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Thursday, January 29, 2009

HOW DARE SHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an e-mail I got from Ruth after e-mailing her and asking if she wanted to get together and wanting to spend time with her. I guess this proves how she feels about me and our relationship. I am done with her and I wash my hands of her from this day forward. I am not contacting her anymore after this. I will continue to find the children Pen Pals but that is it. I have nothing more to do with her.

I hadnt planned on posting today but this e-mail hurt me really. Anyway some good news is that we took the girls with us last night when we went to play Raquetball and we let Kora play for a bit and she did awsome. Of course I forgot the damn camera. We were even showing Bri how to play. She hit the ball a few times but not the way you were suppose to hit it. At least she hit it and Kora was getting really good right before we had to leave.

I suppose. I am tired and I have to work tonight. Talk to you all soon. N...



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey World..

Hi there. I just noticed this is my 500th post in two years. Wow where has time went. I started blogging November of 2006. SME and Tshsmom got me started. I saw there blogs and thought what fun it would be and I have made many great friends.

But tonight I have more important information. I just hope Jeff doesnt read this particular post. A friend of ours called this afternoon looking for Jeff and I told him that Jeff was still at work. Well he called back right after Jeff got home and said that he might need a ride. Well J called back and said he needed a ride to our place.

In the mean time his car has been impounded for nonpayment and his drivers liscense has been suspended for some reason. I think its the nonpayment on the car. I dont know for sure if they can do that but anything is possible. Well we offered him our home until he gets back on his feet again. He was living in his car for the last six months since he came back to WI.

He has been staying with us on and off but doesnt like to impose himself. He has been in trouble and I dont trust alot of men when Jeff's not at home because of my past.. I am nervous about today techinally. I am planning on taking the girls swimming to give J sometime alone and to get us girls out of the house for a while.

Well we took J to play Raquetball with us tonight and for some damn reason i kept hitting the back of his head with the ball. He shaves his head bald because other wise he has this big bald spot already at the prime age of 32.. LOL.. So he keeps his head shaved to the skin and I told him that his head was distracting me and I kept thinking I had to hit the ball there.. LOL.. I didnt have as much fun with Jeff tonight having the third person there. But I got some alone time in the Raquetball room. Jeff and J went to lift weights for a few minutes before we left and I wanted to hit the ball around by myself. I have learned that is great excercise by my self to keep the ball going.

I rather enjoy it. I was going to take Kora to play Saturday but I couldnt get there. My car wouldnt start.. Damned car.. We think there was a piece of ice in the starter or the gas line. Yikes HUH???? But I promised her one of these days I would take her during the week. We will know more about our refinance tomorrow sometime and I will have either good news on Thursday or bad news on Thursday when I plan to post again..

I know I have so little time to myself. I had a good b-day by myself. Jeff got 2.5 points at the chess tournament. That means he got 2 loses, 2 wins and a draw. Not bad but he feels he could have done better like usual. But hey its a game. You win some you lose some but he has strong feelings about that saying.. I got a free cake from work for my b-day. I forgot to take a photo of it. Oh well it happens. There is always next year right?? LOL. Well anyway I think I need to see if my floor is dry enough for me to walk across to go to bed finally.

Its 3:15 AM and I am finally wearing down. Its bed time. I stayed up an extra hour and a half after hubby went to bed to clean the house. I like cleaning when everyone is asleep then I dont have to listen to the girls tell me how thirsty they are or worry about mopping Jeff into the basement. He has his own little room down there that he spends alot of time in. I spend time down there too but not like he does.

Anyway I am starting to babble. Talk to you all soon. N..

UPDATEMy brother and his wife had there daughter yesterday by scheduled C-section and she was healthy as could be for now. She was born Jan 27th, 2009 7 lbs 11 ozs. I dont have her inches right this minute in front of me. this is the couple that lost there son a year ago in October. I think it was a bit too soon to be trying for another baby but hey I am proud of them. Her name is Brittanica Jane. I know I know you think of the damned Encyclopedia everytime you hear the name. but she is adorable. Here is her photo I got today.. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks Squirl

You Are Checkers

You are very logical and rational. You are able to understand what is and isn't a factor.

You're able to compartmentalize and focus on the essentials.

You appreciate simplicity. You can see the layers of complexity and beauty in anything.

You are also playful and good natured. You don't take life too seriously!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hi there. Here is something that happened Friday Morning when I came home from work. I worked Thursday night and came home early Friday morning like normal and took my half hour to come down and make Jeff's lunch.

Well I went to bed and I must have been dreaming because I started talking in my sleep. Here is how it went from what Jeff told me.

Tap Tap Tap on his shoulder and he wakes up what N. Do you have the nuggets for the window.

Him: No.

Me You must have the nuggets for the window. They need a six piece...

Him: No N you are at home not at work but I can go check if you want me too..

Me: Giggling and shaking my head.

Him laughing at me because I dont remember a thing.

I dont remember this at all. I was out like a light and dont remember talking to Jeff in my sleep. Its getting bad when I dream about Chicken Nuggets.

I was going to take Kora to play Raquetball today while Jeff went to play chess in Neenah WI but my car wouldnt start and I have to work tonight. I called the guy we bought it from and we think its the starter that is froze up. He thinks it has some condesation and it froze with the below zero temps. It was really warm out on Thursday and then it went below zero again.

Kora wasnt to happy with me but I told her I would take her next week. I will leave Bri at home with daddy and Kora and I will go play Raquetball. I wont powerball the ball. i will hit it lightly for her. I think she will like that. Just us girl time. She needs that from time to time.

I am rambling and I am sorry. We are enjoying our new computer. Oh by the way Tshsmom I can get the stories to run but they dont come in right. They are jerky.. If that makes any sense at all.

Anyway I am gone for now. Need to go shower and do one small load of laundry to have clean sweat shirts for work tonight. Not sure where I will be. I just hope I can get to work. Talk to you all soon. N...

UPDATeLook who Turns 32 today.. Wow....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks Mike S...

Here is a great photo that Mike S sent me in an e-mail earlier. Its about Breast Cancer and its a great cause really. Enjoy. And realize there needs to be a cure sometime soon before all our kids at a young age get older....

I know its a big deal. I dont have any recent history in my family with Breast Cancer but you just never know when its going to hit someone. A friend a Relative or just a friend. So this photo is just adorable in many ways.

Life can change our way of thinking so fast its not funny. So lets enjoy the cuteness of the photo but also remember those who have had Breast Cancer and hope to God they come up with a cure for those that will get it some day besides taking a Breast away. Or something else.

Anyway things are ok here right now. Our finances are up in the air.. Just some stuff going on there right now that doesnt need mentioning. Good news with the house. We are refinancing one more time for a fixed rate of 5.5% for 30 years.

Both jobs are going well. I am getting faster and better on the headsets and Jeff is doing well with driving. Why is it lately I have had massive headaches. I cant stand the girls yelling like they do. I have been sending them outside for half an hour at a time because they dont have boots yet this winter. So I dont want them getting there shoes to wet but I want them getting outside time..

Just stress on a personal level. I try not to complain to much. I have my blog where Jeff can read it and several others that are about. I hope things are good with you all and I will catch up with you tomorrow. I have been busy today paying what bills I could afford with my check. Its nice having a weekly check between the two of us. Talk to you all soon. N...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Awards Thanks Ortho..

Like all awards, this one comes with responsibilities.

Please put the logo of the award (above) on your blog if you can make it work with your format.
Link to the person from whom you received the award.
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Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.

Now on to some awsome news.. I was taking orders on the headsets when R came in last night. I had been taking orders since 8 PM and I had gotten there at 7:30. I was called in 2 hours earlier. Well I didnt lock up when R came in the building this time. Then the girl taking orders went on break and R told me this was my chance to see how well I could do. I did great for that matter and it pissed her off royally. I am so proud of myself for finally breaking that link. I was so nervous the first couple of times with her there but she told me that I wasnt going to be taking orders with her there that often. But I told her I wanted to be able to do it in case she needed me too. And I proved to her I could and keep up.... Yayyyy ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sitting smiling because of my accomplishment..

For the above award I dont know who to give it too.. So you all have inspired me so much that you all deserve it and who wants can take it. Each and everyone of you have inspired me over the last two years I have been blogging. You all have given many ideas to run with for personal reason, blogging idea's and other idea's. Just being my friend through and through.. Talk to you all soon. I have to work from 7-1 tonight. Talk to you tomorrow. N..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To much to do..

Hi all. There is plenty to a do here in our household after Ruth has finally departed our home. I know I know. I did my best and if it wasnt enough oh well.. I give up.. But enough of that. I have a few things to say really quick and then off to clean before Jeff gets home. My home has been disorganized since two weeks ago. I have cleaned but not a thorough cleaning.. LOL..

Anyway went for my drivers liscense yesterday and failed because of my Y turn.. Yikes huh?? Well a few other things also but that was the killer so I have it set for Feb 10th again. We can do it every seven days but there were no tests available y7 days from yesterday so I set it up for Feb 10th. That will give me some time to practice..

Kora's b-day went well. We had a neighbor lady make her cake. I forgot to take a photo of it.. I cut it before I remembered to take one.. We bought a brownie mix and tha was the bottom and then a chocolate cake mix and then frosted it in Chocolate Fudge frosting and then hershey kisses on top like rain drops. it was great but sweet.. Yikes.. I am still losing weight and I didnt eat a lot of it.

Jeff and I are going to learn how to use the weight equipment at the YMCA tomorrow night and then go play Raquetball. I am so happy to have my time back with my family. My girls are so much happier to be honest. They are arguing as often since Ruth left. It was driving me insane.. I have one more thing to say about Ruth but not sure yet how to say it.

Well I got an automated phone call from our phone company saying we have went over our alloted minutes for the month. So I call the phone company and they tell me that I owe $1,350 dolllars.. What the Fuck right????? Well I say I didnt make all those phone calls. Well my friend has an international phone card and she is suppose to be using it. Well I dont think she used it for the first few calls. So they were charging her 5 or six dollars a minute..

Well with a few more phone calls and back to the phone company we get it resolved by adding an international calling plan to our phone for 5 dollars extra to our phone until she left. Well now she is gone and I am going to cancel this after we get the phone bill at the end of the month where they dont recharge us the 1,350 dollars.. I was more pissed off at the idea of having to pay that much than I was at her.

Well I have learned my lesson. No more foreigners in my home like that. I have trusted a stranger and I feel used. We were going to get a benefit for her done but you know what the people wanting to do this benefit dont want to do it if I cant talk to our mortgage guy because he has done these things before. I am done with all of it..

Anyway I am off to finish cleaning. Take care and hugs to those that want one and handshakes to those not comfortable with hugs.. N..

UPDATE I called ATT and they fixed it for international calling on our phone bill and adjusted the phone bill so we only have to pay $125 dollars instead of the 1,350 dollars... But still its a lot of money. Jeff and I played Raquetball last night and planning on it tonight also. Talk to you all soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

GoodBye My Friend Ruth...

Hi my friends. Ruth has left Jeff and I to stay with this other couple for the next two weeks. There will be no benefit for her because I cant get a hold of our mortgage guy to have him meet us at our house for these people to talk to him. I feel like I have just failed her in many ways. She has made several very good friends and I am happy for her. I hope she keeps in contact with them. She told me today that she will let me know when she leaves but I dont think she will.

I am slightly sad because if it wasnt for Jeff and I and the girls she wouldnt be here but she isnt happy today when she left. She wouldnt even take the coat I borrowed for her with her today. She had to get one from the lady she went to stay with. She wouldnt even talk to me when she was packing today. I just dont get it. She was all pissy bascially. I am glad she is gone.

Jeff and I went and played Raquetball tonight and had so much fun. I am happy to have our time back as family. She has an American bank account for her Website for her Pay Pal account. I couldnt get her one but someone else had helped her get one. I am glad they found the time for..

Kora and Bri are having a hard time with this. They got used to having someone extra in the house by now. It takes them less time to adjust than us adults. But I am glad she is gone. I hope she realizes that I was not kicking her out and neither was Jeff. We just thought it would benefit her to have someone without kids and less noise for her to work and such and get things done.

Life is busy here and I am glad to be back on schedule with my normal life. I have things to do tomorrow. Kora turns eight tomorrow. Where has time went. She opens her present from Grandma K tomorrow and I will be getting her something small next payday. We are broke this payday but I did manage to get her cake. Its going to be here tomorrow.

Also those of you who dont know Helene had a baby girl. She is over at Kitems blog and she is healthy and just beautiful. I would give you her name but not sure if they want that posted all over the world wide web.... LOL.. I am a proud adopted auntie that will more than likely never seee the bundle of joy in person.. But at least she knows she has a loving aunt across the big blue sea..

Ok I am gone for now. Take care my friends. N..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Much needed Help has Arrived..

Hi all. I have some good news for you. I have found out that some people at this church that Jeff took Ruth too has decided to help us with her.They are opening there home up to her also besides staying with us where we dont have all of the burden of being her sole people here. She will be bouncing but that will give us a break from her and vice versa really.

I have some good news at work also. I have went above the over night managers head finally. I talked to the manager that does our schedules. I asked her for one closing night a week but she cant do it. But she said she would put me on a 7PM to 3 AM shift on Sundays where I can practice with the head sets. I had to work tonight and I got called in 2 hours early tonight. I went in and I was put in 1st booth by myself and I did great. But as soon as R walked in I messed up.. LOL..

I was told by R that the other managers brag about me being good on the headsets but when she walks in the door I lock up for some reason. I dont know why. Its funny. But give me time and I will be fine. I just need practice to shut her out of my mind is all. I sometimes wonder if its because I want to please her and I try to hard.. You just never know..

The girls are good. They are enjoying there presents when they arent working on home work. But I am tired. I just walked through the door. Like I said I worked from 7 PM tonigth till 4:30 AM.. I will catch you all later. Take care and I will visit tomorrow if I have time...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


This was so cool. I did as VV said and it downloaded in seconds the driver I needed to do my photo's.. Wow. I have never seen a computer do that before. I am not so sure about Vista but it works. Jeff will be home shortly so I cant type to long and Ruth went to another church with some people tonight.

This mans wife is Catholic and she has talked to a nun from four other perishes that want to help Ruth. It feels weird having her gone. But you know what I am glad to have just the four of us toghet until I have to go to work tonight.. Here are some photo's I have from X-mas.

This is just some of there X-mas presents. I couldnt find half of them for you and neither could they. By time I got to taking photo's they couldnt remember where they put half of there gifts so here are some photo's of what they got. They got more this year than you can imagine. They had a great year this year.

Anyway talk to you all soon. I have to get dressed where we can go to the store and get some food for the house.

Thanks Squirl..


As a 1930s wife, I am

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As a 1930s husband, I am
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Take the test!

You must watch..Here is my rescue for taking Ruth in and other idea's for help on this matter of fund raising.. Enjoy..

Monday, January 05, 2009


Hi there. We had our 5 minutes of fame on the 10:00 PM news tonight.. LOL. I will have more time to brag tomorrow if everything goes my way if it turns out good with a man we are going to go talk to. We have several churches involved with helping her also.

Things are going forward for her and I am proud of it. I am proud of being able to help her with this. It is putting a strain on my family and my life but hey in the end it will have been worth it. For the kids. that is what I keep telling myself.

Thank you all for your words and your concern. I am concerned and was.. But you know you have to take chances sometimes. Well I am off to make Jeff's Lunch and then to bed myself. Talk to you all soon. N..

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lots of Stufff

Hey peoples.. I have loads going on here. For starters my house guest wants to go home already. She feels she isnt doing enough here for her kids. She has raised 300 American dollars though.. That is quite a bit in her country. She told Jeff and I tonight that she feels she isnt doing enough here and she hates just sitting around. Well I told her that when she came that I couldnt take time off to spend with her.

On another level with work I have some great news.. We havent had our reviews yet but they should be coming up soon. I hope I do well but anyway my good news is that I am finally getting better on the Headsets.. Yayyy. One of the closing managers puts me in the first booth by myself and listens and lets me go at it. If I have questions she is there to ask. We are kind of going over the night managers head that doesnt seem to want me to get better at it. She likes me in the kitchen part. Oh well I am going to get better on these things and prove I am capable of anything just like the rest of them.

I havent talked to any of my family recently. I hope you all had great New Years Eve plans. I had to work it. It wasnt that busy but busy enough to keep me there till 5:30 Am.. Yikes.. I have no New Years Resolutions this year. Just to keep active and to help out with the Fund Raising if we can get something going.

I am bouncing tonight and I am sorry for that. Jeff had an idea and we are going to go talk to the guy on Monday. He is the one that refinaced our house last July. He may deal with mortgages but he also deals with Fund Raising with very Rich people and he knows very rich People...

We got a new computer last night. The old one went caputs on us. The mouse was moving to slowly and it seemed to take forever to click on something.. So we went and bought a new one. We will pay it off when we get our taxes back. One less bill to have to worry about.. LOL.. Its a brand new one and it has Vista on it. I am not so sure how this vista works but it seems ok for now.

I dont know how to get my photo's on it yet because I lost my cd for my camera but I will figure it out.. LOL.. Well I need to finish eating and visit a few of you and then head to bed. I am exhausted tonight. Talk to you all later and Happy New Year my friends..