always hiring because they cant keep there help. The owner is a real ass. But it cant be any worse than working at McD's.

I called in on Monday and I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders because of it. I have called in three times and asked for time off since I have been there. You know the one over night manager asked why i was leaving.I told her why. I am sick of working people down and never having a full crew. If something happens where I have to go back to the place I refuse to work over nights. I will work closing or during hte day. We have found a babysitter so I am not worried about the girls.

Anyway I have to go find something to eat. I will talk to you all later. N..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update in the R household

Hi there. I have maybe some good news.. LOL.. I called back one of the jobs I am really interested in yesterday and they are doing there back ground check and calling and talking to my references. I have a really good feeling about it. I dont want to get to excited about the job but you just never know.. Yayy me if they do hire me.

If the job hires me I will be working for a place called Clarity Care. You go in and help them clean there houses, bring them grocery shopping, cooking there meals. And such. A lot less stress than working for McD's.. LOL.. I have had these horrible headaches lately from working and hoping I can find something second shift where when I come home I can go to bed with my family. Instead of sleeping all day long. Its killing us all.

I have talked to both the main managers that do the hiring and firing and they both regret losing me but understand I have to move on with whats right for me. The one manager who does our schedules for over nights said she would put me on any shift other than over nights if I would stay but she doesnt have any hours for me right now. They just dont want to see me go. Even the main over night manager asked if I could back my hours up to like 7-3 instead of quitting.

I think they are realizing I am in position to be bullied anymore. We are losing our new crew trainer. She is going in for surgery next week and when its time for her to come back to work she is thinking of not coming back.. I have to work from tonight through Thursday to have a three day weekend next weekend. I need the break. Jeff is going to a chess tournament. Us girls are going to be around town and maybe go to the YMCA and practice Bri's swimming lessons. She is getting really good at them.

I just wish I could talk her into trying with to jump without the pack on her. But they all learn at there own pace. I have her where when she comes back up to kick her legs and move her arms where she doesnt sink again. We were practicing that on Wednesday when we went back to play racquetball and then we were going to let Kora tumble for a while but were told that we need to pay extra for her to practice what she knows and also she needs to be on a team to practice. That is not what the teacher told me when I asked her. I am sort of getting sick of them too.

I am trying to talk my parents into moving closer where I can go back to working first shift instead of this second shift or third shift crap. My mom says yes because there is nothing holding them back anymore. I dont know really. I miss them but I also miss the ride once a year or so when we go that way. I have to admit if they move here I wont have any reasons to go back home for anything really.. I mean sure I have friends there but its not the same if my parents are here.

Those of you that home school I have a question. I need to know if I have to fill out a separate Public of Instruction form for each child or can I use the same one since technically they would be in the same school this year??? Or is it different for each state?? Kora's form should be here soon.

Anyway here is a still photo of my little duck. Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow.

Here guys and gals let me know what you think of this. Jeff's hours are going back up and I want the black one named Pheonix.

White Paws German Shepard Dog Rescue Inc This is here in town and around the corner from where we live basically. I think the girls and Jeff would love a puppy better than the chow chow I was trying to get for free. I hate spending that much money on an animal but if it includes everything they said its worth it. I am going to go look tomorrow and then talk Jeff into going to look and see if we can maybe get it going. Talk to you all soon. I will keep you posted on puppy..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life here in the R Family..

Hi there. Life here is good. I havent been around lately. I have been popping in but havent had time to post. I am looking for another job but havent given my two weeks yet. I want another job before I give my two weeks. I am thinking I will work 7 days a week until my two weeks are up. I will two days a week at the new job until my two weeks at McD's are done. I have like 10 apps out there. Hopefully some one will call back soon.

The girls are taking off like crazy with there lessons at the YMCA. Bri doesnt like her ears wet so I bought her a swimming cap and we have aquired a duck now. She was back floating and diving off the side of the pool like they have taught her.I promise to take my camera tomorrow. Kora's still working on her stretching.

Jeff is still working Tuesday through Friday and half days on Saturday. We are hoping he goes back to Mon-Fridays and then his half days on Saturdays soon. But you just never know. One of the guys he works with has a heart condition and he isnt suppose to eat a lot of stuff he eats. Well he ended up in the hospital again last week. Could pop the guy in the kisser and hopefully that will make him realize he cant do what he's doing.

Here is a photo of the most recent blanket I have made but its for our new niece. She was born back in April but I have been working on it since about then. I finished it about a week ago and I am going to have to mail it next week when I get paid.

I like how the colors turned out in it. I got some yarn from a so called friend. But I have given up on the friendship because she has told us that she wants her husband to stay here and then told others she wants him gone and then everytime she calls she wants money. Well I am no bank.

Well I suppose I am up early today i need to do a few things and then I was thinking of spending sometime with my babies today either here at home or at the YMCA for a while before Jeff comes home. Take them swimming. Tomorrow we are taking them to they Y to play Racquetball and then at 7-8 watch Kora go tumble around an practice what she has learned so far in her class. Jeff hasnt been able to see this yet so I think this would do some good to spend as a family tomorrow night.

We are struggling with the rest of the economy but we are suviving in so many ways other wise. Take care my friends and I will catch up later. N...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Lincoln Zoo in Manitowoc WI

Monday we went to Manitowoc for Jeff's appointment and we went early enough to go to the Zoo there. Here is what we saw. It was tiny but good enough since it was FREEE.. Free is always good.

A Bison.. There were two of them.. They are cool because I didnt get the cage in this one. I got right up to the cage and put the zoom in the whole and took the photo.

Jeff and I. I was wearing my swimsuit. I was hot and it was hot outside.

Doesnt this look like a beautiful spot to take a book or something and sit back and relax for a few hours..

a href="">

Photo number two of Jeff and I.. Kora is a great photographer.

Big guy here was only like 5 feet from us in the cage and the outside where we were standing. It was pretty cool. Hope yo can see him ok.

I have a photo of an Eagle and something else from inside the Zoo but cant find them right now but here is what we saw as we were leaving. They have hiking trails also and Kora spotted this on our way out.

Jeff got up close to get this one for me. He is agile for being as heavy as he is and quiet... LOL.. I would break to many twigs getting that close.

I love wild life and I love seeing it its own back yard like this precious deer. Then we went to Jeff's appointment and came home. I made some friendship bread and made dinner and then we watched a movie. We also landed on Netflix finally to check it out. There are some movies we cant find at a regular movie store so we decided to give Netflix a try.

I hope you enjoy the photo's and our little journey for the afternoon and I will be back in a few. I am having a light snack and then back to bed for me. I have to drive Jeff to work this morning to have the car today where I can take the girls to there Lessons at the YMCA.. They both love what they are doing. Its good for them..

Monday, July 06, 2009

After 13 Years these are how I feel about my SWEET HUBBY..

These first two songs no one thought we were going to make it and now look what I have after 13 years of my life with a wonderful man. We may have our problems like any couple but these songs hit the right notes for me. Enjoy. Walk down the path of memory lane with me and see how much I mean to him and vise versa.

Last but not least. One more. Here is Nine Inch Nails playing a song we used to go to bed every night listening to. Just curled up next to eachother before children and before anything else big in our lives....

Nine Inch Nails A Warm Place.

I still love this song and how it makes me just go back in memory. There are loads of others out there but these are the ones that hit home the most. Esp with all the problems we had to get to this point in our lives.

To My Hubby if he see's this post anytime in the next few days.. I suppose some of you are wondering why Two Sparrows in a Hurricane..Well we were only 19 when we got together and no kids at the time but it was rough and rocky. Like any relationship.

I am off for a few days doing nothing. I will catch up with you all in the next few days hopefully. Sorry I havent been visiting as often. With work and school its hard. Hopefully things will settle down soon.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Family

Hey there. Here are some photo's and a small clip I took today. The sunrise was yesterday morning at 5 AM when I walked in the door. It wasnt as pink as it was when I left work but still. Some photo's of the girls and Jeff and I playing on the Teeter Totte with them.. LOL.. Kind of funny. < I like this one because I had just sat down at the park and got this awsome shot of the clouds. It was pretty neat.

I cant get my video to load right now for some reason. Maybe later when I come home I can get it to after work tonight. I will see when I come home at 5:30 or 6:00.

Last but not least here is the video of them on the teeter totter. I also got some more clouds in this enjoy.Wish I had sound for my camera but I dont. Enjoy.. EAA is coming up again at the end of the month. I have taken the whole weekend off. We want to go but Jeff isnt sure if he's getting tickets this year or not. If we go I promise more photo's. If we went the first Saturday of the event they are going to have the world's largest Airplane there. It seats 600 people and has a mini shopping mall in the very bottom of it. I would love to see this. I mean come on shopping while on an air plane.. Could you imagine. What is life when they start putting malls on air planes.. Oh I took my 5th test on Friday and I got another 95%.. Yayyy me.. I am so proud I am holding an A average.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

I am Bored

Hi all I know its the 4th of July and I am bored. I have to work tonight but I am used to being able to go downtown with my family and watching the fire works and having fun.. This year it looks like we are staying home for the most part. The girls are edgy and want to get out and I want to also but still its boring.

I have to make something to eat and I should get on that now.But I just wanted to tell you all how bored I am.. LOL.. Hope you all are having a great 4th and for those Canadian friends of mine sorry I missed the 1st of July for you. I totally forgot about it. Take care and I will have a more promising post later. N..